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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by ilovetodoit, May 22, 2010.

  1. ilovetodoit

    ilovetodoit New Member

    Hey, i was just interested in hearing some of other peoples most amazing weed stories while high so open up and tell those stories! And please, if you have any hilarious stories, share those too!!!:rofl2:
  2. lovington420

    lovington420 New Member

    me and 2 buddys got and went to casey's and ordered a pizza but forgot what we were waiting for and left to go to the school for the voleyball game and realized there wasn't one so we ran around in the snow for an hour. went to the park got to the top of the slide and said i'm gonna jump then thought about and said nevermind that's not a good idea. went back to my friends house made corndogs and took them out of the microwave with 3 seconds left didnt think they were done so put them in for 3 seconds cracked up at american idol after it was over then went to my house and slept
  3. Hellraz0r

    Hellraz0r Sr. Member

    Yeah I was just looking for some stories but I've read all the caught stories and all the awkward moments thread haha (sad I know.. but come on! It's entertaining!)
  4. ilovetodoit

    ilovetodoit New Member

    thats funny lovington420, haha
  5. Doomed

    Doomed New Member

    lmfao sounds like fucking fun
  6. Toxik

    Toxik New Member

    Why isn't there a sticky like this yet? And anyways one of my favorite times this year was over the winter. Smoked a bowl with 2 friends and were out snow skating and stuff, came back at like 12:30 then smoked more throughout the night and hung out.. all of my stoned stories are pretty similar. I just love getting super blasted in my basement with a friend and just blazing all night.
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  7. ilovetodoit

    ilovetodoit New Member

    keep the stories goin! i need something to laugh at while studying for exams!!!
  8. Bluejaysramazing

    Bluejaysramazing New Member

    Im in High School so i snuck out of my house and met up with my friend because we were bored and it was 1:00AM and we had 2 grams of Train Wreck and we rolled 2 blunts and in mid smoking a girl texts me and says there is a party down the stree so i take my car out of my driveway at 2:00AM and go to this girls house to party and i got drunk and left at 4:30AM and when i was driving my friend home we went for a burn ride around my neighborhood smoking some Gran Daddy Purps Joint and went to get Mcdonalds at 5:00AM came home at 6:30AM and dropped my friend off. Crazy night and can't imagine a different night being any better.
  9. fairyooze

    fairyooze New Member

    The very first time i ever got high i was in some random town in p.a and my friend was driving me around while he was high as hell and i swear we were driving so slow that we at one point came to a stop and didn't realize it until some car started honking. not much of an amazing story but its one that really sticks out. :D
  10. Stepbacker

    Stepbacker New Member

    It was my fourth time smoking and I just completely bugged. I don't know why, but I took two hits from a joint and just started freaking the fuck out. You know that feeling of "oh shit, oh shit, I'm so screwed"? Well picture that, times 100, all over your body. That's what I felt. My friends took me to this really chill spot, where I just watched the reflection on this little puddle. It started moving and forming shapes. I got really paranoid and started worrying about how I would pass off as sober. Since I didn't feel like putting up with it anymore, I just straight up told my mom when she came to pick me up. She took me home, helped me sneak passed my dad, and made me tacos (coolest mom ever?). Then I started to enjoy it until I passed out.

    The next time I smoked, I was with nine other people. I was still worried from last time, so I took three tiny hits; two from a bowl, and one from a blunt. I started to bug again for about ten seconds, but after that I just relaxed and enjoyed it. Until the munchies hit. It was 4 PM and I hadn't eaten yet that day, so you can imagine how hungry I was with the addition of munchies. I had this Kool-Aid pack in my pocket for some reason, so my friend and I went to this general store to get a cup of water from the bathroom. Someone was in the bathroom, and we didn't feel like waiting, so we just went somewhere to wait it out. Then, at exactly 4:20, he ate my fucking Kool-Aid. I was so pissed I threw a pinecone at him.
  11. Dizeazed121

    Dizeazed121 New Member

    Ahhh...the sweet stories that fill our mind with deluted laughter..ha ha. Okay, I was chillin' one day at my house out in the country and I called up my buddy to see if he wanted to come smoke a few blunts with me of some Maui Waui I had just harvsted. Keep in mind that, just the day before, I had fallen off a cliff at the ocean and broke both of my ankles. So I was literally fucked up. He comes over and I'm just crawling around my house cause my feet were crushed man..with a fat blunt hanging out my mouth. Not a good day really but I still got around to the ice chest to get us some brewskies every now and then. And I could still roll up some blunts. So we were all good. XD

    Sorry, not much of a story but it's a good memory of mine back in the day.
  12. ilovetodoit

    ilovetodoit New Member

    ha, that sucks dude, howd u fall off that cliff?

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