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    I was just wondering if anyone on here has used this product Strip Total Body 7 Day Detox? it's a seven day cleanse where you take 9 capsules per day for seven days with a lot of water. i couldn't find any reviews on this product, but my local pipe shop swears by it, because it's not a masking agent, its suppose to totally clean you out within a week time frame.

    any idea if this is true or not? thanks in advance.
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    All of these products work by dilution. They do not convert THC metabolites into something that can't be detected, as they'd like you to believe. They do not remove THC metabolites from your body. Only time and fat-burning exercise can do that. You can duplicate the actions of these products for a fraction of the price by following the guidelines in these links:

    Dilution and aspirin -- the technique

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2

    Drug Testing - The Definitive Guide

    Because they work by dilution, detox drinks and pills can fail if the concentration of THC metabolites is too high. Drinking a lot of fluids makes you pee a lot, reducing the concentration of THC metabolites in your blood. They'll be restored from that stored in fatty tissue but eventually they'll all leach out if you don't smoke. Drinking a reasonable amount of fluids shortly before your test will dilute your urine, lowering the concentration of THC metabolites. If you dilute too much it will spoil the test and you'll be retested or failed. The aspects of dilution techniques other than drinking fluids are to make dilute urine appear to be less dilute. At high concentrations of THC metabolites it is not possible to dilute enough without diluting too much.
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    thanks buzzby, much appreciated..

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