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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by Herb Ninja, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. PermedHair

    PermedHair New Member

    does permedhair matter in MacCujo?

    Does perming hair help in passing hair testing for weed? Does it hinder the MacCujo method?

  2. matty86

    matty86 New Member

    That's a crazy method Maccujo. I cannot beleive you (or your friend) discovered it. Good job!

    I was hoping someone could answer this for me once and for all, and yes I've tried the Canada forums.

    I am not about to take a hair test, nor do i ever plan to, but someone please tell me. . .Arn't they illegal in Canada? I have NEVER heard of ANYONE getting a hair test done in Canada, well not for a job anyway.

    I'm pretty sure pre-employment hair tests are illegal in Canada, but can someone confirm?

  3. dumbledore

    dumbledore New Member

    The Pink Stuff??????

    Okay, let's settle this confusion once and for all!!!! As I'm sure everybody who's tried this can tell you, there is no such thing as "Clean & Clear skin toning and deep cleanser". The only product in the Clean and Clear line of products that is pink is the "Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent" Would Macujo (or anybody else who's successfully tried his method) be kind enough to end this loooooooong list of people speculating about the "pink stuff" and tell us EXACTLY which product he meant? Which active ingredient is necessary for this? Is it the salycylic acid? That seems to be the only active ingredient in the "Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent".
  4. lolowahine11

    lolowahine11 New Member

    Need quick advice

    My husband is up for a hair test in about a week or so at a casino in Las Vegas. He is a very infrequent user (one hit a month, if that)--the last time he smoked (which was like one hit off a bowl) was approximately 65 days ago. Should he do the maccujo method to be safe? Does anyone have any idea if such infrequent use comes up in a test like that? Any help as quick as possible is big time appreciated.
  5. tree_man

    tree_man New Member

    does the macCujo method work with armpits

    i am in a program which tests my armpits because i have very short hair. will this vinegar thing work under my arm pits?? its important that i know because i have 2 to 6 years in prison ridin on this test any one that could help me i would appreciate it..thanx
  6. Xxq_TZ_pxX

    Xxq_TZ_pxX New Member

    Yes, do it!! I did it on my chest hair and it worked. in fact, i still have the job, and i just got promoted today hahahahahahahahahaha.
  7. uglyboots3

    uglyboots3 New Member

    hair test

    hey ppl just reading along I went for a new job and suspect that they do hair testing. but from reading the post the ppl of color on the board who use the method have not passed now I have only read up to page 7 on this thread so my question is does the macujo work on ppl of color?
  8. cid06

    cid06 New Member

    hey mac, i go to a preety strict college that does random drug tests and got popped for one. Obviously i failed and am in some serious s@#t if i dont pass a hair folicle test to prove my inocense. I tried ur method and have already failed one private folicle test and need to no what is going on. the test was done by a forensic scientists who owns his own lab somewhere in SC. i followed ur instructions to the t and ima white male with medium-thick hair. whats the deal?
  9. stonin4ever

    stonin4ever New Member

    Test coming up

    Hey - I've got a hair test coming Tuesday - i'm using three different types of shampoos i bought at head shops - two of them involve multiple steps (one uses vinegar) - anyway i'm using a different kind each day so I want really know which worked if it does work, may try this method as well.
  10. Yelladevil1

    Yelladevil1 New Member

    Passing a hair test

    Thanks for the info, MacCujO. Other than buying $40 shampoo, I had no idea how to pass a hair sample test. For those of you on a budget, and need to pass a regular ol' urinalysis---try 1000mg of Vitamin C crystals & 500mg of Golden Seal. The C crystals cleanse the urinary tract and the Seals cleases the rest of your internal systems. When taken together with a LOT of water(1/2 gal. and up) You can be TOTALLY clear within 1-3 days.

    Also, try CERTO(a SURE-GEL product). Take 1/2 a packet and mix it with your favorite juice(cranberry is best, in my opinion) first thing in the morning(around 6-8am) follow up with a good bit of water. Take a whizz, then drink the other half in the same manner. After the second whizz, you should be nice and clear.

