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  1. Emarosa

    Emarosa Active Member

    Okay, so I know there are already threads about this but, I'm kind of in a slump. Summer is here, and i'm working 5 days a week but in my down time all I do it hang out with my friends and smoke weed and when i'm alone I play xbox. I'm 17 and i'm looking for a hobby to take up. I looked up a list of hobbies online and could only find one that i'm intrested in, which is buying a saltwater aquarium. My friends think it's really stupid but i don't really care, i've always found fish fascinating. Even then, you can't really do much with fish. So what hobbies do you guys have that you would suggest to me? and again i'm sorry for making another thread about this.
  2. Bobbylynn

    Bobbylynn New Member

    I like to rap or write about something. Like write a short story or anything I love to write and rap.
  3. mariguana

    mariguana New Member

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  4. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

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    I've recently taken up target shooting with pellet pistols. It's great for hand/eye/brain coordination and focus. I used to shoot targets with firearms, but it gets expensive between ammunition, range fees, and the cost of driving to the range.

    As with acquiring any skill, the secret to success is practice, practice, practice. I set up a pellet range in my back yard that I can use any time I feel like it. You can get an accurate pellet pistol for $40 and pellets are cheap. I can set up a 10 meter range in my basement for the winter months.

    I'm not recommending this as a hobby for when you're high. Drugs and guns, even pellet guns, are a dangerous combination.
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  5. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    That's not a hobby. Don't do hat tooooo much or you will start to chafe.
  6. Addict 7S

    Addict 7S New Member

    Attempt to make wooden pipes.

    Its only a short fix, but thats what ive done in my down time the past two days.

    Or grow.
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  7. Addict 7S

    Addict 7S New Member

    Story of my life.
  8. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    Speaking of which, today I was inspired to start whittling. So whittlle I will
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  9. Emarosa

    Emarosa Active Member

    Thanks for the contribution guys! I like the idea of whittling, (and the pellet guns as well) I will definetly look into that.
  10. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    Also, you might try to pick up an instrument. Before you know it you will have spent half of your life playing it.
  11. Addict 7S

    Addict 7S New Member

    Be it a pipe or whatever you make, just be creative. Im guessing the other people who do it are from the south like me, since theres nothing else to do besides whittle and watch NASCAR. :D
  12. mariguana

    mariguana New Member


    I've recently started playing a card game . It's a pretty good game, makes you think hard of every move, spent about 8 hours last night toking and playing.
  13. Addict 7S

    Addict 7S New Member

    What game?
  14. McSmoke

    McSmoke New Member

    I actually create loads of shit when im High i dont even notice half fo them till the next day,I made some badass wooden bong once, sold it too a friend for shit laods of cash

    I write songs as well and generally jsut chill and talk about stuff with friends
  15. Yana Usdi

    Yana Usdi Dogs best friend

    Lots of things. First should be obvious I'd guess, dogs. I've got two large GSD mixes and a massive 80 lb 8 month old American Bulldog/AmStaff Mix puppy who are always willing to help me fill a bit of free time. Stoned or straight pets are a great way to fill some time.

    But past that, get into science a bit. Contemplate string theory, or planet formation, or any number of other things of the sort. Most Cable science shows suck ass but NOVA is still great and you can watch most of what's broadcast over recent years at that link, full legal and free episodes. Matter of fact you can find many PBS shows including Frontline and others online at this link.

    If you can find it Miracle Planet is also great, I linked a low res playlist of it there but it's really worth finding a high res copy of instead. That would fill a few hours.

    Skip "the Universe" and most other cable TV stuff though, at least if education rather than confusion is any part of the goal. Series such as "The Universe" are real bad for giving poor info, incomplete info, or having the amateur announcer contradict what they just showed a scientist saying. They are more about bringing in the viewers than about accuracy or education and if a bit of hype or BS will help with that it all feeds their profit margins. Some have got so bad they are starting to spark activist response videos ;)

    The Daily Show is webcast free from Comedy Central as is The Colbert Report and South Park among others, there's never a lack of something to watch out there.
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  16. RedPepper

    RedPepper New Member

    i make wire and bead jewellery and sell it at the local farmer's market. Fow awhile i also worked with a beekeeper... I also keep snakes...
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  17. whitechocolate3333

    whitechocolate3333 New Member

    I like anything having to do with music, especially playing the tuba.
  18. FrequentFlyer

    FrequentFlyer New Member

    Pwrsonaly I really like whittling. I've been carving pipes for awhile (while stoned is intense) but you know be really carful with the knife... When you get cut it feels like the knife betrayed you! I'm planning to make a bunch and sell them all. You can do so much with them also such as painting, staining, carving designs, just be creative with it! I also really like playing pool while under. It makes you think a lot and you get shots that you would have never seen. Music is always good, writing or playing. I also make skateboards and longboards that's fun and fulfilling.
    Sorry if this post is long just trying to help :D

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