So, what temperature and how long for MJ oil/butter?

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  1. InfectedWithMJ

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    It is completely confusing to me how to make MJ oil or butter. Every recipe is different. Temperatures and cooking duration are also different.

    All I want to do is use 1 oz of fine bud with however much olive or coconut oil is needed to get the most out of the bud (its expensive for me!).

    I found this -

    But then I also found this -

    I have no idea which recipe to follow and neither even provide temperature information. Each crockpot and microwave is different and I do not wish to lose potency and let THC escape.

    I can control the temperature with a simple thermometer, but I have no idea which temperature to use and how long to cook! Some say this temp and some say that. Some say it takes 20 minutes of simmering and others say it takes 8 hours in a crockpot, using the same temperature.

    What is the truth?
  2. nmeofu

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    Haven't used oil but have used butter. With 1 oz finely ground u can make 1lb butter. Must use BUTTER no veg oil spread. Bring water to light boil in 3-4 q pot. Put butter in smaller pot(making it a double boiler type). Put that pot into larger one. Melt butter put in mj and stir often for 1-1.5 hrs. Make sure to keep "water pot" only at light boil Strain through cheese cloth cool and enjoy
  3. InfectedWithMJ

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    Thanks but butter will not work for pills... I need to use coconut oil!
  4. CannabisXChris

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    The first link you posted is one that I actually wrote. It was 1 method I was using, and may not have been the clearest explanation.

    I have been experimenting with different methods...

    For coconut oil capsules - when heating the plant material with the coconut oil you are really trying to do 2 things; bind the cannabinoids to the fatty acids in the oil, and perform a process called decarboxylation.

    Binding the cannabinoids to the oil helps it enter the body/bloodstream better, while decarboxylation (see chart at link) converts the non-psychoactive THC(A) into THC. THC(A) is the natural plant-acid form of THC which has not been heated and is still in it's non psychoactive state. THC(A) will not get us high when eaten.

    The reason that most recipes use a long period of time is, they are likely using fresh buds that have not been heated, or "cured" to the point of proper decarboxylation.

    From the research I have been doing lately, I can tell you that decarboxylation does not start taking place at an efficient rate until you hit 222 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. From the charts I have seen, it looks like about 55 minutes at 225 degrees would be sufficient for about 95% decarboxylation - without too much worry of loss of potency from overdoing it.

    I will be trying a few experiments in the coming weeks where I will test different temperatures and times and report back the effects. I will let you know when I do some more testing, please keep us posted on any results you may have on your end.

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