    Any ideas on passing the mouth swab test?
  11. infinitedh

    infinitedh New Member

    Possible Hair Test

    The packet that I received from my new employer said I'd be required to take a pre-employment drug screening. It said a urine sample would be taken prior to my first day. I've heard, though, that they also do Hair tests, so I'm not taking any chances...

    I've shaved my entire body, except my head and eye brows. I have been doing the MacCuj0 method at night for two days, and started morning and night today. I do a 10 minute soak with vinegar, then use the Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Astringent with 2.0% Salicylic Acid. I wash that out with liquid Tide. I then wash my hair with Paul Mitchell Three and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. I rinse and follow that with Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo, letting it sit for another 10-15 minutes...less if I'm pressed for time. Then I finish it off with Nexxus Aloe Rid Treatment...again 10-15 minutes if time allows. Starting tonight, I'm leaving the treatment on for at least an hour to two hours under a shower cap.

    I start my new job in 2 weeks and haven't heard anything from them on when I'm supposed to give my urine sample. Honestly, I don't even know if I'll have to give a hair sample...I just don't want to take any chances. I think that my infiniteMacCuj0 method should work ok. I'm definitely staying on the twice a day regimen until I start my new job. I'll let everyone know what happens.

    Thanks Mac and everyone else for looking out for us.
  12. infinitedh

    infinitedh New Member

    by the way

    FYI, I'm 5'8" tall and weigh 150, athletic build, light brown, medium to thin hair...it's thinning too. I was clean for 6 weeks, then smoked daily for 3 weeks...only 3-4 pincheys a night. (pinchey=one hitter...a dugout pipe). I've been clean for 4 weeks now. Any ideas on how dirty my hair could be? What about the urine? I passed a home urine test 3 days after I recently quit, but I've heard they're not very accurate.

    Thanks, everyone.
  13. foolish

    foolish New Member

    need to pass hair test

    I have a hair test coming up i have 60 days clean 2x use of powder,2 months ago but i am on precribe drugs like sphedrens ( sorry about the spelling) will that get reid of that to, because i can't make it look obviuoues. Is there a way I can pass the test and not and make the test look weak
  14. foolish

    foolish New Member

    I meant to just weaken the test so the sphedrean still shows are do they test for that...
  15. no1jchic

    no1jchic New Member

    I hope macujo method works. I'm heading out to the kitchen sink to try it out. Actually...it better work!!!! Because I failed the hair test given by Psychemedics about 3 weeks ago for pre-employment screening. I have a chance to take it again at my own expense.

    I am clean for just about 90 days (dropped a candy or two back in 10/8 ish) My hair is long below the shoulder. Please wish me luck.
  16. foolish

    foolish New Member


    Does anyone know what my chances would be to pass a hair test if i used (white) one night and have 75 days clean. I have light color hair..
  17. foolish

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  18. foolish

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  19. Forty4caliber

    Forty4caliber New Member

    gotta test soon..

    This message goes out to all the people who arent everyday smokers, I smoke about once a month...(just a couple of hits) and I just know got a job offer at a really tight ass job....Im going to see if tha MAccugo method really works...1st i purchased vinegar from wal mart(great value distilled white to be exact) then I purchased clean and clear deep cleaning astrigent(The pink one) and of couse tide and then TRESemme vitamin E, moisture rich smampoo for dry damaged hair....i smoked on new years eve and day just a little but i did do a 8 ball wit a buddie...I made my girl do all the vinegaring in my hair, same wit the clean an clear cause its just hella easier to let someone else do it...to all u lonely guys out there let ur mom or butt buddy do it.after I got the vinegar and clean and clear in my hair I put a shower cap on and let it chill for like 20 min....yes it burnt, then i washed it out with tide ETC..I did it once yesterday(jan the 14th)and i am actually doing it right now, with shower cap and everthing, and im going to do it agin twice tomorrow. Mondays the big day, just to be extra careful i went to my loccal head shop and purchased biowash($30) its a 3 step system which includes a smampoo, body wash and a biowash purifier.. iam going to use this monday prob an hour and a half before the test......i will keep u guys posted....hopefully if this works this will be a more detailed way to prove your boss a dick and get that promotion
  20. sixes

    sixes New Member

    These forums are for MJ usage. So, most wouldn't know if it works for powder.

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