Sneaking cannabis on to a plane

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  1. Smokintokinlatina

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    I am flying to vegas fron santa maria. I want to take some bud with me. whats the best way to sneak it on the plane? I was thinking of throwing it in my checked luggage. Help please!
  2. Jeremy0728

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    Okay... Im gonna start off by saying bad idea. BUT, I suppose if you have not scheduled the flight and all you could drive or if you really have some motivation cut a small slit in your pants you will wear for the flight. cut the slit to the left or right below the button or snap or whatever, take your bud and slip it in, casually stroll through security. BUT MAKE SURE THEY DON'T do the full body Xray scan shit. I did this once and it worked I only took like a gram. now, you can put the slit where ever you please your choice. i suggest grinding your nugs up and then kind of flattening them down a bit so it doesn't bulge any and slide it in. and if your gonna roll a J then just put your papers in a wallet ( but those are not illegal) but it doesnt matter. OPTION 2... im being serious.... Take your supposed gram and tape it to the back of your leg, to the front, or if you want under your balls wherever as long as its not suspicious to the naked eye... I just gave you alot of information and i honestly dont know if it will help you but seriously if you can drive. Or just keep a look out for Big Brother.

    And REMEMBER if you get caught out there keep your fucking mouth shut! not a peep and get an attorney. Good luck!!! happy blazing in the city that always tokes. :rastabong

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