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    Ok I dont see enough of these stories on the net, and i like a good stoner story as much as the next person so im going to tell a few of my own and wanna hear some of yours!

    1. ok me and about five friends were at my friend lee lees house. Her and her mom had just moved in and we needed a place to party so basicly we got high as hell and we're in this completly empty house with no supervision. SO being that theres no food no tv and no stereo we had to do SOMETHING to entertain ourselves. Lee lee finds this drawer filled with flashlights and we decide to play flash light tag in the dark. Mind you this is at about 2 am.
    So tripping out we start to play fflash light tag in a house with no blinds. 10 minutes later my friend roy calls my cell phone and says "i was about to come overr but why the fuck is the house surronded by cops? at that point i almost piss myself and tell everyone, then theres a knock on the door. And anthony shouts 'BITCH ITS THE COPS'
    considering its lee's house she has to anser the door. So the cop goes on and says we got a call about burglars. The house is empty and full of high teenagers, plus the for sale sign on the front lawn didnt look good. So she starts telling him how we were playing flashlight tagged baked as all hell. He says well lock the door and open it with your key. lee had alot of keys and she was panicking. So he starts calling for back up when none of the keys are working. so finnaly she finds the stupid key and screams "WAIT I FOUND IT!" We're looking at her in horror as shes holding this key an inch away from this cops face smiling like a crack head, funny as hell though. so she unlocks the door and the cops leave. Man I was scared

    2. I was at my grandmas house in the winter time and me and all my cousind were sitting on the porch when some of theyre friends came over, one had a blunt so me and 4 other people start smoking. And we say "hey lets throw snowballs at cars.."
    Mind you this is in detroit where the wrong look can get you shot but hey, we were high. So the four guys are standing on outerdrive off of seven mile and start throwing, they got a few in but no one stopped they actually miss alot of cars. Well this one boy threw this snowball that he packed so hard, it seriously was like the size of a basketball. And we're hiding in a bush and all the sudden we hear this CLUNK.
    So me and my cousins run into someones back yard and then like 5 other kids jump the fence and are in the back with us. The car screeches, does a u turn and comes down the street. We hear two guys screaming "YA"LL THINK THIS IS A JOKE!"and starts to scream a bunch of obscenitys and we were like paralyzed with fear. After five minutes I went home with my brother who had bought the new snoop cd and we got mcdonalds. Long drive home + ciggarettes + mcdonalds + snoop, good combonation.

    3. On my friend Samanthas birthday her mom bought her an ounce, so me and her and 2 other people decide to walk into this empty feiled and have a smoke a thon. I have never been so high in my life. The moon was full and the feild was circled by really tall evergreen trees. So we proceed to smoke 3 joints and a bowl and im just gone. I start freaking out because the way the moon was shining made the grass look blue nd i felt like i was in the ocean. So we walk out of the woods onto the main road for u guessed it, munchies. We see a cop suv creeping up by us. I was on probation at the time and literally wanted to cry but they didnt stop us. I go in the gas station and buy an ice tea. The arabic guy starts to have a conversation with me in hindi, and hes like are u high and i stood there for like a minute staring and went "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanji" wich means yes. He starts the laugh and gives me my iced tea. we go back to her house and pass out.

    4. Me lee lee and Chelsea clam bake in her car in the daytime then head to mcdonalds. Chelseas driving her ex boyfriend car who had a warrant for dealing coke. So we pull out of mcdonalds and see this cop car. We all looked at eachother in terror.:wtf: This cop does a u turn, almost gets in an accident by cutting like 6 people off and we book it towards the groccery store across the street. We're in there panicing and We decide ok we have to buy something. Lee buys batteries... who knows why.
    We get outside and get in the car, coast is clear. We start to eat. I bite into my mcchicken and hear from the window "DROP THE CHEESEBURGER"
    I throw it into the front seat and we're surronded by k9, cruisers, and suv's
    So the cop screams get out of the car with ur hands up!
    By now im crying and say "Officer my seat belts on." he unbuckles me, pats us down and questions chelsea. Well since her boyfriend wasnt even with us we got off free but damn it was scary!

