Smoking pure weed and the patch

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by q80pilot, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. q80pilot

    q80pilot Guest

    Does marijuana contain any nicotine? Im trying to quit smoking cigs with the help of a nicotine patch is it still sage to smoke puer weed?

  2. TokeyMcBongHit

    TokeyMcBongHit New Member

    Welcome to Marijuana.Com, q80pilot! :) To answer your question: no, weed does not have any nicotine at all in it. It is nonaddictive.
  3. q80pilot

    q80pilot Guest

    Thanks buddy :)
  4. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    And yes it is safe to smoke pure weed. A lot safer than tobacco anyway. I'm gonna guess that you are European, since in Europe people usually smoke weed with tobacco. Well I'm gonna tell you that that is entirely unnecessary. In America we never put tobacco with weed. I don't see the point to it unless your smoking hash and want it to burn better, but then I always throw hash in a pipe with weed.
  5. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    Never smoked tobacco with my weed, I dont like the stuff. I think it would wreck the weedy goodness.. but some of my friends after-boge with a cig, they say it enhaces your high by 20% or something anyone know how much truth is in this?
  6. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I don't think thats true, Krippul. I smoke cigs and I don't notice any increased high when I smoke a cig after weed. It might be psychosematic (sp?) thing. You know, they think it gets them a little higher, so it does.
  7. I personally don't smoke cigs, but the reason they think they feel higher, is because of the nicotine. I know people who smoke cigs just for this "extra" high feeling. It just isnt worth the extra high, to get addicted to nicotine.
  8. HeRb HaZe420

    HeRb HaZe420 Guest

    i like my weed high just fine. i don't need no poison (nicotine) added to my high.

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