Smoking Pot in College?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by HiI'mHigh, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. HiI'mHigh

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    I'm a high school senior right now and I'm REALLY enjoying my last few months. I've been smoking pot about every week for 6 months. I was wondering how easy is it to get away with smoking in a college dorm room? At my house I have to worry about my parents, but I have a HUGE storage room in my basement me and my friends use for getting high after my parents go to sleep. What happens if my RA walks in on me lighting a joint in my dorm room? Or if my roommate has a problem with me smoking weed and reports me? Will I have to pay a fine? Could I actually go to jail? I'm wondering if I should smoke pot during the first few months of getting used to college life, just because the adjustment could be hard and I don't want to get in trouble.
  2. qazwsx420

    qazwsx420 New Member

    I think a lot of it depends on the school rules. Im a student in NS Canada and I think schools here are less strict. My first year my RAs would smoke with us. Two of my friends got busted and got put on probation (house probation not the legal kind) and had to pay a fine. I think u can get in a lot more trouble if the search and find weed in your room, that can get u kicked out. Usually no one will notice if they cant smell it, there are plenty of threads on this side on how to cover up the smell, dube tube, a fan etc.
  3. dt5014

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    Well, my friend at a public college went to jail for like a night because of getting caught with pot, and ended up with a concussion. At my private college, on the other hand, I've been caught and only got a slap on the wrist, and my roommate got caught twice and just got told not to get caught anymore.

    It really does depend on the college, but I would figure the more liberal the school, the more likely it would be that they would be tolerant. Just be smart about how you smoke and you should be fine, man.
  4. Jewbutca

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    If your RA doesn't tolerate pot smoking and he smells it coming from your room... you're f-ed. Someone on my floor freshman year had the cops show up at his door after the RA called, and he had no choice but to let them search every inch of his room to find it. You are living in a borrowed room and have no rights as far as refusing to let the cops in. Only the school can say whether or not the cops are allowed to enter your room... and more than likely the cops will be on-campus police, so they can do what ever they want anyways

    The guy ended up getting a HUGE ticket for having pot on school grounds, was nearly kicked out of the dorms and out of school (he was able to convince the school board to not kick him out), and he had to do community service.

    Houses are much better places to smoke. You'll likely have to cut back your smoking habits unless you're willing to risk everything on a little high

    If you get caught, depending on your state, you can get kicked out of school, lose your financial Aid from the federal government, have on your record that you had drugs on school grounds, will get a lashing from your parents, etc... Not worth it in my eyes.

    Edit: I should mention that my RA was a total dick and everyone hated him. You might get lucky
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  5. MrProtein

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    it "REALLY REALLY" depends on the ra.

    if you are lucky enough, some ra's I know actually hooked up their floor with booze and toked with the kids on his floor all the time. One funny incident which I remember, one time, this ra guy was in a room on his floor, and the kid had a bong laying out. The ra was like, dude, put that away its in plain site. and the kid was like "no, im not moving it". The ra replied "ok". and that was that.

    I think "most" ra's dont want to bother with the paper work and are just straight up not motivated to get kids in trouble. as long as they are being responsible and kind of hiding what they are doing well, you know not doing anything stupid and in the open, most ra's wont even bother.

    you will however run into jerks that thrive on busting people. so you kind of just have to scope things out your first couple weeks down there. I know I got away with it so much. the ra's that patrolled my floor, if they smelled pot, they would just turn around walk away and whistle as if they didnt smell anything.

    nobody that I know of that has gotten busted has ever gone to jail. Just a fine and or probation.
  6. hippie557

    hippie557 New Member

    I brought my bowl and like maybe a gram that was leftover from an 1/8th i bought with me to college. I moved into the dorm and my one roommate was a returning student. Within maybe an hour of my roommate moving in, I smelled pot coming from his room (we have apartment style housing) and that was pretty much the clue to me that it wasn't a big deal. I could even smell pot from the rooms outside of mine when I went to class. The RA is on the other side of the building and never comes over to my corner. Guess I lucked out cause I can smoke whenever and how much. Just crack open a window or two and put the bathroom vent on.
  7. ashlee lynn x0

    ashlee lynn x0 Sr. Member

    It really depends on your living situation, and how nice your RA/CA is.

    If your RA walks in on you as you're lighting up a joint, they HAVE TO REPORT YOU. Regardless of how nice they are, they have to. And as far as your roommate goes, they have the ability to report you as well. If you're caught and they're in the room, they automatically go down with you, regardless of whether or not they were smoking, since the room belongs, for the time being, to both of you.

    If you're caught smoking in your dorm, you probably won't have to pay a fine to your college, but it all depends on their rules. You probably won't go to jail, unless you've been caught several times in the past. Really, everything just depends on your college. On your move-in day, they should give you a book that outlines all the codes and policies. Just check it out in there :)

    Hope that helped!
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  8. Pearcee420

    Pearcee420 New Member

    I go to school in London Ontario, I am in student housing but not in the dorms or "res" and I have only heard of one kid getting busted. Just smoke with a sploof in your washroom with the water going and the fan.
  9. Ianfagerstrom

    Ianfagerstrom New Member

    You can get away with it if you're careful. Word to the wise - don't smoke in the bathroom, all the vents are connected, and the smoke travels. Blow it out a window, don't smoke a blunt, and you'll be fine.
  10. BigA1105

    BigA1105 New Member

    If you really don't want to get caught smoking in your dorm, I suggest you invest in a vape. Health benefits aside, it does not smell like weed when you are using it. If anything, it will smell like burned popcorn, which is not something anyone will come knocking on your door for.

