Smoking yourself sober is possible: READ HERE!

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by fsujoseph, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. fsujoseph

    fsujoseph New Member

    I have figured out that the cannabanoid receptors in your body absorb Anandamide. So this means the THC is plugged into your receptors. Once you get to the high 'plateau' your receptors are full with THC all in them like a parking lot full of cars. They must BREAK DOWN the thc already there, so when you're smoking and you are actually as stoned as possible and start to break down those THC particles you can't absorb any more. So when you just get sober halfway through your session is because you just finished breaking down the old THC. Basically all the smoking before was pointless, because the THC stopped affecting you.
    Sorry I am really high.
  2. umop_episdn

    umop_episdn New Member

    I feel like in theory that first half sounded really good. Then your bakedness just kinda took you down a different path. It's hard to reach giant premises when there's a carousel spinning around in your head playing music if you get what 'm sayin. I feel like although theoretically it is possible, I doubt one would ever fill up every receptor in their brain with THC thus halting a further increase of your high. You would have to be hella baked at the point that this theoretically would happen. In which I case I think they wouldn't give much of a crap if they smoked an extra unnecessary bowl or two.

    However I do have vivid memories of me smoking so much that I forget I'm high. But I feel like I'm usually quite stoned when this happens.
  3. justblaz3d420

    justblaz3d420 New Member

    I find that to happen too. When I smoke a couple bowls of some dank I'm high off my ass.... If I keep smoking through out the day then I no longer get high I just am stuck between a burn out and slightly buzzing. It's best to smoke after your session has worn off.... Smoking too much weed is pointless at times.

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