Smoking weed outside window in room - PARENTS ASLEEP

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  1. Examplez

    Examplez New Member

    Will this work, they asleep and i got fa breeze freshener
  2. megatallica

    megatallica New Member

    I wouldn't recommend trying it. I've been blazing in the shower for a while now and have never been caught regardless if my parents were awake or asleep. That being said my shower is in the basement and I'm the only user of it for the most part but I have never noticed any smell after I take the shower. This includes washing your body and hair brushing your teeth and using listerine so all those chemicals scents are in the bathroom. What you want to do is take 1 or 2 hoots from a one hooter or one medium size bong toke so you don't produce lots of smoke. Hold it in for a long time close the vents and put a towel on the floor to seal the door completely. Good luck.
  3. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Back in the days of living with my parents, I always had a spoofer. You take a cardboard toilet paper (or paper towel) tube and stuff a fabric softener sheet into one end of it. On that end, take a second sheet and wrap it around the hole on the outside, securing it with a rubber band. Light something that doesn't give off a lot of sidestream smoke (no joints, blunts, etc.), then blow your hit through the spoofer. Just don't breathe back with the spoofer on your mouth - the taste and sensation are most unpleasant. Keeping a window open is also a good precautionary measure.

    Since I assume you are underage, do remember, it's your parents' house and your parents' rules. If at all possible, you really should find somewhere else to smoke. But if you insist on blazing at home after they sleep, but want to keep it discreet, a spoifer is your best bet.
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  4. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Spoofer better knows to some as DOOB TUBE..

    Works very well..

    Smoking while they are asleep is a damm good idea...Put a towel on the bottom of the door, just in case they get up to pee or get a glass of water..They won't smell the leftover smoke..

    Window open is also key...

    Incense works but If you only burning it when smoking..They will know your smoking..

    I smoked in the house as a teen..But my parents were never home..And if my dad did come home..He would ask me to pack a bowl..:rofl2:
  5. Keith

    Keith Guest

    This is clutch, can't believe I forgot to mention it.
  6. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    I never had to do that at home..

    But I did do it when I brought weed over to my girls parents house..Just to be safe..
  7. Beast'N On'M

    Beast'N On'M Sr. Member

    Don't do it... I've been there, done that. Got busted. Thought I was good. Until she woke up. That could be you.
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  8. .

    Never smoke indoors, period. It works sometimes for some people, but just look at the legal section about how many people get busted doing this in the dorms..... if it doesnt work in the dorms it wont work in parents house. Just go outside and smoke. Buy a cigarette looking one- hitter (yea i know, parents wont want you smoking cigs either, but at least the cops would be fooled) , and just go on a long walk and randomly take hits and cover the end of it after each hit. Hold the hit in long enough and then gradually blow out to dissipate the smell.

    I used to use a lightbulb to smoke/vape (i held a lighter under it, it produced vapor/smoke mixture(depending how long u held the flame under it), very crude though) in my dorm with windows, etc. The smell can stick. you may cough many times,etc.

    Either way, your high will suck, you would be paranoid as fuck with your parents in the other room.

    People have gotten away with it before, but its also a very common way that people get caught or even busted by cops (if in dorm).

    The smell of smoke will eventually stick, so if anything use a vape. However, im assuming a real vape isnt an option when you live with parents. So use a vaporizing pipe or even a lightbulb. put a flame under the bulb and it will give off vapors , not smoke. Probably not at all good for you though given that its pretty much impossible to get 100 percent of the white powder stuff out, even with warm water there was still a whiteness tint to it.

    You are much more likely to get away with smoking outside than inside when you live with parents, just dont smoke in your yard. but on the flip side, you are more likely to get busted by cops outside.

    having incense burning late at night would be pretty damn suspiscious for parents.

    Just use the one hitter method i was talking about. Use the cig one hitter (looks stealthy, unlike a glass pipe). Yea, they get clogged pretty fast and they get pretty disgusting with resin and tar and stuff , to the point that its hard to clean. but they are so cheap that it makes more sense just to buy another one. they are around 5 bucks. They dont pack much weed, hardly any bowl there whatsoever, so you have to keep re-packing , but its pretty stealthy.
  9. gamereric22

    gamereric22 Active Member

    Most of the time i smoke in my room from the exception of smoking with fiends. I have never been caught. I have the entire basement to myself so i dont have to be so cautious but if you only have a bedroom like most people i would be more careful than me. What i do is open the window and blow the smoke out the window, stuff the gap between the door and the floor with a sweater or something, light a candle, and spay ferbreeze after. I blow out the candle a hour or two after so there is no chance of there being any smell.

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