    So I'll probably add some more but i wanna hear from some of you, hope you enjoyed!
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  2. stems

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    You got some good ones there!!!
    okay i don't have many story's at least that i can remember that well:afro: lol so here go's once i sat on a good quantity while being stopped not suggested but lol it worked then .

    once i went to a phish show in coventry, Vermont this show was the last gig so me and my friend T made the trek. we arrive 20miles from the venue at 7 am Friday we sat in traffic for 24+ hours till Saturday morning we moved maybe 8to 10miles lol by this time we are all high and drunk so we make a decision, a decision that was based on our state well before i get ahead of myself on the local radio they had set up for the show was filling are ears with DON'T DRIVE IN THE LEFT LANE!!! so we being all buzzed my friend asked me should we try the left lane? and i was like sure lets do it we got to get to the show, so we start out and we fly down a nice part of the highway, driving by people looking real pissed at us lol well eventually we noticed the cop was behind us he pulled us over and started yelling at us like really harsh he was saying " how stupid are yous, i shouldsend you to Canada and make you comeback and re wait the traffic jam" so my friend was like scared frozen and i was like no sir we apologize we did not mean to lol so he put us on the side of the road made us wait 20mins then he left us go, well folks thats all i got lol for now
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    Hey bud. First of all welcome.

    Someone started a thread like this in another thread. In search feature type it in, and you will find a thread that is stickied I think.
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    Hey man, welcome to the forum. Pretty funny stories you've got there. Maybe I'll type some out later, but I am a lazy asshole, so don't count on it.
  5. Alive-And-Dreaming

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    I had a nice glass pipe that I put in my bag (unused) when I flew to my grammas house in DC, and they stopped me, they questioned me, I said it was for my Grandfather, whom I'm meeting in DC. They tried to get me to confess to marijuana and all that jazz, but I was like Its just for tobacco. My grandmother (Who is very naiive) said that I do have a grandfather in DC who we're meeting. Then, the next day, a very heavy package without a return adress shows up in the mail. I open the sack, and not to my suprise, it's a lockbox filled with a quarter Oz. I go up to the roof, and my grandma catches me. I say (and I remind you she is VERY naiive) "This is just herbal tobacco from india, gramma. She says it smells terrible, and to only smoke on the roof. Her neighbors asked if they could smoke with me and 10 minutes and a bridge made of plywood later, I was smoking good homegrown weed with some people I'd never met before. Good times.
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  6. hyt007

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    hahaha my granpops would have a shit fit..

    anyway, here's mine.. me and my brother and my friend were out in the woods sitting on a rock, just chilling and passing a joint around. We finish one and my brother wants to run to the corner store, so we all head out, while we are heading out, we see these guys in Shakespearean dress heading into a clearing in the woods.. we were kinda creeped out but we figured they were part of a drama club or something so we go to the store get some munchies and head back.

    We sit back down at the rock and i light up another one, my ass starts to hurt so i get up and start heading towards the clearing, i have the joint so my friends follow. About halfway there we see this girl hanging from a tree with a rope around her neck, and some girl reading a scroll in some language we never heard. We are freaked out but we keep watching, passing the joint back and forth. The girl reading the scroll starts yelling at the sky with her arms above her head, and my friend goes "WHAT THE FUCK" really loud. All the people turn around and look at us, the girl reading yells at this figure in all black and he jumps and starts running towards us. We are freaked out of our minds, so we start running in the opposite direction, we run for like, a minute and then stop. My friends looks around and says.. "where's your brother?" and i say i have no idea.. So, we lost my bro, we thought we just witnessed a murder so we keep heading in the same direction we were heading until we hear a roar.. my friend thinks its an ogre, and I'm scared shitless so i agree. We were stuck between murderers and an ogre, so we decide to head back in the direction of the murderers..

    We find my brother lying on the ground a couple meters back, because he was too scared to move or speak. Then we quietly went back to the road..

    SSOOOO... it turns out we ruined an almost perfect rehearsal of "Romeo and Juliet" and I still have no idea what the roar was..scariest shit of my life
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    i'm pretty sure there is already a thread relevant to this (like 85% sure)
  8. Sykes

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    I came over to my friends house, we smoked about 3 sticks and we called up alot of people looking for another stick, we had to go to the nearest station for it which is like 15min away. We then got home and smoked that stick, both super high, he turned to me and said his girlfriend is coming over tonight, I suggested 3 some. Later that night we all smoked up and I got to see my friends dick and fuck his gf :D
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  9. Lion of Judah

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    Ive briefly touched on this story before, but its probably the best experience Ive had.

