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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by iConfidential, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. iConfidential

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    Hey everybody. I have about 6 ounces of frozen urine (My cousin doesn't do any drugs or prescriptions) to sub with and I have some questions about how to store it and thaw for use.
    1. Can I freeze it in sandwich bags and thaw on the day of the test?
    2. Should I store this in separate 2 ounce containers or should I put it in one container and thaw and pour what I need?
    3. If I freeze as 1 container, do I thaw all the way or just enough to pour out what I need.
    4. How long will it last after thawed on the day of the test?
    5. Do I need to strain it for any parts that separate?
  2. knotme66

    knotme66 New Member

    Now you are talking my language. I have used frozen sample many times and they all passed a lab test. For your answers....

    1. You can store it in any AIR TIGHT container...but I personally would NOT reccommend sandwich bags.

    2. I reccommend the 2oz bottles. That way you only have to worry about thawing what you will need.

    3. If you use one larger bottle, thaw ONLY until it gets slushy and pour out what is needed. Then REFREEZE the rest as soon as possible. Urine is good frozen for a year or year and half in air tight containers. It's a good ideal to mark date on bottle so you know when the "shelf life" is over. It's good in just a fridge for approx 5 days.

    4. Urine is "good" for approximately 8 hours at ROOM TEMP. If it get's to room temp for ONLY a couple of hours, make a note and refreeze.

    5. There is NO need to filter the urine. Everyone's urine will generally have some sort of particles even if it is or it's not noticable to your eyes.

    Feel free to ask away if you need more info.
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  3. iConfidential

    iConfidential New Member

    Thank You!!! A 20oz bottle is airtight right? I froze about 3 ounces in one and It made the bottle crush because shrunk as it froze, the 2 ounce bottle was from Quick fix. Also, is it best to defrost the day of and reheat slowly. One other thing, can I microwave or just use my body heat and a hand warmer to reheat.
  4. knotme66

    knotme66 New Member

    First of all....yes....the 20oz bottle with screw cap should be air tight. It's normal for the bottle to "crush" some due to freezing. That is why I left some air space prior to freezing so that it will have room to expand. Did you use both the 20oz bottle AND the 2oz bottle?? It helps if you happen to know exactly when your test will be. What I did was take a 2oz sample from freezer and place in fridge a day before and let it thaw slowly that way. About an hour (give or take a few depending on size of your bottle) before you need to leave with it stashed, pull sample from fridge and set on counter to allow to get to room temp. After it gets to room temp, heat in microwave for ONLY 10 seconds and stash immediately. If you practiced beforehand, you will know if a hand warmer would be a good added precaution to go along with your body heat. If in doubt, use the hand warmer and then look at temp strip after you pour it in for real test. You can always swirl and blow to cool down sample in just a few seconds, but it's hard to warm it up if the temp gets low. Hope that helps for now.....I'll be around if you need more info.
  5. iConfidential

    iConfidential New Member

    Knotme, you have been a great help. I have 1-2ounce frozen and about 3 oz. in a 20 ounce bottle. At 4pm on the 13th I am going to test. I'm going to take the frozen with me and let it thaw in the car. Then I'm gonna use body heat to get it to 96 and maybe even the defrost on the car for a few minutes. I have a temp strip, so that should be no problem. Thanks again.
  6. knotme66

    knotme66 New Member

    Keep in mind that if brought out from freezer to thaw it will take a couple of hours...then another one to warm to room temp. I personally would take out of freezer the evening before and place in fridge. It will be plenty fine until your test...unless you have had it in the fridge for over 5 days. Pull out of fridge at 2:30 on test day. At 3:30 place bottle in a cup of boiled water for a minute and then stash near body heat. Once you are at location of test, check the temp to see if the defrost will be needed. It is harder to warm up frozen urine to body temp versus cooling it off for a few seconds by swirling and blowing once in the real test cup.

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