Stem Tea (Twig Tea)

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by Mamabudz, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. Fungus

    Fungus New Member

    Resinating Stems

    Ive been useing my old metal pipe latly just becuase its the easist with my current liveing situtaion, anyways my pipe comes apart into 3 pices, and the biggest pice is perfict for putting little nugs of weed into to get all resiny, when smoking, so ive just started keeping all my stems in there to get coated in resin. Will doing this be good for makeing tea out of the steams?
  2. SkinnyP

    SkinnyP New Member

    Well I guess it would be the tea more potent, but it sounds gross.
  3. Geeno

    Geeno New Member

    When Im strapped for cash and weed I like to take stems and coat them with resin... And smoke em! bwa ha ha.
  4. WhiteBoy

    WhiteBoy Sloth

    i would never eat resin....but i'll smoke it
  5. Mr.Mojorisin

    Mr.Mojorisin Mr. M

    Blah, I hate this arguement. Its going to taste like crap either way so who cares. Anyway, why use stems for that at all? Little pieces of bud resinated are much more enjoyable, you can hotknife them or something as inconvenient as that is.
  6. InNeedOfWeed420

    InNeedOfWeed420 New Member

    I just made s0me tea with 2 cups of water and about a cup of ground up stems. Some were from my stash which is almost gone, and some came from 2 male plants. It's now steeping with 3 bags of rasberry tea. After I drink it I'll let you know the effects.
  7. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Re: Cannabis not a food group.

    See the post about this, to summarize: cannabis is an herb and cannabis is a spice. An herb is the leaf and stem of a plant, either dry or fresh. A spice is the root, bark, flower, or berry of a plant, dry or fresh. Therefore, it's a borderline, meaning it goes both ways; like coliander/cilantro (both are of the same plant, but since it's a different part of the plant, one is an herb and one is a spice).

    At least, that's how I view it...being a culinary person myself :)

    Oh, my Tea idea:

    1.0 tbs Honey
    0.5 tbs Ginger, crystalized
    1.0 c Water
    1.0 c ground stems
    1 packet Tea mix (your favorite)

    Honey and Ginger go great together, especially with tea. Add sugar to taste, and maybe even a cinammon stick :)
  8. Tokeman

    Tokeman New Member

    Yah man it would make the tea more potent. But then again, one of the main reasons people make tea out of pot is for it to taste good, and using resin kinda defeats that purpose now doesnt it? lol

  9. G33k$m0k3r420

    G33k$m0k3r420 New Member

    I Just boiled most of my stems.

    I've been saving my stems for a long time, and today, I boiled a little over half of them.

    The water that was left is yellow-brown, and I'm trying to think of a way to comsume this weed water. I don't want to drink it straight, eww.
  10. PotLover324

    PotLover324 New Member

    Sorry to post without a suggestion, but why were you boiling the stems in the first place? hahahaha

    I would have vaporized them... I hear of people doing that and getting a pretty good high.
  11. G33k$m0k3r420

    G33k$m0k3r420 New Member


    I did mix this "tea" with some root beer, and drank it.

    I have a really mild high, it's actually weak, and I'm gonna go smoke a bowl.
  12. Blain

    Blain New Member

    yep smoke a bong, why muck around. gonna do it - do it right :)
  13. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    Or grind them up and cook with them. Or make hash out of them. It really doesn't matter what you do with them, but cooking/making drinks with stems without any fat for the THC to bond with is never a good idea. Had you done the same thing with cream or milk you probably would have gotten something.
  14. Soda

    Soda Sr. Member

    I've found them to suck pretty bad in a vaporizer unless they are freakishly moist and trich-covered. Weird sweet burning taste. I prefer to eat them raw, they are pretty much useless unless they come from a dank batch/plant.

    Good for you nutritionally I assume, I think it would make an interesting addition to Snapple Ice Tea's line of drinks, bring on the high fructose corn syrup.
  15. pen_vs_self

    pen_vs_self New Member

    Tea with Stems

    Hello everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone had any good recipies for tea with stems. I'm kinda running low on my stash and I usually save the stems for my birds, but I would rather use it on myself. If anyone has any ideas, just post or email me at

    Thanks yo! :liplick:

  16. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    There is very little THC in the stems. I don't know if the tea would have any effect.

    If you do decide to make tea with them, my advice would be to grind them up very finely (with a blade-type coffee grinder if you've got one), steep the tea for a fairly long time, and filter it through a coffee filter. The fine grind maximizes surface area and will give you the most "bang for your buck".

    What do your birds do with the stems? I know birds love to eat the seeds and that they're very nutritious.
  17. Ilúvatar

    Ilúvatar Where is my mind?

    Try using the search feature next time, this would have popped up on the first page. :)

    Thread closed.

    Higher Logic: Or you could use our Recipe site. Here's the recipe for Twig Tea.
  18. Goatlike_Mage

    Goatlike_Mage New Member

    Ok, legitimate post here...

    How about a coffee press? If made with coffee beans then it would absorb into some of the oils of the ground coffee beans, especially if some cream was added. The press' screen would act as the filter for the pulverized twigs. Plus, in the press, none of the steam escapes - maximum heating for about 5 minutes. It'd be easier than a pressure cooker too.

    Just my $.02
  19. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    I love my coffee press -- should work -- REALLY hot water and pulverize the weed -- keep as hot as possible.

    I have discovered that the canna butter mixed into sweetened tea does work better -- I created this thread a looooong time ago when my intern was a freshman in college -- she's graduated now and hads been traveling the world for the past 2 years -- so tht gives you some perspective :D
  20. cschaef13

    cschaef13 New Member

    Well I saved up stems from 2 1/2 ounces - 3 ounces of weed and I was wondering should I make stem tea? If so how? I have heard you can make cannabudder how would I do this. My friend and I wanna do this today and we were wondering, for the stem tea if I had stems from 2 1/2 ounces would I have to still used 2 cups of water only? Cause we kinda both wanna try it and 2 cups isn't that much. We ground up the stems, now should we do stem tea or I have heard of butter (if you know it plz provide with recipe for it)

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