sparkling/crackling bud wen burned any ideas?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by purpledrank, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. purpledrank

    purpledrank New Member

    any body had nug wen smoked/burned had small sparkling effects like the firework sparklers. crackling like tiny poppings its so messed up looking like its tiny explosions. its almost like gunpowder or the stuff in wicks for cherry bombs or somehting. the nug is laced with what like flammable tiny explosive ****?! this nug. all this might sound crazy but maybe i cant entirely explain wat is happening wen i pack bowls it like combusts in the bowl sparkling away moving around and ****. please any1 got any ideas lol
  2. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Yeah, I've had bud that's crackled and sparked like that before. I don't know what it is though. I didn't notice any adverse effects or anything.
  3. purpledrank

    purpledrank New Member

    the sparkling crack didnt scare you?
    i thought it was totally messed up and its soooo weird
    its harsh 2 i think
    wat in the world would cause broken up nug 2 sparkle thats wack! lol
  4. ifeelstoned

    ifeelstoned New Member

    i may be wrong but but i smoke regs like weed with seeds and whenever i smoke a bowl of a fat nug that has like 4 seeds in it or sotmhing they will "blowup" i beleive it is becuase of the air inside and it combusts. kind of like popcorn haha

    correct me if im wrong.....
  5. purpledrank

    purpledrank New Member

    seeds always pop
    explode watever
    ....why are u smoking seeds?!?!?
    thats dirty very dirty
    u smoke stems 2? lol
    my nug is seed free
    so thers no seeds exploding here
    just pure crackles and sparks its sooooo messed up
    its like magic burning. the cherry itself crackles. almost like the buds were spontaneously combusting like on southpark
    this has got 2 be the most screwed up stuff ive seen lately
  6. BCHenry

    BCHenry New Member

    You'll get a pop from seeds, but I'm willing to bet your problem is you are holding the lighter too close to the bowl when sparking it, dusting it with residue from the flint/steel. this then burns and causes the sparkle.

    that, or you got some really F-d up stuff.


    PS- dont believe me?, take a clean sheet of white paper, hold your lighter over it, and spin the wheel a few times (don't let it actually spark or light, you just want the black residue.) take that unburned debris and roll a slightly moistened joint in it. now you have a joint that will sparkle as you smoke it.
  7. purpledrank

    purpledrank New Member

    i kno its not my lighter
    im certain its the bud
    chemicals fertilzers not flushed out
  8. NCAA Athlete

    NCAA Athlete New Member

    I've heard that if certain fertilizer/chemical is used at certain phase of growth sparkling or crackling is not uncommon.

    But don't quote me.
  9. JussBL4ZE

    JussBL4ZE Banned

  10. scottso420

    scottso420 New Member

    I use chemical ferts and have never had that happen. I would be more apt to say the weed is probably not being dried all the way before curing, causing the resin glands to stay wet & pop...just like wet wood pops when you burn it.:D
  11. purpledrank

    purpledrank New Member

    well the nug is bone dry
    i would have 2 film the bowl while being toked
    for any1 2 understand the seriousness lol
    i mean its not normal noises of plant material burning, combusting, expanding or watever ignites wen burned.
    its intense snap crackle pop ing
    pretty loud and tons of crackles a second
  12. TicalWMU

    TicalWMU New Member

    It's an interesting sight...

    I think I got some of the same nugs you got purpledrank... it is just like a sparkler, there isn't really anyway else to describe it. Like nothing i've ever seen before. Anybody else have any ideas!?!
  13. lilguyboi03

    lilguyboi03 New Member

    there's a possibility that it is laced with crack. hence the name. only thing i can think of.
  14. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    Not laced, not seeds, not fertilizer. I know this because the same bud I lit at one time didn't crack and then the next time it did, like a joint that you save and re-light. I have had this happen before, when the bud dries out or becomes resinous. My speculation is that small pockets of water are boiling very rapidly, and break apart little parts of the weed and/or THC.
  15. TicalWMU

    TicalWMU New Member

    Water pockets

    I'm pretty sure the buds have trapped microscopic water pockets in them. When u burn it, the ash is a very damp sticky ash. You have to burn it longer then it will eventually turn to ash gray and it only seems to sparkle when it is first burnt, hence the pockets popping.
  16. Wisdom-of-Jah

    Wisdom-of-Jah New Member

    Im not an expert or anything but this has happened to me many a time. Ususally it happens when the nugs are really dried out or left out after a party or something. Personally i think that it is kinda like pine needles. they crack and pop when burnt, so i just figured pot had the same properties when dried out too.
  17. Zubi420

    Zubi420 Guest

    mmmmmm, mj popcorn with thc butter.
  18. Baalzebul

    Baalzebul New Member

    YES, its fertilizer

    It is definately fertilizer, and not dry weed.

    When weed sparkles when burned that it is due to fertilizers used in the last stage of growth when it should receive nothing but water.

    This will leave chemicals in the weed that cause it to sparkle when burned, and I've also noticed that it gives me a heavy sharp headache after I smoke copious amounts of it. I can't stand this sparkly shit.
  19. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    Welcome to,

    I have also smoked marijuana that was not flushed before the harvest; once. I will never do it again. I know what it feels like, and a heavy sharp headache is about half of it.

    I still get sparkling/crackling bud, which I am sure does not have fertilizers in it. Read my previous post.
  20. Baalzebul

    Baalzebul New Member

    Hmm, I got a oz of hydros that have this effect. Do you know of any way of cleaning the bud so that it is smokeable? I think the fucking vision of my right eye is starting to go blurry because of this shit!!

    Also, does anyone know if there are any permanent bad effects from smoking weed that hasn't been flushed? I can deal with the temporary headache if it isn't damaging my brain and nerves.

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