Strep Throat

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Weed and strep throat?

  1. Don't smoke, irritates your throat/makes it worse. You need a vaporizer dummy!

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  2. Go ahead and smoke, won't further irritate too much and being high is always good!

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  1. LonerStoner

    LonerStoner Peace, Love, and Pot!

    :sick: Shall weed further irritate my throat or help it out? I know the irritation is normally only very temporary, but if I have an already irritated throat is it going to last a lot longer or does the high make it go away just as fast as the normal irritation from smoking....and yes I know I need to get a vaporizer haha :p

    Peace, love, and pot!
  2. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Hmm... let's think about this... If strep makes your throat irritated and inflamed, I wonder if breathing in scalding hot smoke will make it better or worse???!?! No clue! :shrug:

    Bro seriously if you had a vaporizer, it probably wouldn't be a big deal, but it takes no rocket scientist to figure out that smoke (burning hot toxins and carcinogens) is bad for any irritated throat condition, especially strep.
  3. LonerStoner

    LonerStoner Peace, Love, and Pot!

    It's not burning hot or scalding hot though, I cool it. Haha obviously that's the logic I'm going through though, that's why I'm asking if anyone's done it before and if it's that much of a difference or not. I already said I know I need a vaporizer, so why even bring that up? I think a DUH! is in order here hahaha

    Peace, love, and pot!
  4. quester

    quester Sr. Member

    Strep Throat-Home Treatment

    Smoking, even vaperizing, gives me "cotton mouth" and drys out my throat, so in my case I would not be toking until I was well.
  5. feedyourhead

    feedyourhead Girly Girl

    I used to be highly susceptible to tonsillitis and would get it about once/year, and I have also had strep a couple times. I won't smoke anything if I have any infection or virus that affects my lungs or throat because it's usually my goal to get better.. that and I'm not willing to prolong my discomfort just so I can be high, I mean, we aren't junkies here.. lol :shrug: Smoking is definitely not a good idea, the temperature of the smoke is not the only problem, smoke itself has all kinds of nasty by-products that are harsh on your throat and lungs even when you're NOT sick. It will do nothing but prolong your illness because you'll be constantly re-irritating your throat while it's trying to heal. Look at it this way: don't smoke and as a result, you'll feel better quicker, and by the time you can smoke, you'll get ripped because your tolerance has gone down a bit.

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