Stem Tea (Twig Tea)

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  1. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    And now something to do with all those sticks and twigs:


    Save your sticks and grind them up into powder using your handy dandy coffee grinder.

    In a seperate pot (with a cover) boil about 2 cups of water to a rolling boil.

    Add the ground up sticks (as much as you have from a teaspoon to 1/4 cup), Cover, lower heat to a LOW. Let tea steep for at least 5 minutes (I make some toast)

    After 5 minutes, take pot off stove (***Turn off the stove***) toss in a teabag or two of your favorite tea (Liptons, herbal, Green tea, whatever) and let steep for another 5 minutes (go ahead and butter your toast...english muffins get boysenberry jam of course )

    To Serve:
    Serve from a teapot that has a strainer in the spout OR
    Strain your tea through a tea strainer OR
    Use the funnel of your coffee maker with a filter in place, Sit the filter and funnel into the coffee pot and then pour the brewed tea through the funnel, the pure tea will drip/pour into the coffee (now your tea) pot

    Serve with Sugar or Honey as the sticks will add a bitter flavor

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  2. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    That sounds great mama! Just a couple of quick questions. About how potent is a cup of that? I'm sure it depends, but maybe give me an idea for a few different amount of twigs? That would be much appreciated.
  3. potheadreturns2

    potheadreturns2 New Member


    That does sound cool but I'm also wondering the same thing that shwadood is. What is the potency like? Ok just curious.
  4. LordIcer

    LordIcer New Member

    Is the tea stinky? If I make it, it will be in a basically public kitchen that our residence pastor frequently makes AMAZING brownies in (of the legal kind).
  5. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Stink factor: don't notice any, but hey we smoke around'll have to judge for yourself, but keeping the lid on should help

    High -- since it is twigs not budz, it has THC but no CBD/CBN, seems to make me creative but not stoney high...if I'm tired, it will put me to sleep for a good 4 or 5 hours... You'll have to judge the results for yourself, but you aren't going to be flying...very mellow.

    How much: seems that 2 tblspoons grd seems to be about as much as can be "taste covered" by a teabag of another bag of tea per 2 cups of boilng water. If you use an Herbal Tea you can let the whole thing steep all day long and keep adding water and a new tea bag and your stems ground up.

    Did I leave anything out?
  6. MBdanksXs3

    MBdanksXs3 New Member

    You forgot the cookies!
  7. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest


    ~ take a cookie ;)
  8. sticky

    sticky New Member


    Thanks for the recipe.. I love tea. I drink it 5 or 6 times a day. :) What is this CBD/CBN you speak of?
  9. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    cannabidiol CBD and canabiniol CBN...two additional cannabinoid compounds discerend for which receptors exist in the brain. CBD and CBN are present in the budz as they ripen and replace the THC. It is thought the THC metabolizes into the CBN and CBD in inverse ratio. CBN has been found to be particularly effective on rheumatoid arthritis (June 2001, Jerusalem Post) and other forms of inlfamatory arthritic conditions. It is the aspect that provides the "couch lock" and sedative aspects of cannabis.
  10. quarantined

    quarantined Guest

    I hope this isn't a dumb question, but I don't have a coffee grinder, so how would I go about grinding the stems? I don't really have anything, actually, other than a can opener and a fork and spoon and stuff. Heh. So, I guess I should be asking what cheap item(s) I can buy to help me grind up stuff?

  11. MBdanksXs3

    MBdanksXs3 New Member

    You can get a coffee grinder for about 10$ or so.
  12. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Anything that will grind it into a powder:

    Mortar & Pestle

    Or rub between two clean bricks ar two flat rocks
    (really :))

    Or buy a coffee grinder for <$14 at Walmart ;)

    Good Luck...

    BTW, it's delcicious cold too

    ~ have a cookie
  13. WhiteBoy

    WhiteBoy Sloth


    all i have to say is i need more stems.......

    i have about enough ground stems to make me high for about 5 minutes rite now....

    i might throw in some ground up buds for kicks....
  14. 40till5

    40till5 Guest

    and for MAMA...

    do male plants stems prove effective too?
    I still have the main colas of 4 3-ft males sittin around here that I never figured out what to do with...along with the "twigs", leaves I don't think I'll use the leaves, they've been bagged up damp too long..fear mold...
    that'd make an awful lot of tea!!:D
  15. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    I know one sure way to find out...try making some and see what happens ;)

    Be sure to let us know your results!
  16. 40till5

    40till5 Guest

    oh dear...that was supposed to go in that cottonmouth thread we're havin so much fun with now... oh well:D
  17. sifion

    sifion New Member

    this reply is about the stink question... i've made many recipes at home with my parents by my side and they didn't notice a thing
  18. huh?

    huh? New Member

    mmm it tasted like candy (I used about 4 grams powdered stems, orange pekoe teabag, 2 teaspoons honey and one teaspoon sugar). No buzz though, not until I gave up waiting and smoked some herbage ;) Oh and it looked a disgusting color with the green of the stems and the brown of the tea. Thanks for the recipe, will probably repeat just for taste.
  19. jade_420

    jade_420 Guest

    now this is a STUPID question. how do you grind up weed since its all wet and sticky etc.....doesnt stuff have to be totally dry to grind it up? the reason i ask is all my dealers never give stems it's PURE weed that we buy so i'm gonna have to grind up some nugs.
  20. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Not a stupid question at all...

    I used twigs for this recipe because everyone ends up with twigs and no weed and well it's a good way to use everything you have paid for.

    Grind up a doobies worth of bud in a coffee grinder if you have it, or simply clean it as you would befor e rolling or smoking from a bong. That's it...
    too simple huh :p ?

    Mama Budz

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