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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Waldy, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. lonelyjimmyg

    lonelyjimmyg New Member

    :lmao:Definitely NOT cool.....:nono: :rasta:peace & Pot Everywhere:bong:
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  2. Sean M Rose

    Sean M Rose New Member

    After I pack my bowl I never start. The ladies always get the first hit.
  3. gman0179

    gman0179 New Member

    Use your own piece. I have a friend who has his own beautiful bubbler that is bigger than my bub and he never wants to use it because "its too much work to get it out and fill it with water" n shit. Bs everyone in my group uses my piece allll thee tiimmee. It gets annoying having to dump out dirty nasty bubbler water and put it away in my bag while it reeks. If you have your own piece, use it! Don't smoke your herb outta someone else's! Whhheww needed to vent haha
  4. gman0179

    gman0179 New Member

    Oh and I almost forgot a couple more. 1. Do not light up a god damn joe in the middle of a smoke sesh. Kills the whole weed vibe if you smell that dirty smoke instead of the fruity goodness. And hitting a bowl with the same hand your joe is in is very annoying. 2. Don't hallucinate if your a lightweight and make someone dump out a green bowl because you though you saw the kids whose house your at parents watch you through the window.... happened the other night. Of course it was my weed.. gay
  5. nugatronica

    nugatronica New Member

    dont be a snitch should be number one rule!
  6. stonedmagnolia

    stonedmagnolia New Member

    27. try not to make fun if someone says something stupid because chances are THEY think they are being totally logical and brilliant and probably a little philisophical. Just go with it until the person forgets what he or she was talking about. Then move on.....:mj2:
  7. thatcheelkid

    thatcheelkid New Member

    don't look people in the eye, especially anti drug freaks
    If you promise to spark someone,you freaking spark them!!! (Friend has broken this rule too many times)
    Don't bring it to school
    Always have eye drops on you
  8. thatcheelkid

    thatcheelkid New Member

    YESSSS when I started I didn't wanna finish a blunt cuz it was too much, they threatened to jump if I didn't finish it :(
  9. BakedJake

    BakedJake New Member

    Dude if you light the joint, take two puffs and pass, dont keep lighting the lighter on that shit and puffing each time. That mothafucka is already lit!!! One friend does this and gets like 6 hits before passing. Does it every time he lights hahahaha.
  10. Zoup

    Zoup New Member

    Don't ever say the pipe looks like a dick >.>, not kool mang.
  11. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    ha yeah, all pipes look like dicks or dildos if you want them to. bubblers are even worse offenders. I can honestly see someone who is against pot smoking making this childish point, but a fellow stoner, I mean c'mon.

    On a related story i once knew a chick who used her brothers pipe as a dildo and didnt tell him, shit was fucked up to say the least.

    My own stoner code would be, Don't ask someone to match down(collaborate a sesh) if you only have a tiny roach with less than .00001 grams of weed in it-especailly if you just pull out the roach at the last second like "heres my match" shit is just not cool.
  12. Kylesonfire

    Kylesonfire New Member

    27. Don't act like a fucking idiot when you're stoned, I'm just as high as you and I'm not screaming and jumping around.
  13. Stoned2thabone

    Stoned2thabone New Member

    Dont kill your friend's buzz to be a dick! If they smoked themselves speechless let them be. Dont try to talk to them, let them mellow out...
    Also whoever's house you smoked at, they supply the muchies... Your house = you supply munchies. Friends house = friend supply munchie

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