Stoned For 7 Days Straight Again !!!!!

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by cure4all, May 10, 2006.

  1. cure4all

    cure4all New Member

    Well It Happened Again I Am Trying To Find The Reasons Why This Happens
    The Only Thing I Can Think Of Is That I Had Two Cans Of Budweiser The Following Day That Triggered It !!!

    Smoked Three Poofs From The Volcano With Some Hydro Pot On Thursday
    Felt Great The Next Day Active And Alive Until The Friday Evening When I Went To A Barbecue Had Some Hot Spicy Chicken And A Couple Of Budweiser's That Set It Off.
    I Felt Slightly Stoned From Then On Until 6 To 7 Days Straight After
    I Could Not Think Straight And Was In A Haze Zombie Like State Throughout Like Living Behind A Smoke Screen.
    Could Not Concentrate Wanted To Be Left Alone And Wanted To Just Quietly And Read A Book
    This Is My Second Experience Like This.
    Now It Is Seriously Interfering With My Work
    I Seriously Considering Packing This Up And May Be This Is Not For Me.
    But The Thought Remains That I Have Also Had Some Good Times With It Too.
    And All The Good The Reading I Have Dome On The Medical Pot Benefit's Even Came Close In Growing It.
    What Am I Doing Wrong
    Could It Be The Volcano I Am Taking To Much In And Holding It In.
    Or Is It The Booze Reaction.
    If I Give This Up What Is Left In This World But Anti Depressants Or Booze To Calm Down Or Yoga Which Is So Hard To Achieve Anything
    The Reason I Tried This Stuff Was To Beat Anxiety And Some Times Attack Of Depression It Seemed To Be Working But Know I Am At A Crosroads
    I Value All Your Op Ions Truly
    Thanks For Taking Time To Read This
  2. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Generally the high peaks after fifteen minutes, plateaus for an hour or two, and then tapers off. There is no way you'd be high for a week on a few tokes from a vape. It's either psychosomatic (in your head) or there is some other physiological explanation
  3. Toking Jedi

    Toking Jedi New Member

    My advice? If this has happened before, just stop for a while. Or don't mix alcohol and weed. Try different things. Just, whatever you do, don't ignore the signals that your mind and body tell you, especially if you are getting signals that it's not right for you. Take those serioiusly and cut out the weed. Anyway, smoking marijuana isn't necessary to relieve anxiety and/or depression.

    Speaking of anxiety and depression, you know what's a good psychosomatic solution? Meditation. Go to a transcendental meditation course, and learn to meditate. You'll be able to improve your state of mind without having to smoke weed. And it clears your mind, unlike smoking pot. Also look into Tai Chi or Yoga; both those improve your physical state of being as well as your mind. I've been meditating and doing Tai Chi for at least 2 months now. I feel better, and I even had to stop smoking because it was interfering with my work. My next Tai Chi session helped reenergize me and prepare me for life without marijuana for a while. So, my solution: Mediation. Tai Chi. Yoga. Anything along those lines works.
  4. Tweed Master

    Tweed Master New Member

    Boo! lol Dude, I smoke marijuana for anxiety and depression, it helps out tremendously, I haven't felt down or depressed at all since I started. In fact, I'm also more ambitious and everything is going great. I eat better, I'm exercising and working out, and I'm losing FAT, using the term losing weight could mean anything. With posts like these, people get scarred off because they think it could eventually interfer with their lives too. I must say, if marijuana was interfering with your job, then wouldn't that be a problem with your lack of self-control or something. Nothing personal, just wondering, -TM-
  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    He said "work", not "job". Meditators call their progress through the stages/levels of meditation their "work". At some stages, using psychoactive drugs interferes with the work.

    Meditation is not being touted as a substitute for marijuana. What it does is teach you how to use your mind to overcome the mental traits that make life unpleasant. In the process you get rid of delusions, preconceptions, and crap left over from when you were four years old. You also gain sufficient mental control that you can stop a panic attack or any kind of bad trip in its tracks.

    If I had to chose between marijuana and meditation it would definitely be meditation. It quiets and tames the monkey mind.
  6. Tweed Master

    Tweed Master New Member

    sorry, somehow I double posted...Anyhow, Yeah, I'm sorry TokingJedi...If you were talking about your meditation when referring to "work" I'm very sorry, that was my bad. I was once again quick to think, and tired...Farewell, and I meant no harm.
  7. cure4all

    cure4all New Member

    after many days i feel normal again
    in the anger of it all
    i flushed all my pot down the toilet
    now i feel.....
    this stuff made me happy in my life
    i looked forward to things that were stale before
    it made me ambitious and clever
    after all i have gone through i still have respect for this material
    as i am hindu our god shiva states in the vedas that pot was given to mankind to heal himself of ills
    may be i must try again and smoke a joint not the volcano and try milder pot not hydro
    you know it was hell !! the experince that i went throught for all those days
    i will try again and use it in moderation as medicine
  8. CardBoardBox

    CardBoardBox New Member

    O_O;dude, you could have sold it. Or gave it away. >.> Or... something. poor poor ganja. xD lol.
  9. cure4all

    cure4all New Member

    yes i should have but it turned me it to a zombie i was living in a haze
  10. Tweed Master

    Tweed Master New Member

    Well, I gotta say that it must suck to be you lol. I guess all you can do is experiment with settings and what you consume with the marijuana. Like Buzzby said, there is no way you were high for that long, and it's either all in your head or there is some physiological explanation.

    You should mailed the marijuana to me! lol.

    It's your choice whether or not you smoke, and you must pursue whatever makes you happy my man. So if weed doesn't work out for you, then so be it. But I must say that smokin' (cannabis) is a lot healthier than consuming alcohol, so you should try cuttin that out and tryin' marijuana in a different way. As far as trying other things besides hydro, you might want to be aware that soil grown can be just as potent, hydro just grows faster. And yeah, you might want to try smoking out of a bong or something instead of vaporizing. Well, I think that is all I have to say, take care man.
  11. Loner Stoner

    Loner Stoner New Member

    ...just maybe....

    I can remember when I first started smoking the refer. It was creeper weed that was kick a##. But when ever I came down after only smoking a couple of joints, it felt like my memory was foggy and I had some trouble focusing. Maybe you felt like I felt, psychosematically trapped in the wake of the marijuana high. However, in time, I slowly bagan to accept that fuzzy feeling by saying..." just look on the bright side, at least I dont have to spend money on weed." this helped me overcome my paranoia of being 'permanently stoned'

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