Sprayed Weed?!?!?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by SmokerJoe, Nov 11, 2001.

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    Did you see the date on the post you were commenting on? 2001.

    I doubt whether he's going to hear you..........:shrug:

    Some Were In Ded Land.......
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    Sprayed weed is surprisingly common. It's absolutely vile when you get sprayed weed. They spray it with stuff like windex, fibreglass, artificial THC etc etc. It is highly recommended that if you have sprayed weed then you dont smoke it. It can kill you. Here are a couple of ways of telling if your weed is sprayed:

    Study the weed. If the crystals are a nice white colour then they're natural. If not then chances are its sprayed.

    Look at the bag. If it is musky dusty colour then there is something dodgey in it. If it doesn't smell like normal fresh grass then it probably isn't.

    When you smoke it, you get small sparks when you're taking a toke it then it's definetely sprayed.

    There are many other ways but I cant be arsed to sit an name them all lol
    Just study your weed. If you think there is something dodgey about it then dont buy it. Never buy weed unless you are personally satisfied it isn't sprayed. Hope this helped
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    OK so here is a interesting topic...

    I have been getting weed from the same person for a while now. This stuff came around once in a while but he must be getting better relations with the person this stuff comes from. This weed is crystally lots of red hairs but smells like hay...or lawn clippings. It is decent nug just doesnt have that skunk smell.

    The guy i buy it from said it was sprayed with something to eliminate the smell so the can get it across the border...canada that is...anyway anyone ever heard of this.

    Am I at risk of hurting myself...I use this for medicine and havent had any adverse reactions I also vape not smoke it but I have smoked it and didnt notice any difference between this and some mj from cali except that stuff from cali tasted and smelled amazing and it took less for me to get the same effect...

    I really hope this shit is not killing my brain cells I need them all.....
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    Agghghghg why cant people just smoke weeeedddd????? Its perfectly awesome the way it is, just smoke it!!
  5. El Magico

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    Terpenoids are a stoner's best friend.

    I know this is an old topic, and this has probably been said before:

    Law enforcement does use a spray on outdoor marijuana crops that makes them smell, and taste like shit. I am not sure what this substance is, or what the actual effects are, but they do it to make the smoke not viable for sale.

    If someone wants to get pot across the border, they would most likely package the smoke, and then spray the package with something.

    Bud that smells like litteral grass clippings, just wasn't grown, handled, dried, and/or cured properly. Just by being dried in a hot room, it can lose more than half of the terpenoids responsible for that sought-after "funk", while simultaneously locking in chlorophyll that makes it taste & smell "green".

    If you buy "kind bud", that tastes, or smells like chemicals, it's probably just the grower not flushing the plants with water before harvest. Also, sometimes people over do the foliar sprays, in which case you could be smoking anything from lemon juice, and vegetable oil, to hardcore chemical fungistats.

    This is why it's important to find someone selling good smoke, and pay a little more for it if you have to. Some people grow quantity over quality, they just don't realize you can have both. When you find someone that loves the bud more than the money, stay in touch.

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  6. toothfairy420

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    BC bud is not sprayed to minimize the smell, it is imported in hay or alfalfa which is what gives it that hay smell.

    BC bud commonly smells like hay, it's not necessarily because of improper curing, in fact, one of the common characteristics of northern lights is the hay smell.
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    It's suppose to smell like cat piss?

    Very good point.

    There are a bajillion strains/cultivars out there.

    The best bud I have ever smoked smelled like cat piss. I think it was a pure Sativa grown in the Florida sun.

    The point is, some varieties smell like skunk, some like piss, some like hay, and others smell like heaven.

    Any of these can be adulterated. If you think you taste, or smell something unusual, you do.
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    We remember a spry they called PARAQUAT, it was tryed out in selected fields, in Mexico. During the "Agent Orange" era. The Main complaint , was it tastes really bad (it did, No way,after 1st test!) still got You stoned, but, Not worth it,almost. Not as Lethal,as "Agent Orange". a matter of taste,and, waste!
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    ^^^Dude I have to ask, whats up with you? I don't intend to flame you, but your posts often baffle me. wtf!?:confused:
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    Oh that makes sense about the smell, I know they all smell different I dont taste anything different but my guy err.. friend cuz we were friends first.... Said it was iodine they sprayed..

    I definetely understand the hay smell and believe it could be the case...what about the iodine though is that potentially bad.. I dont think it would be if it was sprayed and dried...?
  11. toothfairy420

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    wow...I guess I dont know what to say... could it be washed off or something? like I guess I dont know even the article says it is hard to detect I havent really noticed any adverse affects... The hay bail method seems to make more sense to me..
  13. El Magico

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    Good thing people are lazy.

    I agree with this statement.

    Though, there are complete fucking morons out there.

    What you have to realize is; people will do anything, no matter if it's good, or bad.

    Anyone who knows good food knows good pot. All the same things apply, sans the high.
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  14. KitLeHunn

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    i've always wondered if the shit i got was sprayed because it smells chemmy sometimes. but then again a lot of the times i get bud it doesn't always have a grassy smell. sometimes a sweetish scent.
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    Just a small story on "dipping in embalming fluid" topic. There was a guy in my town who had cigarrettes dipped in embalming fluid. A friend of his asked him for one, not knowing what he did to them, and she died from it. He was charged for murder even though it was accidental.

    Stay away from anything like that, weed is meant to be smoked by itself people!
  16. kingpinblazer

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    sprayed weeed is mostley sprayed with sand called sand blasted weed or u can get weed sprayed with fiber glass STAY AWAY FROM SPRAYED WEEED AT ALL COSTS IT DUZ KILL
  17. 924project

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    I love how everyone has some ridiculous story about what their brothers friends cousin told them sprayed weed was.
  18. Ygdonmir

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    That's right. It's procedure to poison your product so you can kill your customers. /sarcasm.
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    me and my mate bought some weed last night, turned out to be heavily sprayed and this morning we both feel like shit. definitely not smoking any more of this shite...would it be safe to use the rest in cakes/food? I know it will still be bad but surely no way as bad as it would be smoking it right? thanks
  20. shockmoth

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    sprayed weed from washington square park

    My wife and I are visiting Manhattan for our honeymoon, and unable to find anything to smoke we went down to the cliche place to score some crappy weed - washington square park. I knew it would be bad but my wife was excited to buy off the street lol, she's new to it all. Anyway, the weed was of course dirt weed but after smoking just a couple dugouts each- (1 hitters) we felt almost nothing.

    Then about 10 minutes later we started to go on a horrendously weird and mostly unpleasant un-weed trip. It lasted most of the night and now the next day our eyes are still bugging and we don't feel quite right.

    I believe that washington square park weed was sprayed. So just a warning.

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