Story of your first bong hit

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by 505Blazer, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. 505Blazer

    505Blazer New Member

    Mine was when I was 12. Me and my friend had a half oz of White Widow and I was spending the night at his house. His mom lets him smoke in the house so we just sat down and played some video games for a bit. Then his mom came home and we were hopingshe had some papers. She didnt so we were pretty bummed. But because my friends b-day was coming up she let us use her bong.(wich to this day she hardly ever does.) He knew how to smoke from one and went and put water and ice in it and took his hit. Then he passed it to me and I had some trouble getting much smoke and then his mom showed me and then I hit the bong for like 6 seconds and when I blew out the smoke it was like I was smoking hookah on how much ther was. I was so baked and dont remember much haha.
  2. PhoLuM

    PhoLuM New Member

    God damn 12 years old... I was 17 with three other friends and we used a steam roller.
  3. Bong Lord

    Bong Lord New Member

    steam rollers are tight. I almost like them more than bongs ha. Especially since mine could knock someone out if i hit them with it. That way if my mom ever saw me toke.. WHACK!.. Jk i wouldnt do that but i could.;]

    My first bong hit was when i was 14. I was staying at a friends house and he said he had a surprise for me. Sure enough at about 9 pm he pulls out this BADASS (I believe it was RooR) bong. Was about 1.5 feet tall. I got the first hit, and milked it. I ended up coughing up a storm but hey i was baked as fuck.
  4. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    I went to my friend L's house and got shwaysted. Woke up the next morning, kind of hungover, and we all know that marijuana seems to be a hangover remedy. His older brother I offered me a hit off of his bong. It was a $300 bong he got for $150 (head shops around here do half price for your b-day), 6 arm perc, about 2 feet tall, I believe it was a RooR. Took a big hit of some dank shake, and then went and played lacrosse for 2 hours. Great day.
  5. The Key

    The Key New Member

    Passing my buddies new bong around in the forest after school one day when I was 15.

    Good sesh.
  6. freddo1234

    freddo1234 New Member

    You had half an ounce of White Widow at the age of 12? If I was your friend's mum you'd have been in a world of shit for that, letting your kids smoke anything at that age is fuckin irresponsible.

    Mine was with a bong made from a plastic bottle, in Hyde Park, aged 15 I think. Those things never worked properly but we kept trying! Now I can roll a nice joint and I have a glass piece :D
  7. TP4BungHole

    TP4BungHole New Member

    My story isn't really interesting, but I'll share it anyways. I was playing video games about 4 months ago and my sister knocked on my door asking me if I want to smoke with her. I walked in her room and she had two of her friends over who smoke all the time. As soon as I asked how to use the bong, they all started talking over one another as if fighting to be the one to tell me lol. I only made out a few words so I was like whatever, I can do this. I remember hearing "...take your finger off the hole when you're ready". So that's exactly what I did. I took a huge hit, moved my finger off the hole, and inhaled. The smoke came out as quickly as it came in and I was on the floor choking.

    After a minute or two of coughing, I wiped the tears from my eyes (that's how bad I was coughing lol) and gave it another try. This time I took a much smaller hit and was high for the rest of the night.
  8. WolfGang Paco

    WolfGang Paco Sr. Member

    First one I didn't pull hard enough. It was my friend's Dad's, and I totally fucked it up. Then I made a homemade one that really fucked me up. Finally I bought a glass one for about 40 bucks. Was a beast, until my dad took it. I still don't know where he has it, prolly hidden somewhere. He doesn't search my room out of respect, so I do the same.

    Oh and if your wondering how he found it if he doesn't search, I got real lazy, rolled it up in some coats, and threw it in my closet. Of course, he grabbed the clothes because I forgot to bring my laundry down. I think he might of been more pissed bout the laundry though.

    We basicaly have a, if I don't catch you, I don't care, relationship.
  9. JasonHowe

    JasonHowe New Member

    My first time hitting a bong was when I was first starting to smoke, wasn't the first time though. It was me and my two bestfriends. Two of us were complete noobs and one still is to this day, not me though. The other friend was a pro smoker. He showed us how to use the bong and then it was my turn. He packed a bowl just for me and I torched the whole thing and it was pure milk. I breathed in a lot of smoke and then simultaneously coughed and laughed my ass off and I had to pass the bong to my other noob friend so he could clear it. I was already more experienced than him having smoked like 5 times before. After he cleared the bong he blew out the thickest smoke and sat there for atleast 5 seconds and then he started to die. He was coughing so hard he ran to the bathroom and started gagging it was so funny and I felt so bad at the same time.
  10. SourDieselMan

    SourDieselMan New Member

    I have been smoking since the 7th grade. I live in a small town and all anyone used was joints and bowls. I was at a friend's house my senior year in high school and he pulled out a bong and I didn't know what it was lol. I fell in love the first time I used it and that is pretty much all I use now. I have 6 bongs and my favorite is my Weed Star Slim Jim I got from Grasscity.
  11. gspsilva

    gspsilva New Member

    The first time I hit a bong I was in a car camping on a beach and we hotboxed the car and between 4 of us we smoked 5gs that night and in 2 hours.....i was so baked and i was drinking beer at the time as well so i was just plastered out of my mind
  12. Dopefried

    Dopefried New Member

    My first time I was walkin back to my dorm from the cafeteria when I here glass tapin and look up to see a guy from the football team cleaning the ashes outta his bowl out the window. So I walk up to his room and cover the peep hole fuckin with him like I was an RA or somethin he opens up and hurries me inside I see two other teammates in there and their like wanna hit this I got class in like 2 hours so I think one hit won't hurt it'll be like a couple passes on a j. They show me how to do it and I take my hit I didn't even milk it and was blasted all day missed class and even missed workout later that day but it was worth the runnin the next day
  13. nugatronica

    nugatronica New Member

    my first time was when i was 14 and i took a rip from a 4ft and to me that was huge it knocked me the fuck out
  14. Chronicmaster