    It really depends on your school and the people around you. At my school, no one really cares if you smoke pot. If campus safety smells it, they'll knock on your door and you'll have to go through the school's disciplinary routine, which is basically a slap on the wrist. I have yet to hear of anyone being arrested for simple possession on campus (at my school campus safety has no arrest power and would have to call the local police, which is too much of a pain in the ass every time they catch someone smoking weed).

    If you do feel as though you can smoke in your room, there are many threads on how to not get caught, which I suggest you read. You will find a lot of good tips in them.
  11. dk15

    dk15 New Member

    I got caught vaping in my room after doing so for over 4 months without any problems. Don't let people tell you they don't smel;, they do. Not like smoke, but they amplify the smell of whatever weed your smoking and leave your room (and sometimes the hallway) smelling dankkk. I had kids on my floor telling me all the time that the hallway or area outside my room wreaked, even if i had the door toweled.

    Vaping aside, you will be able to tell if smoking in your dorm is chill within a week of moving in and meeting your RA. If its not, just take it outside (or get a vape and BE SAFE, the whole reason I got caught is because I got a little too casual with it after a whole semester with no problems) it's not worth the hassle of losing all your pieces/weed and getting consequences from the school.
  12. Smash'N'Dash420

    Smash'N'Dash420 New Member

    Well, i live in a college dorm and i don't do it inside the building for a couple of reasons. One being my roommate is not a fan and also is a bitch. Two i don't even know how that would work the rooms are very close together here and you would easily set off the fire alarm and then the whole building would be evacuated.

    What i do is smoke in the parking lot out in my car. I keep all my shit in their i rarely ever bring anything inside. They don't search the parking lots, and i believe if they did it would be illegal. Only occasionally during the late hours a cop would drive through the parking lot and check stuff out but i haven't even had a close call with getting caught yet. So i suggest not even smoking inside the dorm if you want to play it safe.

    It totally would never work in my specific building but in other dorms it could be a possibility. I couldn't even imagine how fuckin paranoid i would be LOL
  13. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    2nd for not in room

    the aroma of MJ is too distinct and too familiar on college campuses to risk smoking in your dorm room. With all the negative ramifications that might go with getting caught, I would focus your ingenuity of where you can smoke outside of your dorm room.
    A rolled joint that isn't passed between multiple persons just looks like somebody smoking a cigarette from a distance and raises few eyebrows. Let someone see you passing it back and forth and you stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. If your school has any nature type settings take walks in the woods, if you are in an urban area learn how to walk slowly through lesser used alleys or streets as you enjoy your smoke. Carry a beverage with you as you walk and if you feel you have been compromised; pinch the joint out, bite it into a few bite size pieces and swallow the evidence. What marijuana officer?

    Make some green dragon/tincture and use that for your primary buzz, then supplement it with a few hits as you stroll around campus. Or find a safe place to make some other type of edibles, make a week of months worth at a time and enjoy your late night snacks.

    Enforcement and punishment varies, but even if your school is fairly liberal, having no possession charges brought against you is still the best alternative. This is just one example but a friend of mine had a 20 year old possession charge to credit, at the time he was charged he was young,it was a small fine, probation and no big deal because he was self employed.
    20 years later he was asked to teach his trade to high school students at the local vocational school. He was excited because he would get health benefits and retirement but was denied the opportunity because of his pot possession charge. Small crime big consequences.

    Please rethink the idea of how to get away with it in the dorm, it's not worth it getting caught.

    Rain- you can get a decent golf umbrella for $20 or less.
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  14. blondie0420

    blondie0420 Locks of Gold

    Totally agree with these two statements.

    Coming from someone who has been busted for something stupid on campus before, I can tell you that it is just not a fun thing to deal with. Even if you get off fairly easily (which, all things considered, I did), it's just a big hassle and you don't want to go there if you can avoid it.

    Also, as someone else mentioned, schools usually require that RAs/CAs report any violations of the rules, even if they are personally "cool with it." If your RA catches you doing something wrong, he may not be willing to risk his job (and cheap housing) just because you guys get along well. And, even if your RA isn't around or doesn't report you, that doesn't mean someone else won't.
  15. Neko150

    Neko150 New Member

    Get a vaporizer. It's nearly odorless and it'll save your lungs.
  16. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    That's what college is for. New experiences, ideas,thought,desires,a matter of fact way to work the world,and it's different subjects. In college, marijuana,and the code of "supply and demand", are in Vogue. Your business people supply the never ending supply of craving students their serious demands. A good connection, is in every class, both ways. The Good, Bad, and Ugly, are just another thing You have to learn. (Check out the Vaporizer too!)
    Since everybody, is a little bit more progressive, there should be no problem.

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