Strongest/most potent Strain on the market

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  1. imported_HazyBritBoi

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    What is the strongest/most potent? I understand there are different highs so categorize the kind of high it gives you. I've heard of FruityJuice, White Russian and Reg the other 2 combined. Strangely its cheaper...i wonder why..So what kinds do you have to offer?
  2. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    There are literally HUNDREDS of different strains of weed, with more being produced on a nearly daily basis. I couldn't tell you which was the best, because quite honestly, i haven't even begun to sample what the world has to offer in 13 years of smoking, and even out of the several different strains I HAVE sampled, nothing stands out as being heads and tails above the rest.
  3. tehbagel

    tehbagel New Member

    Perfectly put.

    I've had mids, schwag, and some pretty good kb. Of the KB, there were some noticeable differences but nothing that made it "better" than the others. Just different. My ultimate stash would be several jars labelled with what strain they contain, so I can choose what kind of high I want for that time. Heady and active, stoney and couch-locked, creative and trance-like, etc.

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Chemdog is at the top.
  5. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    Once growers learn to grow for potency & yield, they breed strains for other characteristics like taste, bushiness of plants and type of high (sativa-like or indica-like).
    For the most part, potency of strains is pretty flat. Any quality strain can be grown in a controlled environment to produce potent, crystal-coated buds.

    The top strains that you see in High Times are fads, really. A breeder will have a kick-ass crop and spread it around the peopl ein the comunity that can write about it or share its qualities with the rest of the world. They'll enter competitions, which serve to market their seeds, which is how they make their money.

    Right now ChemDog is very popular. A few months ago it was Strawberry Cough. Last year it was Sour Diesel. This summer it could be the shit I'm growing in my closet... But I doubt it...
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  6. SmokeyMcPott

    SmokeyMcPott **********

    The general consensus with the pot smoking community here in my town is that some stuff called Gravity is the best they've smoked. I didn't personally get to smoke it, since probation porhibited me from doing so, but everyone I've talked to about it said that it's the most mind blowing stuff they've ever smoked. The most potent stuff I've encountered is some that I don't know what the name of its. I figured it was either white rhino or widow, but I don't know. It was so crystally that it looked like pure white bud. It tasted great and the high was a good mix of both. Uplifting head high and really stoney body high. Good stuff... :)
  7. Itzamna

    Itzamna New Member

    Inca Spirit!
  8. kind bud

    kind bud New Member

    in my short life i found Northern lights to be the most potent 1 hit wonder
  9. King_Kine

    King_Kine New Member

    Didn't White Russian win the Cannabis Cup?
  10. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    The Ben Johnson I' tokin' on is pret damn good. :chokin:

    And you can get Cannabis Cup results here:

    You'll have to dig aound, but I've looked through previous cup winners before.
  11. 90minuteIPA

    90minuteIPA Subscriber

    Like Pervert said, it's got more to do with growing conditions, drying/curing, and handling than genetics (although genetics definatley play an important role). Another thing to consider is most people don't know what strain their pot is. Names get thrown around a lot to make the product sound more desirable.

    For a long long time I couldn't tell you what the best pot I smoked was (It's allllllllllll good!) but recently I had the pleasure of experiencing some legit amnesia haze and it takes the taco. Of course I'm sure I'll find something to dethrown it.
  12. stoked to toke!

    stoked to toke! New Member

    I recently smoked this stuff this dude said was mixed with skunk 101 and some jamacian shit (i forgot the name, and even if i did remember it, i probally wouldnt be able to spell it) but he called it "crack"... weed called "crack" haha thats a little scary. but anyway it was SO sticky he took a nug and stuck it to the wall, and it just sat there.. stuck to the wall in all its glory. the shit is $50 a gram... he let me and my boy smoke a bowl for free out of his personal stash to try it out.. needless to say, i was fuckin stoned like a mountain.. i dont even remember how i got home.. AND i lost my glasses.. bummer
  13. imported_redeyejedi

    imported_redeyejedi - smokaholic -

    The best shit I've ever smoked and known the strain was probably Jack Herer.
  14. Dealy Eskimo

    Dealy Eskimo New Member

    Best I've had was Mantanuska Thundra(AKA Matanuska Thunder Fuck(MTF)). Sadly tho, it is not grown anymore except in a few small scale operations where ppl grow for person use. Which I am actually thinking about growing a few of my own MTF plants(hard to get some seeds tho). They yield is on the lower end but the pontency is off the charts. And since they could not get to much they dont wanna grow it anymore because it is not as profitable as most strains'. There is a new strain tho. It is MTF mixed with Grey Mist. Alot of ppl get high on it before they exhale there first hit. The high from that is a lil like El' Nino. When you hear someone say that was Dank shit; MTF defined that word. LATE!

  15. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Sorry, but I've smoked a lot of weed in my time, but theres no way in hell I'd pay 50 bucks for a gram of ANY weed. The most expensive weed I've ever bought was EIGHTH:eek:
  16. Dank Perception

    Dank Perception 4TheLULZ!

    The best weed I had was probably strawberry haze, or White Rhino. I get these strains on an almost often basis. Legit stuff, very quality herb.
  17. aggreenvln

    aggreenvln New Member

    Word... Keep in mind an eighth is 3.5 grams, and a lot of dealers overpack bags with 4-5 grams. Would you seriously pay $200 - $250 for an eighth? Seems pretty steep to me.
  18. leprechaunstoner

    leprechaunstoner New Member

    A guy I met at my hostel in Amsterdam paid 50 bucks for a gram of hash called isolator... that spliff was pretty insane. Amnesia haze is great, as is White Russian. I had some stuff called G-9 or something of the like that was probably the best joint of my life.

    Like others have said though, it really depends on a lot of things besides just genetics and there are a lot of great highs out there. Generally I would just pick the most expensive type of bud at the less commercialized coffee shops or recent Cannabis Cup winners while in Amsterdam, or the most expensive type of bud in Christiania.
  19. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    Of all the weed ive seen and smoked so far, strawberry cough had the best smell, but the stuff im smoking right now has THE MOST crystal coated buds ever. It's called Sugar Bear, and while this isn't actually my picture, this is essentially what it looks like

    Last night when i smoked a bowl, i held the lighter a bit far away and inhaled pretty hard but steadily, and i just watched the crystals burn away as the plant matter was virtually un touched. of course after that i torched the entire thing, but it was a nice sight.
  20. tdlex420

    tdlex420 Sr. Member

    For me the best bud I have ever had would probably be some stuff called Misty. This was some of the most unique looking weed I have ever seen in person, it was a light green color with a ton of crystals and when it was sitting on the table it looked almost as if it were glowing. It was easily the dopest dope I have ever smoked :)

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