So I bought weed for the first time, nothing to smoke it with

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by krux, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. krux

    krux New Member

    Well I've smoked before a few times, but this is the first time Ive actually bought weed. A bit pricey, 15 bucks for a half a gram of high quality crippy, but o well, everyone else I know was dry. So now I've got weed but nothin to smoke it with, no papers, no pipes, no bong. What do you suggest I do and buying a bong isn't an option I live with my parents and am flat broke. Any suggestions on how to smoke it without havin to do extensive work makin a bong, besides, I need somethin more mobile than that anyway.
  2. YetiManY3K

    YetiManY3K New Member

    Go to the methods of use forum. Theres plenty of threads there that will teach you how to make a piece out of houshold items.
  3. lyXw33d

    lyXw33d Banned

    there's always the crappy soda can solution...
  4. FoeTwinny

    FoeTwinny New Member

    all about the apples!
  5. SmokyThePenguin

    SmokyThePenguin New Member

    my first device was the soda can

    second was a macarena

    i made a bong out of a plastic guitar shaped bottle, that's my current fave
  6. mindraver

    mindraver Sr. Member

    if you have a bible laying around, i suggest using some paper from it to roll a joint. i would try somewhere in the book of Leviticus.
  7. Determan

    Determan New Member

    definitely the apple. I still use it today, in fact I prefer an apple over a regular pipe.

    Take out the stem, and you will be left with a nice little hole. Now get something fairly long and skinny, about the width of a nail, and poke a hole down through the very center where the stem was down through the core of the apple.

    Now take a pen or something and poke it through the side of the apple untill it goes through into the core.

    Now you got urself a pipe, check and see if its breathing well, u might have to clear up the holes a little, then pack your bowl and begin smoking. I find the moisture from the apple cools the smoke somewhat and even flavors it like apple a little bit.
  8. Ilúvatar

    Ilúvatar Where is my mind?

    the quickest and the easiest pipe to make is the soda can pipe.

    take an empty soda can and dent it on the side. make sure that the side you dent it on is on the other side from the mouth piece. now in the dent take something like a sewing needle (the very small kind that are metal) and poke a screen into the dent. you don't have to put a hundred holes in it but you shouldn't just put like five in there either. now put some bud over the makeshift screen and inhale through the mouth piece and enjoy. although it might be hard to because the aluminum makes the smoke pretty harsh. and it has been said that the smoke from aluminum is bad and i do think it is, but i don't think using them once or twice will hurt ya.

    i also think that bible papers are good for jolling jays. but I understand some view the bible as sacred and wouldn't like smoking the bible, but if your not a christian, they make a great smoke :devil:
  9. ::blazed jae::

    ::blazed jae:: Sr. Member

    I would go with an apple pipe or gravity bong for sure...
  10. lyXw33d

    lyXw33d Banned

    i thought that *tin foil* was bad...i know alluminum has a MAD high melting point which i think should imply that it doesn't give off fumes easily...

    the thing about using bible paper: make sure you don't use paper with ink on it, just use the paper in the beginning and end of the book...otherwise u'll inhale the ink fumes which are really bad for you lungs...
  11. IggyPop

    IggyPop New Member

    15 for .5 gram? I pay 20(pounds so about $35) an eighth. Sounds like you got ripped.

    Is it really difficult to just go and by some skins. RReal cheap an IMO the best way to smoke the herb/.
  12. footix

    footix New Member

    If you only have half a gram I wouldnt recommend rolling it into a joint, especially if its good weed at that price. Its just a waste. If I were you I'd save up like 15 bucks and get a one hitter at your local (or in my case drive an hour or so away) headshop. Trust me, it'll be worth it.
  13. midget

    midget New Member

    u said you have done it before, how did u smoke it b4, go ask the person to let u borrow their pipe or something
  14. IAmTheWalrus212

    IAmTheWalrus212 New Member

    When I first started smoking, I had no papers or pipe, so I used regular paper :puker: :puker: :puker: I never really tasted weed until I got my pipe... tastes sooooo nice... :chokin:
  15. krux

    krux New Member

    I ended up making a makeshift pipe outta aluminium foil. I know its not the healthiest way to smoke it, and it was pretty harsh compared to a regular bong, but it sure did the trick. I was pretty stoned.
  16. Tokeman

    Tokeman New Member

    The soda can pipe is definatly the easiest to make, but Iluvatar was right. The aluminum is pretty bad for you and can actually give you tetnus(lockjaw) if used all the time. Apples are pretty easy too.

  17. Xephar

    Xephar New Member

    When I first started out, I found the best way to smoke. was through what ever I could contruct on my own. Made have to work a little for my high. :grin: My current favorite being a bucket...
  18. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    If you really have nothing to smoke it with, try this:
    You'll need: Soda Can
    Plastic soda bottle
    Sharp scissors
    Hollowed out bic pen
    Cut off piece of hard plastic straw

    On the can, cut out a rectangle about 2 by 1 inches. Size can change a little, it's not a big deal. Then, roll this cut out piece into the shape of a cone. Make sure that the small end isn't too small that no air can get through.
    Next, peel off any paper on the outside of the plastic soda bottle. Now, using your sharp scissors, make a tiny hole in the bottle. I usually do it by squeezing on the opposite end that I'm cutting on and squeezing and opening enough times that a really small hole appears. This hole should be about 3-4 inches from the bottom on a two liter bottle and about 2-3 on a 1 liter. Now, poke one of the blades of the scissors into your small hole and twist it back and forth until you have a hole about the size of your hollowed out pen or plastic straw piece. Make a similar hole to this one near the top of the bottle (near the area where you would drink from) but not too far down. Now, take your cone and stick the small end into your pen or straw piece. Push the pen or straw piece down through the hole at the bottom of the bottle so that it is within a couple centimeters of the bottom. Now, fill up the bottle with water to any point below the lower hole. Usually about 2-3 inches of water is good. This water should be cold to make it easier to hit. Now, just put a small nug or a piece of one into the top of the cone so that it stays up there (sometimes you have to dent the cone to make it stay). You now have a bong. For instructions on how to hit it, you should search the forums.
  19. xero

    xero New Member

    first of all: weiisky, WAY too complicated for a noob smoker, especially one who has to hide his habit

    second of all: 15 per half gram?! jesus christ thats expensive! thats some of the most expensive weed ive ever heard of! i think you may have been ripped off..... but if its some SUPER HIGH QUALITY OMGWTF kinda weed then its understandable, but otherwise, man, damn!

    last of all: if you need a quick pipe just use an apple or coke can. someone already posted how to make and use both coke can pipes and apple pipes, and if you search the forums you'll find far better guides on how to make and use them
  20. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    first of all: weiisky, WAY too complicated for a noob smoker, especially one who has to hide his habit

    I have to hide my habit just as much as he does, but if your parents are out, despite the complication, it really doesn't take that long. I figured that if he's new, then it will be easier to inhale and not feel too much of a burn with a bong because that very apparatus is what I first got stoned on. If it's too complicated, then I could have just said it in a shorter way. I just wanted to make sure that he could tell what I was talking about. I would say that that is the best homemade that you can make with 0 materials necessary; it's perfect for a noob. I guess if you want something easier then you can use the apple pipe, but if you want to take some really big, deep hits and you're new, it's a lot easier on a bong.

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