    Me and a female friend went down to the harbour after work to smoke up. We finish one bowl and her SUV is now heavily fogged. We watched a thunderstorm roll in across the bay, which the lightning put on a kick-ass show. We were making our way through a second bowl when a car pulled into the same lot with no lights on, parking beside us. Were sitting in a SUV, cant see shit (aforementioned fog, now enhanced), and a storm over us. We get paranoid as hell wondering if this is a cop. It turned out to be a local simply parking his car for the night, but those had to be the longest 5 minutes! Afterwards we made it to our third and enjoyed the rest of the night laughing about the earlier events.
  10. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    #1. me, my best friend & mom went to fairbanks for my birthday. it's a 4-5 hour drive from where i'm at now, but it was the most beautiful, peaceful, sunny day outside ever. during the drive, me & kia smoked a couple bowls in the backseat & were pretty much high the whole trip. anyways, when we got there we smoked with kia's cousin & her cousin's man. the next day, (my grandma lives there) & she wanted me to come hang out with her for the day. well, i did & me, my grandma & grandpa smoked a couple bowls outside. afterwards, we made cookies & ate pizza. it was wonderful.

    #2. this night was great. it was the middle of winter with out 6 inches of snow on the ground, it was still snowing & me all went out for a "drive" in joey's truck. it's a huge truck, without any studs, so you're sliding all over when you drive. we smoke a couple bowls in his truck, then we go over to fred meyers. i freak out in this truck just for the fact that it doesn't have studs. after we smoke a bowl, i'm totally calm, then we go to play some pool. we were playing pool for a few hours, then we had to go home at 11. the stop light that we were stopped at was stuck on red for the LONGEST time, we had to back up & go down another road. (literally stuck a a light for 10 minutes without any other traffic AT ALL). it was a good night.

    #3. a few months ago, the state fair was going on. i got there with the intentions of finding some weed & smoking it, then going on some rides. well, i was there with my buddy philip & it took us over 2 hours to find some bud. everyone else there was in the same boat as i was & we all exchanged numbers if anyone found any. well, i walk up to this kid & his chubby friend. they look like wannabe g's, so i'm like PERFECT, that have to have some. i guessed right, they did. he had about an oz with him & we walked back to his tent. everyone else that was looking for weed was in another tent right across from us & they're like "emily!? EMILY! HEY YOU FOUND SOME!?" there was about 7 different people & this kid i bought some weed from sold like $190 right there. haha i felt so special, like i brought him business. after we smoked (philip can't smoke due to probation, but he still got high from being in a small tent with us), we walked around the fair for a couple more hours then i walked home. it was so awesome.
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  11. lMarijuana lMan

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    best end-of-story ever. We should all just quit trying.. we can't beat this
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  12. iamalmostcrazy

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    i'm at college, and theres a few different groups that smoke with each other.

    i'm with one group, we have an L and a bowl and two other heads with me. we're just rolling the L when we're sitting there, and we look to our left and BAM theres this kid freakin pointing at us and jumping up and down yelling something. i couldn't recognize him at first, and i was buggin out. it turned out to be one of the kids friends and he parked next to us. when the blunt was done being rolled, another car comes up and we all park like two inches from one another and opened the windows. we passed 6 bowls packed twice each, two blunts, a bong and a steamroller between probably 10-12 people. and as everyone is quiet and taking a hit, this kid screams "ITS FOUR FUCKIN TWNETY" haha it was one of the best times smoking
  13. TheNomadicGanja

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    good stories :D!! I wud post one of my own but im kinda doing a combo of homework lol
  14. L-Man

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    damn all these r so good, im sorry i have to ruin it but....
    me and my friend were chillin rippin the bong and as usual we decided we needed munchies, so we sat around and debated and smoked more and debated mor about where we wanted to eat.
    finally we decided taco ball, so i drive there we get our shit and are driving back with the food, and my friend looks at me kinda scared and says "did i get my cheeseburger plain!?" (he hates condiments i guess) and i was like what do you mean he was like "on my cookout tray, did i get my double cheesberger plain?" i was like dude... we went to taco bell, then we both laughed all the way back to his apt. lol
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  15. MattyBlunts117

