Stat Flush - Does It Work?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by NeedAdvice62, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. NeedAdvice62

    NeedAdvice62 New Member

    I have a drug test next week that I absolutely must pass, and I went to the local head shop and they recommended a product called Stat Flush. I'm very weary of these products, but I was hoping that someone may have had a positive experience with this product. I do have some extra body fat, but I have not smoked for a week, and I workout hard aerobically, and I have been drinking a lot of water. Any feedback on the Stat Flush product would be great.

    On a different note...are there any products that the regulars here may recommend? I already drink a lot of water throughout the day, but I have increased my water intake quite a bit recently. I will look forward to any feedback.
  2. osidefool760

    osidefool760 New Member

    Go to the local drug store and get a few THC home test kit, (by the diabetes testing supplies) and then use the dilution method in the forum to practice and you will pass without a doubt. As for Stat Flush, not too sure I have used Vale and dilution, I think dilution method is the cheapest and most sure way of a passing result.
  3. stoner28

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    i think u should go back to the headshop and ask if they have quick fix 4.0 or another synthetic urine and sub.

    most people on this site say that those detox products are expensive and dont work. the detox products work on dilution method and it would be cheaper to follow N2's dilution method which u can find in the sticky threads and follow the directions to the letter most people pass with it.

    good luck and hope this info helps
  4. 29yeartoker

    29yeartoker New Member

    They both are correct. If you haven't bought it yet don't. If you have bought it and haven't opened it yet, see if you can return it. Those drinks, potions whatever you want to call it work by dilution which you can do by following the instructions in the dilution thread and sticky in this forum for little cost. Also, do home test yourself with your first mornings urine as thats when your urine is the most concentrated. Good luck!
  5. NeedAdvice62

    NeedAdvice62 New Member

    Dilution Method


    Are you saying that I should practice using the diliution method with the first urine of the morning. I really appreciate the feedback.
  6. 29yeartoker

    29yeartoker New Member

    I would start by taking a home test without doing anything with your 1st mornings urine. Then try the dilution with home tests (not necessarily the 1st morning). Make sure you follow the dilution to the letter though. Don't over do it with the fluids as a home test won't show a diluted result.

    Although subbing is a sure way to pass as long as you get the temp between 90 - 100. To be honest with you, If I had to take a test I would sub. I wouldn't risk the chance of over or under diluting.
  7. Trainwrecked

    Trainwrecked New Member

    Dilute, before I did I read through this site and realized most of the people who diluted were successful, so I did it. Guess what? I am employed and working miserable 40 weeks in a cublicle. Follow the direction as closely as possibly, it will suck, but it is necessary.

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