    Chronicmaster New Member

    My first time was when i was 14 and it was with my buddys gas mask bong that i got him for his b-day
  15. stonerdude80

    stonerdude80 New Member

    A waterfall bong I made, i was smoking by myself and I had never done it before. My brother left me an eighth in his drawer and a bottle of liquor in his closet when he went back to college (both for 20 bucks a piece, pretty decent deal lol). I expected the amounts you see in pineapple express and shit and saw this little nug, which now thinking back was pretty big, and i was like what the hell?! So i looked up how to make a bong on youtube and stuck a socket in a cap, put weed in it, lit it, and let the water drip out of a hole in the bottom i made. Took like 5 milky hits and sat on my bed. At this time the clock was at 12:30, i was watching full house or something while playing with a water bottle. After about a half hour of waiting i was pissed and was thinking this shit didn't work. Then i look at the clock and it is like 12:32, then i was amazed and laid in my bed and rode rollar coasters in my brain:):afro:
  16. m1Ke

    m1Ke Member

    It has to be the most awkward thing having someones' mom show you how to smoke. Never used a bong, a pipe was my very first.
  17. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    my first bong hit was also my first time smoking weed. I still remember it pretty well. On the very last day i was ever at my elementary school (last day of grade 8) I had a bong in my bag I made the night before, out of a vitamin water bottle, plastic pen tube and one of the feet from my hard case (for my bass) as the bowl. I was getting picked up after school with my buddy to go to some dance or whatever out in delhi and then stay the night at a friend of my friend's house.

    We weren't too keen on the dance, tbh it was kind of shitty and we were more focused on trying to find some weed. Now so this doesn't get complicated I'll tell you now my buddy from school was my guitarist at the time, his friend was our drummer. We wandered around delhi talking to people my drummer spotted from his school (he was graduating grade 8 that year too) and trying to see if any of them had a hookup.

    The whole time drummer and I were explaining to guitarist how to take bong hits, what it was like to be high and how its not harmful etc. (we had both done our research, and decided to claim we had already toked to seem big, like kids do) but in reality both drummer and I had never toked.

    We finally ended up getting a gram of some shit that I will never forget the scent of. seriously anytime I get weed that smells similar to it I just start reeling back from the nostalgia. We couldn't smoke it that night though, for as fate had it, by the time we finally picked up, drummer's parents were on their way to come pick us up and take us back to drummer's house.

    that night we decided on a wake n bake, we all slept restlessly, awaiting the events of the coming morning with wonder and anticipation. We were up before drummer's parents were, and quickly snuck my duffel bag out the back door and off his property onto this little trail. We followed it until we came to this, well it was like a field of trees. We were out in farming country, so on either side of this trail was mostly fields of corn, and there was this one random fenced off acre that was just, a field of trees, and not like for an orchard either, like they were not strategically planted.

    we walked into the middle and found these 3 trees that were in a perfect triangle with a clearing in the middle. we each sat with our backs to the trees and I unloaded my duffel.

    The bong had a carb, It was my first homemade and was before I developed homemade slide bowl technology which was before I developed go to the headshop and buy a nice glass bong technology. The roto went from me, to drummer to guitarist. My hit was good, I had practised with catnip so i knew how to work a bong. I cant remember if I coughed or not. Drummer took a hit that I would rate on equal with mine, it seems like we had both done adequate research. Our guitarist, however, responded to being passed the bong with a query of "do i suck and light at the same time?" drummer and I both laughed and said yes and with some effort, guitarist managed to finish the first bowl.

    With that I suggested we pack another, and let guitarist have greens since he got the end of the last bowl. with that he coughed the bowl and we all decided maybe we better just save what we had left.

    It was so beautiful, I still remember looking up at the sun filtering down through the trees and feeling like It was one of the first times I had ever truly seen the world. We stumbled out of the field of trees, about halfway across it I remember thinking that there was no way it was the same field, it looked totally different from before. Which I laugh about now, realizing that I was so high I didnt think about how the field wouldn't look the same walking through it in the opposite direction.

    at one point I remember there was a puddle in the middle of the trail that we spotted on the way back to drummer's house. It was like a lake, like seriously this puddle was crazy, we took turns jumping over it and remarking how it felt like we were jumping over a lake.

    Trying to talk straight, I remember having no difficulty trying to talk or act sober. all it took was a little focus. On the way back we experimented with this and all tried to agree on a story to tell drummer's parents. we didn't get caught, but it looked suspicious as shit carrying in a huge duffel bag at like 8 in the morning after waking up before his parents and heading out to god knows where.
  18. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    wow I did not think I wrote that much
  19. Jmoney1442

    Jmoney1442 New Member

    i remember my first bong hit very well. i had a fat bong pack of some purps topped with a bit of bubble hash from colorado. i was already stoned at the time and did not know how to hit the bong so i just sat there milking the shit out of my buddies 18 inch bong. by the time he came and pulled the slide the smoke in the bong was YELLOW and all the hash/ most of the weed was gone. i then coughed for 20-30 minutes and then i was so stoned
  20. bucs420

    bucs420 New Member

    I was 13 (14 now) and was sitting in the back of an old car we always hotboxed. It was a kind of bong that didn't need water. So I took a hit and it was harsh as fuck and a huge hit. Sat there catching my breathe and I look up and my friends are getting ready to pass it to me again and I look up and they're like "he's done" it was the worst high of my life. Head was spinning and I could barely stand. I ended up throwing up. Part of the reason was because the hit was so huge I swallowed alot of smoke which made me sick.

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