Sneaking weed on a plane

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by DankKush420, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. DankKush420

    DankKush420 New Member

    ok im going to hawaii from LA
    or maybe to cancoon,
    or dominican republic
    but do you think i can sneak
    a eighth of kush inside some breifs
    that im wearing?
  2. CouchPotato

    CouchPotato Cotch Supreme

    Really, really, really not worth it for any sum of bud, let alone a small amount such as that.
    Some airports occasionally have dogs, and you'll also want to be able to check out the airport you're landing at as well, which isn't possible.

    Honestly, buy some when you land...
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  3. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

    Hawaii - Shouldn't be too hard, just ask a local stoner kid at the beach.

    Cancun - Your in MEXICO, weed is abundant there especially in such a large tourist destination.

    Dominican Republic - No clue, but again shouldn't be too hard.
  4. 1406

    1406 Retired

    Slightly risky, but not unheard of. I have a buddy who frequently travels (not internationally) and brings weed and a pipe in his luggage, simply wrapped up in some clothing. Most dogs in airports are trained to detect bombs and accelerants, not a little weed in your bag. That being said, it's still illegal and you could certainly be caught.

    If I were you I wouldn't take the chance and just find some bud once you land; you'll have no problem in California, Cancun, or the DR.
  5. DankKush420

    DankKush420 New Member

    if theres dogs, they wont know its me,
    and they just pat me down?
    ima go with family, i dont wana make it abvious
    im trying to find a weed connec
  6. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    Every time I come across a question such as this,

    the term: RISK vs REWARD comes to mind.

    in this case, the risk is "federal" your at an airport, an 1/8th is no different than an ounce, its like saying "Gee judge, I only robbed 1 bank"

    the point is you still did it, now look at what the penalty's are for getting caught trying to board a plane with some weed are?? then ask yourself, is it really worth it???

    the answer you should come up with is: NO its not worth it.

    get some once you get there, that way, if you get caught, it would be by the local police, not the fed's, and most likely, you'll only get a slap on the wrist.

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  7. Drew420

    Drew420 New Member

    90% of places you go, you can find some good weed. Shit, I'd rather see what they have somewhere else than get arrested with a bag of weed I'm used to.
  8. Dank723

    Dank723 New Member

    I have a friend that went to hawaii and got bud the day he landed by asking someone at a park
  9. Stoned_Penguin

    Stoned_Penguin Sr. Member

    Don't try to sneak anything illegal into an airport, it isn't worth it....and besides, haven't you ever seen Harold and Kumar?
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  10. four2ohh

    four2ohh New Member

    They have body scanners at the airport, if you have ANYTHING on you thats suspicious they're going to strip search you.

    I don't suggest it, but you're goin to do what ur gna do. I say just get money and buy on the island. Can't be too hard.
  11. Fridsade

    Fridsade New Member

    I say that you don't do it. Get some exotic weed once your there.
  12. Youngstonna

    Youngstonna New Member

    Okay, it's time to lay down some information. If there are dogs, they will, without question, be ableto tell that there is weed near them, and exactly where it is. Average house dogs can smell the individual ingredients cooking in soup. Imagine what a dog can smell when they are bred for smelling, and train their entire lives to be able to smell dope on punks at the airport. Bringing an eight to the airport is a very bad idea. Very very bad idea b
  13. jfye

    jfye New Member

    What I do is take a capsule pill pull it apart and dump whatever was in it put small amounts in each one then let's say you have five put them in a pill container an in a suit case then your all set
  14. greenqueen420

    greenqueen420 New Member

    i went to caribbean once when i was 16, like 3 years ago, and i brought some reg on the plane in case i couldnt get any weed... i was sucessful! and the next day i got like a quarter of the dopest dope i ever smoked to this day for 5 bucks and another bag for free, and smoked with a reggae singer that i later found on iTunes! but anyways....

    i brought some back with me to smoke with my friends maybe a gram but you only need like 4 hits and your too high to smoke any more! and i sucessfully got it back.

    put it in your underwear or girls put it in your vag (i snuck weed through the detention home when i was 17 doing that) it works!

    i did the same thing when i went to mexico but there were dogs at the airport--they didnt smell me--but i went and ate the weed in the bathroom cuz i was paranoid
  15. RastaRocka

    RastaRocka New Member

    Look up how to make a stash can axe can on YouTube. Make the stash can, then double or triple bag the weed and put it in the can. However you probably could find somegood weed where you're goin. Good luck!
  16. SWatson

    SWatson New Member

    Hey guys I thought I would put my input in on this subject. So I’m 19 and had to fly from Richmond to Dallas to visit my dad cause my parents divorced and I knew being there alone with him would blow so I needed to bring some herb. I put about an 1/8 in a ziplock bag and hid it in a baby wipes container on my carry on suitcase. I successfully made it through security without any hiccup. Honestly it’s either that they don’t see it or don’t care about it. So obviously it’s not ideal to smuggle drugs but just saying it’s very easy and stress free.

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