Smoking without getting caught..? WHAT!?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by theculture, May 22, 2008.

  1. theculture

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    Haha yeah. It's been talked about and talked about, but I remember when I came here when I started (~2 years ago) and would find the getting caught stories interesting, as well as all of the little stories of getting caught or away.

    This is just a simple guide to keeping weed ay-okay because as they say, it is not illegal........ unless you get caught.

    1. Get your own place. Apartment or house, you can smoke - just be smart. Just be weary of neighbors, smoke in your living room or something with windows and doors closed so that smell doesnt constantly leak into the atmosphere.

    2. Living with parents - or cannot smoke inside? Open the window if you can (at least crack it), and point a fan toward it so air blows outside. Use a defunkafier ("defunk") to exhale the smoke out of. See below for making of defunk. After you're done smoking out of a pipe (only pipes, bongs, nothing that conitnuously burns like a joint because those reek too much), spray some air freshener! I LOVE the febreeze air effects, ones with super quiet squirt gun. It will help to towel the door but not always necessary.

    3. Smoke in the restroom with shower on. This works, but not so much if other people use it as well. If you have a private bathroom this is perfect to smoke in. The steam from the shower pulverizes the smoke and smell! I would use a defunk in there just to be safe though.

    4. Or finally, use your closet in your room! This is perfect for when living with parents, Create a little sit down spot to chill out at, pillows and what not. Add some neat lighting if you wish. And basically just smoke using a defunk, then spray a little after and shut the door when you are inside and when finished.

    TIP: When smoking out of the pinch or bowl inside, it will create way less smoke if you develop a procedure. Pinch hitters dont create as much smoke due to smoke being blocked from going upwards. First, hit the bowl, then carb if need be, and put palm of your hand over the bowl, or your defunk. Known as "capping" the bowl. I like to push the burning weed down lightly to help calm the smoke down, then cap. Sometimes she just gets too heated. If she continues to burn as you are capping it, it helps to keep hitting it UNCARBED (no thumb on carb) to keep clearing the chamber. Then blow out of the defunk and keep it capped as much as you can.

    DEFUNK: Most of you will know about this, but here's how to make a defunk. Is what works best is a plastic bottle, such a vitamin water bottle (What I use, and have for a long time), and empty it. Wash it out a bit. Take a some scissors and cut at least 3 holes along the outer edge of the BOTTOM of the bottle. Then stuff it with dryer sheets (use lots, it helps), then SMOKEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Good luck you all!
  2. KingTubby

    KingTubby New Member

    Good stuff here theculture. High Times magazine had an article two issues ago (about) on stealth smoking. I think this covered a lot of what they said.

    Some things to add:
    For smoking when living at home, go eaaasy on the lighter! That little slide-click is as much of an indicator that you're smokin' up as leaving ash on your dresser...A good idea is to light a candle using only one click. Then you can just press on the gas button (on a Bic) and hold it to the flame to catch. That way there's no noise.

    Also, sploofs (defunks) can be made as easily out of toilet paper and cologne (or room spray, ect.) as with dryer sheets.

    Once your done smoking, put your stuff away RIGHT away. Even if your living-mates (whoever) aren't home. This gives you peace of mind, and lets the high set in quicker and more smoothly.

    On hiding your stash:
    Obvious is not better! A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that their parents will never look behind the Bob Marley poster, or in the Grateful Dead CD collection case, because its so obvious. I've seen many a friend go down due to this.

    Instead, hide your stuff in a place that is semi-permanently sealed. Containers with loosened screws are ideal, as you can just unscrew with your hands. The good part is, nobody else knows that the screws are loose! Some may say this is too much work, but trust me, the security is worth it.:mj2:
  3. Thermalwolf

    Thermalwolf New Member

    Yep. The obvious thing doesn't work because most parents will check those places first always. Just be smart about it. Put it where it will take a little effort. I have shelf full of games like wow. I just stuff my shit in their and put it randomly within everything. Draws no attention, and you would have to tear them down to find it.

    Close drawers are not smart. Parents check drawers first then other push and pull places. You gotta get crafty.

    Heres a little easier defunker. Not as good, but does the job.

    Get a cardboard toilet paper roll. Take a couple sheets of good quality paper towls and wrap them around one end like a filter and tape shut with some tape. Get your fabreeze and spray some in. Quite a bit will do that trick. You want it to be strong. Then just blow in the other end that isn't filtered off. Works pretty well. And open your window a bit to blow the excess out of.

