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  1. Amdro

    Amdro New Member

    I love using sockets (sockets like in a socket wrench set) as a bowl on my improvised smoking devices. Where I'm from in Florida everyone uses sockets. So I was wondering if sockets are used alot in other areas, and also whats the coolest homemade pipe or bong you've ever made or seen with a socket bowl?
  2. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic


    Everyone has glass here.

    If you passed me a socket pipe I would politely decline, even if it's the best chronic in the world. Call me snooty, I just don't smoke out of improvised pieces, especially sockets, water bottles, pvc pipes, bike pumps or any other sort of McGyver smoking device.

    Give me my glass. Give me my vaporizer. Give my Zig-Zags. That's all I need, want, or ever wanna see. :p
  3. dan3

    dan3 New Member

    I'm in FL and i use a socket! :D
  4. Amdro

    Amdro New Member

    O of course I love nice glass piece and would definitely prefer it to a homemade one, and I can roll good blunts and J's and do so often. But when it comes down to that time when you have some bud and nothing to smoke out of sockets are the only way to make improvised shit. I hate tin foil and dented soda cans and shit like that. Also I've never had a chance to smoke out of a real vaporizer how is it?
  5. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    Ah, I see what you mean. I have a big glass collection so I am never out of glass. I haven't smoked out of a homemade piece since like Junior year of HS.

    Oh and the vape, its great. I suggest you check 'em out :D I have a Vapor Warez
  6. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    OK snooty :D (you mean from now on or just this once?)

    Vapes for me! No smoke, just nice, easy on the throat and lungs VAPOR. :thumb:
  7. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    Quit your bragging, we saw the thread... Snooty :jk:

    When my friend used to worked as a mechanic, he (we) would sometimes have to pull out the ol' socket pipe.
  8. drkseph

    drkseph New Member

    I've heard of people around here using sockets in their homemade pipes and bongs and whatnot, but mostly people just roll jays or smoke outta glass spoons.
  9. Yeah I use sockets too... I lost the one that was the right size to attach to slurpee straws awhile back so I cant use them much unless I have a marker I'm willing to sacrafice... LOL I sound like an 8 year old...
  10. Amdro

    Amdro New Member

    Yeah, I feel pretty dumb putting together alot of improvised pieces but then you get blazed and you think: Wow, I made that! and it worked so good, I'm a genius!
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  11. steakii

    steakii New Member

    I use sockets for homemade pipes all the time. They are perfect for gravity bongs.
  12. bubba259

    bubba259 New Member

    when u use a socket, disassemble a highlighter and cut the end off so its a perfect cylinder, then cram a 1/2" socket in the opposite side that u cut on the highlighter, and it will fit airtight!

    p.s. if ur trying to make a hole for the stem (the highlighter), a cigarette lighter out of a car is the exact same diameter. just melt the hole
  13. phreakod98

    phreakod98 New Member

    I'm not a fan of most simple improvised pipes. If you're going to make one go all the way and make it awesome, and before i get yelled at i know sometimes circumstances prevent this, but any time i have to make an improvised pipe i try and go all out. check out my thread with the triple chamber bong to see what im talking about.
  14. im down in san diego and a lot of people use sockets here i do for all homemade bongs ive probly made 30-40 homemade bongs in my lifetime my fav are gatorade bottles
  15. Joeyy

    Joeyy New Member

    Really, I feel crative smokin out of a home-made peice. Just no water bottles of tin foil.
    I have never used a socket pipe sounds fun though ill check it out.
    What city? is it the one in brockville.

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