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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by four2ohh, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. four2ohh

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    I live in a situation were my family comes over without warning. The last time someone came over, I just got finished smoking a bong and the house had to smell horribly of pot. One of the younger kids actually told me that it smelled like i was "hiding skunks in my closet." So i need a way to get rid of the pot smell when I smoke.

    I tried the dryer sheet toilet cylinder thing, and it didn't work. please help :hail:
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  2. candykidz09

    candykidz09 New Member

  3. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    This stuff works great. You can also get an air purifier with a charcoal filter and blow your hits into it. Worked wonders for me when i shared an apartment...
  4. Brad420

    Brad420 Sr. Member

    I would recommend Ozium, Or if you have any windows, Open them.
  5. mother4

    mother4 New Member

    Vape, for Pete's sake.
  6. four2ohh

    four2ohh New Member


    what is ozium and where can i get some
  7. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    It's an air "sanitizer" and you can get it at most auto parts stores.
  8. candykidz09

    candykidz09 New Member

    you can find it on the net and they come in several different scents and if you order online from amazon (i think) it's cheaper than in the stores

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