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    aight i have some good stories but i cant think of them right now so here is one story for you...idk if it is as good as the others posted here haha:

    one thing me and my friends love to do is go on cruises. we enjoy the scenery and there is also hilarious things that happen when you observe while driving around. so one time when i was home from school, i think it was in the spring for break or in the summer, me and my friend went on a cruise. the funny thing bout this cruise is that it is designated as the cruise streets and everyone knows what and where it is and what business is done on these streets haha. no cops are ever on the cruise too, except at one spot when we pass by a school (they are usually never there anyways). well back to the story, while on this cruise with my friend, two of the funniest things ever happened while we were on this cruise. the first is we were driving down the street that is at the beginning of the cruise and we saw a kid that we guessed was in junior high in his front yard with baseball bats in his hands while doing what seemed to be moves like he had a light saber or kendo sticks. we were laughin so hard when we saw this. we stopped in front of this kids house and he is goin at it with his moves and then he realizes that a random car with 2 guys are just sittin in a car in the middle of the street starin and laughin at him. so he stops and we just laugh and continue on our cruise. other friends have seen him too, when we werent cruisin. so it is pretty cool he is known in my group of friends and we dubbed him light saber kid and kendo kid (original i know, haha). the second was around the middle or in the latter half of the cruise. we were drivin down the street and just talkin bout funny shit, includin that kid we saw earlier and we goin around a corner and all of a sudden we just see this lawnmower goin by itself runnin down a hill towards the street and then we see a guy comin into view running after the lawnmower that was going downhill in his yard hahah. that probably one of the most funniest things i have ever seen. me and my friend couldnt stop laughin for like 20 mins...we were laughin so hard. me and him have never seen anythin like that. thats one of the reasons i love cruisin, just for these kind of experiences and to see funny stuff like that. the odds of seein 2 things that funny in one cruise is rare in itself, idk if anythin will top that cruise, comedy wise.
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  16. L-Man

    L-Man New Member

    like halfway through your story i thought you meant cruise like on an oceanliner cruise ahahah, but nonetheless good story!
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  17. hyt007

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    dude.. you GOT to see your friends dick?
  18. Equilibrium

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    Once when i was younger myself and my other friend were smoking some joints, and one of my "less than genius" friends said he was coming over to smoke our buds. So we rolled up a joint of dry moss light it up and when he came into the weed smoke filled room we passed him the moss joint. After the first toke i thought he would notice, but he kept smoking it! He kept offering me and my friend tokes and we were just like "nah man, were already super high. that's your joint." He kept saying "this is some harsh buds dude" and ended up smoking it down to a roach. After that i felt so bad i ended up giving him a couple joints to take home.:rolleyes::angel:

    not really a prank but
    Another time i "traded" my buddy a couple ounces of hash, and while we were out of the house snowboarding his moms wanted to get high. So she went into his his room and thought that she found a chunk of "hash" on the ground. She grabbed one his pipes broke up the "hash" and toked. Well it turns out that it wasn't really hash, it was a dog turd. What makes it even better is when we went back to his house he found the partially smoked bowl in his room and decided that he better not let it go to waste.... I'll always remember the look on his face after that toke.:lmao:
    I'm just glad he didn't give me first toke.
  19. Smooth_Stoner20

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    Okay so, one weekend in like Febuary, one of my best friends DayDay's mom&sister went to Vegas for the weekend and left him at home(dumb decision lol). So of course, he lied and said he was sleepin over my house, and we planned a smokeout there, we invited like 10 of our fellow stoners and nobody else in order to stay lowkey (it's an appartment building). So anyways, me and him get 1/8th, Zach brings a dub of Master Kush, and Vance brings a dime. So we roll up like 10 blunts and start smokin, The setting was great, a hazy ass dark room, Wiz Khalifa playin in the background. It's all good until we hear somebody knocking on the door frantically :0, everybody's panicking, me and DayDay are ready to hop outta the 2nd story window because we both know it's our ass if we get caught there. Justine, our girl stoner, answered the door... It turned out to be DayDay's gf and Nicole -__- they scared the living SHIT outta us, we still laugh about that 6 months later lol
  20. 2-tone

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    So my friend owns a mansion in the middle of the desert literally but I had 2 8ths of some beautiful buds and my friend just picked up a hockey puck size piece of hash around 9 to 10 grams for 85 bucks I also picked up a new pipe the day before... We hot box a shed till you can barely see while his new dog which is 6 mths old was in there lol one of the best times smoking..... Another was when I bought a gram of 40x salvia and had an 8th of weed which was very very interesting I recommend it, I have many stories just two that stuck out : )

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