Stoner birthday party!!

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Bhikku, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    So one of my best friends, who is a perpetual stoner like the rest of us, is turning 21 on Saturday. It should be a slammin' party.

    I think what we've decided is to get him some liquor, then throw in together for a giant, ornate hookah as a showpiece for their living room. (And also as a communal smoking device.) He's been talking about wanting one the last few months, and since he just bought himself a new pipe, we didn't really want to get him one of those...

    What I want to do is give him a few crappy presents, then give him the present with the flavored tobacco in it (so he starts to get excited) and THEN bring out the hookah as a last minute surprise. :laugh:

    :D We're going to get some board/card games, too. Because interactive games are SO much better than cable.

    I'm so excited for this party!
  2. iamskfan

    iamskfan [URL=""]Medical Marijuana E

    Shame you aren't around here, Hooka's are so cheap!!

    I paid 89.00 for Cleo!!

    Have a blast at the party!

  3. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    Well, the awesome thing about getting a hookah for his birthday is that after we lost our other bong and fifteen pipes (long story in Real Life Stories about the crazy LSD-trippin' kid that lost them) the lil' clerk at our local headshop felt sorry for us and offered to hook us up with a great hookah for eighty bucks. :jester:

  4. BodeanBud

    BodeanBud New Member

    i say instead of the flavored tobacco get him some weed to break it in !
  5. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    Oh, there's already going to be LOTS of weed there at the party already. That's pretty much a given. And we'll probably smoke some of it out of the hookah, too. But we'll probably use the hookah mostly for smoking tobacco between bowls, since the reason everyone has wanted a hookah is because our local hookah bar Baracca's got closed down. :(

    It'll be so sweet to smoke two or three bowls, then kick back with some yummy blueberry or vanilla tobacco. :D
  6. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    I got a good party tonight too. My brother is turning 16 and we're having an off-topic-fifth-letter-of-the-alphabet-party.

    Have fun smoking out of a great hookah! I love hookahs! Oh my god.
  7. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    You lucky dog. :laugh:
  8. dreamer

    dreamer Inclined to Isolate

    oh yea iamskfan? in Israel that hookah would be less than 30$ and the same quality! that shit is cheap in the middle east.
    my brother has a big tall spinning hookah, only 1 hose cause more than 1 makes it smoke different, and it cost him about 40-45$ very high quality you can get the exact same hookah in america for about 90-100$
    hookahs are fun, and so are board games, and so is weed!
    i had what i know consider the tastiest flavour ive ever had of shisha, and ive been smoking nargilah(hookah) for a long time. i just got back from SF and we went to a hookah place and had apple cinnamon tobacco, it was amazing!
    anyway....have fun bhikku:wave:
  9. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    Update: My friend went shopping last night with the others to pick out a new pipe to replace the one that got broken, and he was loving all over a hookah that only cost $38 dollars!!!!

    So that's probably the one he's getting. :D
  10. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    I bought my hookah at a head shop in Las Vegas for about $225.00 ( see signature) its a Hookah Bros.- Cyclone. Has 4 tubes and it spins ( @ 35" high). The guy at the shop gave me 2 packs of bananna flavored tobacco,( and cleaning brushes) but we haven't used it. :kakapoke:
  11. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    You haven't used the hookah, or you haven't used the banana-flavored tobacco?

    I wouldn't think banana flavor would be that great, but some mint tobacco would be AMAZING after a few bowls of kush. :D
  12. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    I was referring to the tobacco, not the hookah. That has been used plenty of times. I like flavored tobacco ( smoker here), but not in my hookah.
  13. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    I just looked up that hookah you said you had, DAMN, that thing is sooo fucking sweet! Do you still light it with a lighter, or use charcoals (which I do not understand the concept of)? Do charcoals go on the little tray like thing at the top? And what kind of charcoals are peeps talking about when they mention them, like grill charcoals? Haha lets play 100000 questions shall we:D
  14. dreamer

    dreamer Inclined to Isolate

    hookahs- having been smoking hookah for a long time ive tried a lot of flavours, a lot of unpleasant flavours too.. and guess what? banana was not a good flavour. good choice not smoking it hahaha.
    my spinning hookah looks like that minus 3 hoses, theyre good hookahs ours is 10 years old and still in great shape.
    the only thing you really need to be sure of when buying a hookah is if its sealed. you should test the seals. sometimes the metal is shoddily done and allows leakage.
    anywhoos, have fun(again) bhikku!
  15. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    usually use charcoals if I'm not out of them. Yup put them on top, so you don't light it everrytime. put the weed or whatever in it , cover with foil poke holes in foil, ( or a screen if you have one), put coal on top of screen. Try they have a few different charcoals to choose from ( and other accesories)
  16. Dished_Gli

    Dished_Gli New Member

    sounds like an awesome time...and great idea for a present...hookahs are an awesome smoking device and alot of times there are insane looking(for the decoration perspective) did you end up getting him the hookah? if so which one?

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