Strange light on top of a mountain.

Discussion in 'Science' started by Maps420, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Maps420

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    So I use to live in Reno, Nevada. They have ALOT of mountains, one night when my brothers were sleeping and I was the only one awake. A near very low mountain ( like 250 ft ) Had a giant spot like light shinning down on my house... It was there for a full 10 mins. There was nothing behind it, it was not the moon, just a bright ass light. Next day early... i climbed that mountain took me about 3 hours. There is nothing on the other side and below it in front, the part that faces my house, is an abdomen copper mind (sounds creepy its more so just not active right now.) Listen anyways.... There is no way its related to the mine, there is no way some one carried a giant spot light up there. and there is no way its the moon. Ive spent years thinking of WTF it could have been. I am also the only person that saw it. and no i wasn't tripping or anything. I know what i saw. I really don't believe in aliens, I need hard proof to believe in anything. but it was really weird. anyways i just want to hear some one elses ideas, this was about 3am.
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  2. Ryan 4891

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    when i lived at my moms, (long time ago) me n my bro got home late from a baseball tourney....we were both layin on the bottom bunk... and we saw this weird ass bright light that kept flickering, and it was not the moon. cuz we could see the moon in a different spot, so this was quite weird to us. we both still remember to this day. lol
  3. zappy

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    Sounds like a very confusing siting and I wouldn't have the least clue as to what it may have been. My brother and I had a similar thing happen to us last year.

    We were going for a long jog one night where we ended up at a sports oval several hundred meters away from our house. We lay down on the grass to rest for a moment and after a few minutes I noticed something odd moving around in the sky; something that I have never decided what it was exactly. It appeared to be an enormous, completely spherical, gray, translucent flying object. Straight away I pointed it out to my brother where he was instantly as surprised as I. It moved in a predictable zig-zag pattern through the sky and at times would suddenly stop and hover in its place. This caused me to think it could not have been a plane because planes can't do such a thing.

    It's acceleration was amazingly fast. From a standstill hover, it would almost instantly accelerate to what I estimate to be well over 300 kilometers/hour through the air. No human body should be able to survive such rapid acceleration...

    After about five minutes it flew off toward the horizon and didn't return. Neither my brother or I know what this thing was and perhaps never will. My brother believes it was a 'foo-fighter' and it really does seem to match the description of one, but I'm open for speculation. It's either an alien craft, a secret experimental military craft, or some odd atmospheric visual illusion...
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  4. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Lights have been placed on large high things for years..Just in case planes are flying low..They have lights up there to tell them that there is something high there...

    Kinda like light houses on the sea..but in the air for planes..
  5. schkinkla

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    I remember one evening my neighbors where outside with a video camera taping the sky. I went outside and looked and there was a light and it kept changing colors, it went from a low orange to a bright blue in about 5 seconds. It just stayed in the same place for an hour or so. I thought it was a hot air balloon but it wasnt big enough to be one. Could have been a satellite or a small plane with bright ass lights. The strange thing is, is that when it left it shot past us and then 'disappeared'. I have no idea what it is or could have been, but i am also a believer in extraterrestrial life. this happened at about 7pm ish during dusk.

    Another experience is when me and my grandpa where camping and about 10pm and on the side of a hill there was a white tall statue/figure thing that had the body of a tiki statue and a face of an owl. We went over to the same spot in the morning and saw the dirt looked like something had been there moving around. WTF was it?

    One last experience i had i was actually by myself and fairly high. I was hiking in the desert and heard a bush rattle so i went over to check it out (though it was a fuzzy bunny or something) but a small metallic ball dashed from under the bush and went over a hill and i couldnt find it. I told my dad about it later that night and he said there was a movie about something like it but he couldnt recall the name. Ive talked to a few people about this one and some said they "thought" they have seen something like this before but off in the distance. Alien eggs? Alien spy ball? IDK but i would love to see this again.

    BTW im not trying to one up anyone, these are all things ive experienced.

    And if anyone can think of a movie where the ball is involved please tell me, sounds like a good movie.
  6. Maps420

    Maps420 New Member

    I climbed that mountain the next day, it was very short compared to most mountains in northern Nevada. There is nothing in front of this mountain but desert for MILES and nothing but that deserted mine at its feet. no trees. There was no light, and planes dont fly this low from were I lived at cause there are plenty of mountain peeks of over 10k to up to 15k feet high. This one was about 5800 ( I live at about 5500 ft high above sea level) This light did not move until I came inside and went back out, it than disappeared. It was big white and super bright. Like stupid bright. Still I was the only one out to see it.

    Were where you guys located when your incident happened to you?

    edit - When I say I don't believe in aliens I'm actually saying i'm a little in denial because just for the fact that we are alive makes aliens very possible, but there was not crazy ship or light changing or moving.
  7. WolfGang Paco

    WolfGang Paco Sr. Member

    That sounds pretty fucking crazy man. I woudlve gone and explored it at night. What happened to the light? Did it fade out, fly away, dim down?
  8. Maps420

    Maps420 New Member

    There no street lights, and it took me 3 hours to get to the top during the day! I literally walked in for 5 minutes than walked back out and it was GONE nothing have no idea were it went, completely black.
  9. Linx

    Linx Banned

    I don't know what the light was - I can't even begin to guess.

    Zappy; I'm surprised you saw something like that over an urban area. I have not seen anything as strange as that, but I've seen things before - predictable things though.

    Here in Sydney during sunset just as the stars come out during summer, and just when Orion begins to become visible, Unidentified objects fly through the sky. They are quite obviously caught in Or-B-I-T and catch the last s of bright light off the sun. My opinion is that they are one of the few large or-B-I-T-ing bodies in our or-B-I-T. The odd things is that they display strange activity in the sense that they shift course - all of which is quite explainable since the Earth is not at a standstill.

    I DID have the pleasure of scoping one out with a basic telescope. It's definitely in or-B-I-T, and is a large "rock". It toppled and spins as it barrels through or-B-I-T. I have not scoped them all, but anything at that altitude at that time will look like a slowly falling star due to the imense amount of light it is catching, and the contrast on the ground being dark; you really notice the light.

    It happens quite often - it appears out of Orion and disappears in the Eastern Sky.

    OP; You said you lived in Nevada? It could very well be a military test operation. They won't release the information for a number of years, but you can be sure that the spotlight you noticed was probably an army test op.

    EDIT: Ffs Or-B-I-T
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  10. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Search for the video that was shot last year..There was this strange thing over jerusilum, and then almost the same thing happened in the states that night or soon after that night..

    The one in jerusilum was shot by several different people..It was nutz
  11. Maps420

    Maps420 New Member

    That what Ive been thinking it was because there were several military bases by where I lived, I worked in a restaurant and for lunch time tons of military people in there BDU's would come. Also I just think that aliens would be alot more graceful and more stealthy than this. ill see if I can search for a video like it.

    also If your talking about the blue swirl thing by haarp in Jerusalem it was nothing like it.

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