Stems and Potency

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by SmokeyMcPott, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. SmokeyMcPott

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    This might not seem like it belongs here by the title but it's about using stems for tea. I've been saving a bunch and am encouraging my friends to do so as well, but I'm not sure when I'll be making the brew. I'm wondering if stems are subject to the same potency loss as bud in storage. No one has probably actively tested this, but if anyone has any feedback, please let me know. The stems are sealed in a bag in the dark just in case. :)
  2. VaporizorMariJ

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    Yea I would just make sure they are air tight/in a dark place and they should last for quite awhile... How are you going about making this tea? Make sure u dont just boil it in water. Make a cream and add the cream to your tea if you actually plan on catching a buzz.
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  3. SmokeyMcPott

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    No worries on that, I got the recipe down. :) Just wondering about the main ingredient.
  4. LottaBass

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    dont stems cause hypergonadism? (shrinking of the testicles) im probably wrong but if so i wouldnt be too pumped on drinking a testicle shrinking brew.
  5. Buzzby

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    No. The stems don't contain any drugs that the buds do not. They just contain a lot less of them.

    BTW, if "hypergonadism" was a word, it would indicate the enlargement of the gonads. "Hypogonadism" is a word and indicates shrunken gonads.
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  6. LottaBass

    LottaBass New Member

    My bad.
  7. Vapist

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    No, but vaporizing weed has been known to cause enlargement of the penis.

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  8. JeffK1893

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    Agreed my friend:D
  9. Everlong2019

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    Enlargement of the penis=Enlargement of the FUNK

    :afro: :rainbow: :afro: :rainbow: :afro:

    :heart: weed

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