Stem Tea (Twig Tea)

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Mamabudz, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. Spankys420

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    so instead of grinding up stems you can grind up bud and add it to the tea the same way as the stems? am i right?

    good recipe though

  2. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    You got it Spanky!

  3. Sinister

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    :lookaroun Ok i tried this and i did it like this... I couldnt grind it to powder cuz i lack the tools but i got them pretty damn small. I sliced open a liptons tea bag and threw in the choped sticks. Tasted mad good... After drinkin one cup it was equal to bout 3 beers.. Not that good but useful.. better then feeding them to the dog :p
  4. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    psst...Yup that works too

    By the way, I know folks that have allow their dog to choose to chew on krypy stems (lucky puppy is 12 years old and a has the mobility of a a dog half his age) ...

    This is very different then "smoking out your pet" which of course is a very bad thing to do and is not advocated by us here on this website.

    ~ have a cookie for you tea ;)
  5. Ckylark

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    Could you elaborate on the creative jamming little?

    EDIT: Another question since you're the expert:

    Does raw buds / twigs / stems?? have enzymes ready for the person's digestive system to use for breakdown like raw fruits and veggies??
  6. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    I don't understand your first question...

    Your second question I believe the answer is No.
    Humans do not have the ability to digest cannabis fibers. I would imagine only a multi stomached herbivore would be properly able to most FULLY digest raw cannabis fibers.

    Mama Budz
  7. Ckylark

    Ckylark Guest

    You said you were more creative on the tea. So I wanted to know what you did creatively?

    ..But I read some users eat it raw -> the buds and got high off them???
  8. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Eating bud that hasn't been heated up or cooked in fat will get you high, but it will take A LOT more.

    I did an experiment a few days ago, maybe someone will find it interesing :) :

    I took about a gram of some nice bud and put it in a bit of milk and butter. I brought some water up to a boil and poured it into the cup and added some honey and a tea bag and let it steep for an hour. I then reheated it in the microwave and drank it. The high was extremely relaxing. It wasn't the trippy high I usually get from eating bud, but made me feel awesome and somewhat sleepy.

    The next day, I made a cup of tea with everything above BUT the milk and butter. I let it steep for a bit longer than an hour, then drank it. The high was disappointing, I felt a little bit of it but wasn't worth it. (I reused the same bud with butter and it was alright!).

    I was surprised how much of a difference using fats makes when cooking with bud.

    Mamabudz, you may be able to answer this: Although the bud was cleaned fairly well, with the cup of tea without butter/milk I noticed something that looked a bit like oil on the top, seperated from the water. Would this be the THC (since it isn't water soluble, I am guessing it would act like oil and water mixed)?
  9. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    plant oils...and yes the THC is probably dissolved in it...

    But be careful of all that reheating...THC will escape into the air when you keep heating it...lowering the potency. That's one of the reasons to use oils...And why when I make tea, I boil everything BUT the ground up stems, THEN put in the grindings, cover the pot QUICKLY and lower the temp...that creates a pressure cooker effect and keeps the THC steam inside the water where it belongs.


    Mama Budz
  10. Ckylark

    Ckylark Guest

    Bongzilla: I bet the assimilation process is much better when THC is extracted from the butter / oil since Mamabud said the digestive system cannot breakdown the 'fibers'. Or rather most will pass right through and you gain little in THC assimilation.

    I mean MJ is not considered even a food group. :)
  11. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    :D One day it will!

    Mamabudz, now I see why they always say to pour the water on the bud or add the bud to the water then cover. I always assumed cooking it with the bud would be better in terms of activating the THC, but forgot about the THC discipating (sp) into the air.
  12. Ckylark

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    Just breathe in the vapor while your waiting for MJ to cook! :D

    Heck, use a straw.. Like sipping slurpee through your nose! Wooooo yeahhhh!! *LMAO
  13. jdude420

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    Stem Tea?

    ok well i would imagine this question has come up before but, how do u go about making tea from ur stems? now i have put buds in food before and its tasted pretty awefull, so is there a way that u cover up the taste? and also does it give ya a buzz at all?
  14. Panama

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  15. dewchow420

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    Stem Tea

    I have a question. I have been saving all my stems and i have quite a lot of stems. I was wondering if anyone has made stem tea and if they got high from drinking it. Please post your experiences. Thank you
  16. HappyMan

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  17. Mamabudz

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  18. Goatlike_Mage

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    Yah this is definately better than smoking the stems, heh I might do that too, if i don't get more mj soon... I wasn't able to totally cover the pot so "some" steam escaped, but I quickly leaned over the boiling teapot and inhaled it, so that's not much of a problem, except for the burn marks on my chest now :rolleyes:

    The potency seems to vary with how many stems you have and how much water you use, but if you have a bowl or so of shredded stems and a cup of water in the teapot, have at least half a cup, take a whole cup if you like. It doesn't seem to do all that much on its own, but is a very good compliment if you're blazing as well. Enjoy, this recipe's definately my favorite so far! Thanks mama budz! :)
  19. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Reemember you can pulverize those stems to a poder in the grinder and then make butter or oil too...extracts more thC, etc.

    Cann-oil is great for cooking and for salad dressings (add balsamic vinegar and italian spices and a little dash of grated parmesan, serve over sliced tomatos and mozzarella -- yummy!)
  20. Smoke Rings

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    i made a stem tea before, and it gave me a slight buzzy feeling. I'd say its worth it, because what else do you do with stems?

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