Starting a "clean" regimen: Activated Charcoal -- myth, or worth a shot?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by BringTheFunk, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. BringTheFunk

    BringTheFunk New Member

    Hi all,

    I have to look for a new job, and it's time to get clean. I'm a heavy user (5 days a week of generally crappy stuff), have an extremely high metabolism (I eat and eat and eat and eat and gain nothing), and I'm obviously now going to start abstaining from anything.

    I've read up on these boards, and I think I'm inclined to abstain for as long as I can and, if things come up, use the N2 dilution method.

    But since I have some time, I want to try to coax it along a bit just to make sure. That means I'm going to be exercising like a mo-fo up until the week of any possible test (seems to be a board-sanctioned method).

    I've also been reading up on one possible way to speed things up or help me out: activated charcoal. This is a method that a friend of a friend swears by, who is a heavy user. He apparently loads up on charcoal for a few days before, and the theory is that it lowers metabolite levels in the UI tract (i.e. lowers the thing they're testing for in the pee test). Rumor is that this gets him through his monthly testing, and that he smokes all the time. He's since moved to Africa, of course, and my actual friend has very little details other than the prescribed dosage and technique.

    I've read up on some past opinions from the board -- mainly skeptics who say that it's clearly designed to just prevent things in the stomach from being absorbed. But the NORML website mentions that it may, indeed, reduce the metabolite levels.

    Since I've got some time, maybe it's worth a shot? Unless some of you have tried it and it's useless.

    What are you takes?

    This stuff makes me completely nervous -- besides the smoking, I'm quite the law-abiding citizen. I normally smoke because I'm just a nervous person (I believe they call it self-medicating) and all of these thoughts get me all panicked and make me want to take a hit, as you can imagine ;)
  2. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Activated Charcoal is used (or was used) by emergency services to absorb poisons and overdoses in the Gastrointestinal tract. Since the THC isn't in your stomach, intestines or bowels, the only thing it will do is make you poop black (and probably vomit).

    Good luck tho....
  3. BringTheFunk

    BringTheFunk New Member

    Right -- I actually came across a few of your comments like that. But here are my quick thoughts: if the test isn't checking for THC, but THC metabolites, and the activated carbon reduces metabolites...

    I found this on wikipedia (I know, I know):

    Mechanisms of action:
    • Binding of the toxin to prevent stomach and intestinal absorption. Binding is reversible so a cathartic such as sorbitol may be added as well.
    • It interrupts the enterohepatic circulation of some drugs/toxins and their metabolites
    • Allows certain drugs/toxins to be drawn out of the blood and bind to the charcoal in the intestine - a kind of "gut dialysis"

    Your point is correct for the first bullet, but I wonder about the second. But yeah, I'm not trying to challenge you, just working up some crazy theories over here and discussing thoughts.

    Anyway, many thanks for the opinion and...

    That sounds like fun ;)
  4. Secs

    Secs New Member

    THC Metabolites aren't in your intestinal tract either.

    Wikipedia isn't the be all, end all definitive authority on everything. Activated charcoal does not work by absorbing "toxins" from the blood. The reason activated charcoal is given is to prevent most overdoses (pills or poisons) from being taken to the bloodstream from the stomach because the drug is bound to the charcoal and cannot be absorbed. Instead it is pooped out or vomited. Since you are inhaling marijuana smoke, putting it directly into the bloodstream through the lungs, and not injesting it, charcoal won't work.
  5. BringTheFunk

    BringTheFunk New Member


    Thanks for the reply -- it's very appreciated. It seems like you've helped a lot of people on these boards, and it's very kind and selfless of you.

    I'm exercising starting today, I'm abstaining, just ordered a bunch of home and adulteration tests, and I've researched both the sub and dilution methods.

    Plan is to regimen myself for as long as possible before any job offers and tests (good thing is that I've only started submitting my resume and cover letters), chart my progress with the home tests, and see where I am. If a test comes up, I'll start practicing both sub and dilution, and I think I'm going to opt for the "sub with dilution" as a backup in case I'm being observed. Being such a heavy user, subbing is likely best, even with two or three weeks of abstaining and then diluting, no? I'll test all of this myself with the home tests, of course.

    You mentioned on quite a number of posts that it's highly unlikely that I'd be observed for a pre-employment screening. In your experience reading the boards, how often do you feel like people are observed, percentage-wise?

    Grillmeat's "elmer's glue" sub method seems really, really stealth and I think I became more comfortable with using that kind of method after I found that suggestion. I like that it's a lot less "fumbling around" than using a condom (just use the bottle and put a heat strip or two on it), and I like that it would mimic the sound of "peeing into a cup" because of the force/narrow stream. It's quite MacGyver-y.