    Another way to get away with it at home. If your neighbors aren't to nosey and you go outside to smoke your cigarettes, wait till everyone in your house is in bed. Then, go outside with a small packed bowl. Look around, make sure all your neighbors lights are off. Toke it up a few times being cautious of your environment. When you're done, wrap the bowl up in some plastic, and smoke your cigarette. Now you have an excuse for why you were outside and the tobacco smoke more then over powers any lingering weed odor.
    It's a bit more riskier, but it works for me as long as I make sure the coast is clear. Also gives me more peace of mind knowing I didn't smoke in the house and so my parents won't be able to smell anything then my cigarette smoke when I walk in.
  4. Southern_bud

    Southern_bud New Member

    I would add:

    TIP: If you make bigger deals (more than a quarter) on each visit, it would be wise to empty the sack and place it into smaller containers (more than one is fine, but keep up with them, lol). Perfect example, old prescription medicine bottles; easy, compact, and sealable.

    If you have more than one bottle(or other containers), it is a good thing. Especially in high risk homes (snoopy parents). Because if they find one bottle, or catch you with it they normally throw it away as punishment and whatnot....however, they won't know you have a second stash :cool:

    TIP #2: It is fine to hide weed in your pants drawer, if you do it right. Take said containers, and simply place it into a pocket of jeans you never wear. Make sure this pair is not on top, but stacked in the middle of other jeans in the drawer. Works for me.

    TIP #3: Please Please Please make sure your parents are either out of the house or actually asleep before you smoke(inside). Wait about 15 to 20 minutes after they go to thier bedroom, you don't want to be caught becuase your dad got hungry.
  5. SinZenWeed

    SinZenWeed Sr. Member

    Not sure where your parents came from, But My family has never been nosey enough to go search through my shit, Unless they really needed to, Which was never. Also, I'm in to Movies and death metal, My family is not so it's not like they would look there..I don't talk about weed on Facebook or Myspace, Because thats when my mother starts to become the nosey one, But, Most if not all of my family know's I smoke. They'd rather me smoke than drink which is cool for me!
  6. Maow

    Maow New Member

    Your parents will let you smoke cigarettes but not weed? That's horrible!
  7. DomaniSkies

    DomaniSkies New Member

    good advice. You pretty much have to be: Mature, self-sufficient (for the most part), not a pussy that can get easily pushed around, etc. etc.

    Basically, if you're a little high school kid that don't know shit, live with ur parents, smoke at school, aren't mature or independant--you'll get caught quick because your just not grown up yet and every one can push you in any different direction they want.
  8. asdfghjkl645

    asdfghjkl645 New Member

    Looking for a an answer

    I haven't smoked since July 2010, then over christmas i smoked 2 small bowls with my friend. I have a hair test for a Hospital job on Feb 15th. what are the chances that the two bowls will show on the test? the weed was ok, and since i haden't smoked in so long it got me high : ). I am 5'11, 182lb and i have been on a liver and kidney detox program for the past 4 weeks. I drink at least 50 plus oz of water daily and exercise twice a week. I really appreciate any responses i get.

    God Bless
  9. Eaglewood Steve

    Eaglewood Steve New Member

    To the last guy, uuu shave your head dude. And for someone lookin for a good hiding Place, go get a safe. What I did was complain about how I thought my brother and sister kept takin my cash and that I wanted a place to keep my coin collection. I made a big deal bout this stuff an then for my birthday asked for a safe! Genius I made my own number combo and have my own key to it. Only 50 bucks for a good little one.
  10. Siberian_Husky

    Siberian_Husky New Member

    Sometimes I'm amazed when I hear how some people get caught because honestly, it's not hard at all to hide it, as long as you're smart about it. I never smoke when my dad is home, but one of us is usually gone anyways.

    If your parents aren't home, just smoke in your bathroom. Most bathrooms have a window and fan, so you can just blow right out of the window. You could also run your shower and dab a little bit of shampoo on the floor of the shower, which will help with the smell. And just to play it safe, keep an air freshener on deck. I'd recommend AirWick, but FeBreeze or Lysol could get the job done. You could do this with other rooms as well, but the bathroom already has a ton of different odors to help cover up the smell.

    It's also very easy to do it while driving, just don't be stupid. If you have weed on you, don't drive like a maniac because that will obviously get the attention of cops. Just find a nice, dark, parking spot on the side of the road, look around just to make sure you're good, and toke up. After 2-3 hits, though, you should move to a different area. This should be a no-brainer, but NEVER leave any paraphernalia or weed in your car while you're not in it unless you're close/leaving soon and aren't parked illegally.

    The best feeling is when you're blazed out of your mind but have nothing on you. Then you can do whatever the fuck you want because the only thing cops can do is search you. Well, they could detain you and bring you into the station until you're sober, but that doesn't harm your record in any way.

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