So tell me (Does weed kill braincells?)

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by tUlLeY, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. tUlLeY

    tUlLeY New Member

    Over the last few months I have been hearing that weed kills braincells from nearly everyone I know that does not smoke and knows that I smoke. It's getting really annoying.

    So can someone tell me if it does kill brain cells or not? Please this would be much appreciated. :)
  2. EeJay

    EeJay Senior Member

    Weed itself, does not. Smoke inhalation and oxygen deprivation, on the other hand, does. So does smoking cigarettes, so does drinking alcohol, so does playing a lot of sports, especially contact sports. A lot of everyday things have the potential to kill brain cells, but we're not all brain dead, why? Because we have billions of brain cells, and unless we're hitting our head against a wall often, there's not much to worry about.
  3. TheClash

    TheClash New Member

    yeah but it sucks cuz BRAIN CELLS don't grow back... once they're gone they're gone for good.....................................................................................................................
  4. SouthernStoner

    SouthernStoner New Member

    Who cares u got more the enuff. as me and my friends say u only use 10% of ure brain so y dont u use the other 90% to have fun
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  5. Red Eyed Tiger

    Red Eyed Tiger New Member

    I'm not real sure on it but,I don't beleive it kills braincells. My boyfriend has been smoking since he was 16 yrs. old and he's now 22. And he is very intellegent. So in my opinion I don't think it does.
  6. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    Marijuana does not kill brain cells. It acts on recepters that your mind uses for sleep, does sleep kill brian sells?

    EeJay is quite right with everything he said, and that the only way you could loose them is through oxygen deprivation.

    And as for the remark that brain cells don't grow back, actually certain ones do. Some brain cells are able to grow one millimeter a day back, this is actually how stroke victems are, over a long period of time, able to gain back some function lost by a stroke.
    That's not to say if you had extensive damage you would get it all back, but small amounts of damage can be repaired very easily. As well, your brain is able to compensate for _certain_ lost functions by using other neurons to replace them.

    Oh, and by the way, age kills more brain cells than drugs ever will. After the age of 30 you loose about 30 brain cells per minute, so really, i wouldn't worry about the few marijuana doesn't even kill :)
  7. EeJay

    EeJay Senior Member

    Read this link, what you said is a myth.
  8. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    Although I don't particularly support the theory that we only use 10% of the brain, the link you provided (i read the whole thing) does not do a good job of convincing me that we use more than that. It simply said that many people believe the 10% fact because they claim that "psychic endorsers" can use this arguement for their cause.

    It then went on to say that fMRI and PET scans show that we "apparantly" use more throughout the day, with no actual link to a study, and nothing on particular effect or why.

    I cannot believe this study, and in fact, i can give it no validility above and beyond the fact that it is someone's opinion.

    Of course, the same goes for the "10% theory", so really all I'm left with is that we use "some amount of the brain, where nobody seems to know how much".
  9. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    So is anybody who supports the idea that we only use 10% of our brain willing to undergo brain surgery and remove 90% of their brain (to see if they can still have normal brain function)?

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  10. ncj

    ncj New Member


    well that wouldnt work since we don't know which 10% it is we supposedly use........ or do we??? :confused:
  11. freetheweed

    freetheweed Banned

    w all have 60 to 70 BILLION brain cells. when you think about it, thats ALOT. If we got 1.4 million dollars everyday, it would take over 100 years to spend a billion (This is what my 8th grade Civic's teacher told us.).

    However, THC DOES NOT KILL BRAIN CELLS! like EeJay said, oxygen deprivation does.
  12. tUlLeY

    tUlLeY New Member

    Thanks guys. Heh, there's some ammo to use against the critics! ;)
  13. beats

    beats New Member

    Finally something to say to people who say we only use 10%. That bugs me so.

    I think by the time you are 40, all your brain cells from childhood are gone, and you have new ones. In about 3 science texts, it says brains cells regenerate every 40 years.

    I kill way too many brain cells. I get hit in the head alot :cool:
  14. mrs mum

    mrs mum New Member

    i think dope makes smaart people smarter and dunderheads moreso. i thought when my teenage boys started getting stoned, they'd dig out all my old pink floyd etc and get philosophical. thhey are just better consumers; ie they are MORE into designer names on their stuff, horrible gangsta music and films, guns, etc. i am terribly disappointed. i used to be so "hippy" and thought of weed as a liberator, like lsd consciousness expanding. but they just veg out like fat, lazy animals with no artistic taste.
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  15. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    :D's tuff to be a mum

    Welcome aboard the boards and ...

    ...have a biscuit ;)


    Mama Budz
  16. muidlobuh

    muidlobuh New Member

    the amount of your brain you use is equal to the number of neurons processing data at a snapshot of time, as each neuron posesses different and unique data, it would be impossible to use many of the neurons at once.
    For example, one neuron firing may cause your arm to contract fully, another might allow it to contract halfway, the other might be to control the arm opening. If all 3 neurons fired at once nothing would happen, contradictory and dissimilar messages would cancel each other out by overloading the nerve cells in your arm with information. So in this case the arm only moves when one signal is made, one signal is one of three neurons- or 33% of the available neurons.
    It is not logical and probably not even possible for us to use even 80% of our brains at one time. However we do use the majority of our baincells for functions at once time or another for different tasks.
    And someone who did manage to use most of their brain at once would not necesilarily be smarter, the majority of your neurons are used for storing memories, processing speech, balancing, and other complex body functions.
    In any event don't worry about braincell loss, you lose about 500 braincells from a single hit on the head, they come and go, new ones grow, old ones die. Don't upset the balance too much and all will be well. Balance in all things.
  17. DiscoCartel

    DiscoCartel New Member

    Good question. I think that weed makes you stupid but only for a little while. Maybe an hour or so. Brain cells do come back. I have been smoking weed everyday for about 2 years and I still make really good grades. I have to admit I suck at math, but I think that's just me and not weed. I think it's a big myth that weed makes you stupid and kills your brain cells. Many intelligent and successful people smoke weed. Also alcohol kills brain cells. Many other things that "normal" people do kills brain cells.
  18. Flaming Moe's

    Flaming Moe's New Member

    Check out these videos. Apparently, marijuana does kill brain cells but it kills the bad ones; cancer.

    [ame=]YouTube - Medical Marijuana Mice[/ame]


    [ame=]YouTube - Medical Marijuana - Cures Brain Cancer[/ame]
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  19. GoldenEagle

    GoldenEagle New Member

    Wikipedia: Cerebral Hypoxia "Oxygen Deprivation"

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