stoned via ears?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Jabberwocky, Aug 17, 2001.

  1. Jabberwocky

    Jabberwocky Guest

    i heard once that you can get high by people blowing smoke in your ears. Same person said that's how they got their dog high once too, i'm skeptical myself. has anybody tried it before?
  2. TokeyMcBongHit

    TokeyMcBongHit New Member

    How would ears absorb the THC out of the smoke? Oh but wait, I actually got stoned once by having my dog blow smoke into my ass.

    Dude, I think whoever you heard this from is pulling your leg :)
  3. Super Woman

    Super Woman New Member

    what? :rolleyes: that's stupid. well...i'm trying to think. your ears arn't in connection with your airways are they? Well, it still sounds like a dumb idea. I dought it. What's wrong with just smoking it?
  4. Budd8089

    Budd8089 New Member


    Nose, ears, throat, all connected one way or another.

    I don't see how that would be any easier though, haha.
    Sounds like something you'd do AFTER you had quite a few bowls the regular way :)

  5. deadhed

    deadhed Guest

    Your ears are connected to your throat, but not so smoke could enter. The outer ear canal ends at the eardrum. From there a series of bones connects the eardrum to the inner ear. It is in the inner ear that the eustachian (sp?) tubes connect the ear to the nasal passage (I think...2 years since I took anatomy) Maybe you could get high by having your dog blow smoke into your ass since your rectum has a highly vascular mucous membrane...but we'll leave that question to the philosophers :D
  6. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist


    you can get high, from exposing certin tissues of your body to chemicals, any soft, sensetive with mucus(sp?). You lungs, inside your nose, vagina, nipples, your bung-hole. Its true, i read in a book that "witches" would make a little oil/tea thingy and rub on their brooms, and thats where that "witch with a broom" comes from, they "fly" from rubbing the broom on their parts, and they get high and fly away :laugh:. Ears might work, but i'm not sure, have to ask my bio teacher.

  7. firedoob

    firedoob New Member

    {Moderator Note: Let's not get into the pet thing again.} I don't think I've ever considered doing it to's just nasty. I've never liked it when someone blows in my ear. If it works on animals, though, wouldnt it work on people?

    Btw doritosman...just wanted to tell you that you crack me up.
  8. sgtspliffkin

    sgtspliffkin New Member

    one way which this method would get a dog high is that if you blow it in a dog's ear, you end up blowing smoke into its face, cause, at least on my dog, the ear is inches from the mouth. cause smoke would be in its face, it would be inhaled by the dog and would give it a contact high deal. so thas prolly how the myth got started. either that or the rumor starter's sarcasm was very well masked.
  9. Super Woman

    Super Woman New Member

    Come on..

    I don't think anyone should ever try to get their animal high. That's just cruel. And I'm sure were not supposed to talk about it here either.
  10. 40oz Fool

    40oz Fool Guest

    i was listening to an extended version of the song 'greatest hits' by sublime and after the song they were talking about stuff and brad said something like this...what you do is make a brew of marijuana tea and put it in a turky baster and take it up the tail end and hold it in as long as possible, it gets to the blood stream really fast...i gonna take his word for it but since we're talkin about alternate ways to get high i thought this would be good(i guess) to add
  11. Spuds

    Spuds Guest

    Re: Come on..

    I agree. A friend once tried it by forcibly sticking his cat in a box and blowing smoke in. And he wondered why the cat hated him ...

    {Moderator Note: Don't go there.}

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