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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Hephzibah, Feb 26, 2013.

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    After 22 yrs. of suffering from spinal injuries/surgeries, perm. damage & pain, disc degeneration, & severe osteo-arthritis - marijuana was (hushly) prescribed by my physician, when nothing else helped. I was convinced it was a Godsend/miracle!...but then, severe, early menopause hit & I was unable to take any hormones. It has ended up being 'hell' trying to figure out if the severe anxiety is hormonal, or from the marijuana. Isn't it supposed to be helpful in this? Nobody talks - and I understand that...but I need to know what to do. Do I give it up & go back to being bed-ridden, or are there strains that would help instead of hinder? Thank You
  2. Hephzibah

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    Really? one can help? ~ Well, let me put it this way then...Does anyone have ANY advice or knowledge on which strain is best for the 'anxiety/paranoia'???...
    Indica....or Sativa?
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    Sativa-heavy varieties are more likely to activate anxiety and paranoia than Indicas. Indicas tend to be more relaxing and sleep-inducing. Indicas contain a higher proportion of CBD to THC.
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    ...I totally feel that question. You want to relax with herb -- but don't want to feel as though the cops are breathing down your neck, or that your phone is tapped. Just because the weed you fired up was super high in THC, while having a disproportionately low ratio to the other calming cannabinoids.

    I have found most blueberry strains work well for me.


    Caveat: not all blueberry genetics are equal. That being said, blueberry has always worked for me (at least from the cultivators that I have been fortunate enough to try). The high from the blueberry strain has consistently been extremely helpful in elevating my empathy and compassion levels, while at the same time relieving my anxieties.

    While predominately an Indica - it is still classified as a hybrid, with an 80%/20% Indica to sativa division.

    Sorry to hear you're feeling stressed... Good luck.:bong2:
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