smoking with strep/cold/other illness

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by potisgood, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. potisgood

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    hi, ive come down with strep throat(supposedly). The doctor says it looks like strep however they must test for it. either way, they put me on anti biotics which have seemed to have done the job, im am feeling better after my 3rd day on them. The only question i raise is will smoking bring it back or will the strep take longer to go away. I was sick with the SAME thing 3 weeks ago, and the antibiotics(not the same as im on now) kicked it i thought. It came roaring back 2 days after i was done the antibiotics. Now im tempted with a big bag of weed ! i dont know if i should take the risk of getting sick again. so if anyone knows whether or not smoking weed will effect the duration or severity of this illness please help me out here

  2. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    As long as you don't pass the joint or piece to anyone else, it should be fine. :)
  3. Ianfagerstrom

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    Who knows, may actually help. It is certainly an anti-inflammatory, so it may be a good thing. Use a vape if you've got access to one, it's definitely better for you than smoking.
  4. bangarang

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    The exact same thing happened to me!! I smoked all the way through both times. Try to ice your bong or just take smaller, deeper hits. It helped me with pain that the pills couldn't and helped me eat. I'm not big on soup, but when I was stoned, it was awesome and felt SO good on my throat. Just don't pass the piece like dirtbomb mentioned and I think you should be fine! :)
  5. Audio

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    One possible downside is that smoking can irritate your throat, not sure if it would prolong your illness though. Personally whenever I come down with something that severely affects my nasal or throat passages I try to stay away from smoking, partially just to prove to myself that I can stop whenever I need to and partially to avoid any bad side effects that any type of smoke would cause. Vaping would be key and help take your mind off feeling like shit and increase your appetite :)
  6. fuzzyglock

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    Why don't you just eat it? Make some brownies or something, it would certainly be easier on your throat... Check out the Culinary section for some good recipes/advice. Or, if you don't feel like looking through there, you can make these brownies. The recipe is pretty simple, I've used it a few times :D
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  7. SleepyJohn

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    Harsh Heat, would only exacerbate the "strep" condition. The bodys defence would be massive mucus, wich would be gone, due to Your antiboitics. If they give You codeine for Your throat, it wouldn't hurt,Phisically, but would prolong, the complete removal of The virus. That being offered. If You're sick, it Always feels better, if You're stoned!
    Of course, We know, that Vaporizing for The THC, would lower, the unwanted trauma.
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