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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by johndeb420, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. johndeb420

    johndeb420 New Member

    has anyone ever used sonne's #7
  2. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    I have. My brother got it for me and I used to for a week, 2 weeks prior to my drug test. I ended up passing the test, but I have no idea whether the Sonne helped or not. It may get rid of fat-soluble toxins, but I'm not sure. Read how it works for reference.
  3. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    From Sonne 7 product description:

    Sonne's Detoxificant #7 is one of the first products to use bentonite clay to detoxify the body. Taken internally the active agent in bentonite called montmorillonite travels through the digestive tract attracting toxins to it, later to be expelled via the alimentary canal or urine. If you work around a toxic environment Sonne's #7 should be part of your daily routine. Paint, smog, drugs, chemical sprays, and food additives are just a few of the toxins that can cause adverse affects in one's health. Some common uses for this product include but are not limited to: Wash fruits and vegetables with #7 to rinse the toxins from sprays and pesticides, Pour a quarter bottle into your bath water to help detoxify your skin while bathing, Use as a mouth rinse to help control bad breath.

    Notice that drugs are not covered here; they only list the term "toxins" and the toxins they do cover in their description are not fat soluble chemicals like THC which resides in the fat cells; so you are left with a decision, you can use the Sonne 7, or you can save your money and follow the dilution link and just eat a high fiber, low fat diet up until test time; the choice, of course, is yours ;)
  4. wa_boy21

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    So.. is there any chance of taking aspirin and that causing a false positive?! Can they test for aspirin?
  5. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    to reiterate, aspirin causes a false NEGATIVE not a false positive; if it caused a false positive, then why would we say to take it? ;)

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