    Sounds like a plan, no? Maybe now I can stop reading all these old threads about this and actually just move on ;)

    With all this exercise and regimentation, I feel like Rocky. Well, at least, the pothead version of Rocky.
  6. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Make a new "seal" for the Elmers cap. It leaks with the thinner liquid.
  7. BringTheFunk

    BringTheFunk New Member

    So I'm at 11 days, and I've been working my a** off.

    My at-home kits came ($1.50 apiece, so they must be of quality ;) ), and I took one just now. Undiluted, mid-stream.

    I see a very, very, very faint line. Very faint.

    Does this mean I pass?

    If so, I have the best metabolism ever :) 11 days, and I smoke (well, have smoked) daily.

    Holding up pretty well without it. But it's kind of like an old friend moving away. I want a reunion... ;)
  8. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Hang in there. You are getting where you want to be.
  9. sikevo

    sikevo New Member

    Dont listen to this D**k

    Hi guys, do not listen to this guy he doesnt know wat the f**k hes talking about, i always take activated charcoal pill as it helps with my indigestion, and lowers thc levels in my urine. As thc levels stay in your urine for long periods of time hence the reason they test urine for detectable levels of thc (thc stays in urine and feacal matter alot and i mean alot longer than in your blood, because it is body waste). Iv heard nothing but remarkable comments on activated charcoal some instances of chronic smokers going clear in under a week taking charcoal pills and drinking alot of milk since thc is fat and alchohol soluble only,(dont drink whiskey lol) water will only dilute and disguise the thc but it is still there and is not worth the risk especially when earning 70grand per annum. And also it DOES NOT make you shit black or vomit thats the biggets load of shit iv ever heard! i double dose the pills and iv never felt better, you get little blacks specks in your shit but its not even noticable. You would have to swallow a barbeque load of charcoal to shit black! my remedy is stop smoking for 14 days taking 4 charcoal pills daily with lots of milk, and in the last 5 days take 1 shot of vinegar each morning then 2hrs before test 1ltr of cranberry juice you will pass anything:) as long as you take charcoal pills oraly with lots of liquid (milk becoz its high in fat) it will pass through your liver into your bladder and filter any unwanted toxins in your system trust me it works!
  10. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Did you not read what BringtheFunk said? Pay attention!!! :mad:
    He tested at 11 days without the charcoal and got a negative on an instant test. you recommend stopping for 14 days, eating charcoal pills, drinking excessive milk, cranberry juice and vinegar. :rolleyes: He tested negative in less time without your mix of crap.

    The key is to stop using. Did you bother to read the dilution method defined in the sticky? It is in the upper portion of the urine testing menu page. It works better and is a helluva lot easier on the stomach than your vinegar/charcoal routine.

    And FYI, the activated charcoal I was speaking of comes in a liquid form and is given to overdose patients. You are talking about little pills. (apples and oranges).

    Next time you decide you know more than anyone else, it could help if you phrased it in a way where people will actually listen to you. Instead you buried your little rant at he bottom of someone elses post.

    If you aren't eating marijuana, injested charcoal won't help you. But, you go ahead and live out your fantasy if you like. :rolleyes:

    Here: Charcoal, activated

    There is absolutely nothing in here about absorbing from the bloodstream or liver. It is used in the intestinal tract only (sometimes used topically). If you don't understand that when you inhale, anything you breathe in goes to a different place in your body than when you eat something, you need to go back to school and take a biology class again.
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  11. sikevo

    sikevo New Member

    Are you are pharmasist? no i didnt think so, i was told by many chemists that this will lower thc levels in my urine and it does iv done many home test and it works for me and many others, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!
  12. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Well, no, you are right, I am not a pharmacist. Most pharmacists aren't chemists and Chemists aren't pharmacists.

    It is your body and your drug test. Gamble with it as you want to.

    Never mind me, I have only collected thousands of specimens for testing, conducted thousands of instant tests, and do this for a living.

    However, I am sure you know best from your "heresay"

    Good luck to you (you'll need it).

    One last thing; it probably was more the 14 day abstention than anything else that passed the drug tests for you.

    If you noticed, I haven't called you names or talked to you in a deragatory manner at all. We are nice to each other here. If you can't state your opinion without the insults, then perhaps this isn't the place for you. We welcome new people and opinions, especially those that can speak in a nice tone.
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  13. LaVita

    LaVita New Member

    This forum is for people to learn and get advice. To help them get their "dream" job, a job, stay out of jail. Its not for people to get ugly with the Mods that are trying to help those people. If what you say works for you more power to you! But everyone is different and I believe I would rather listen to advice from a professional who is involved with drug testing everyday than your rants about what worked for you. But since it works so well for you go for it and while your at it take a hit and CALM DOWN :(
  14. KillerWeed420

    KillerWeed420 Sr. Member

    The one BIG truth of drug testing for thc is everybody's body is different. I've known people that kind smoke the night before a UA and drop clean. I've known people who have stayed clean for 60 days and still dropped dirty. Thats why the most reliable way to take a UA is subbing with synthetic urine.

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