Suboxone & Weed mix {Question}

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by JahRed24x, Jul 28, 2008.

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    Ok, so I take about 0.5 - 1mg daily of suboxone (aka Buprenorphine) and was just wondering if there's anyone else out there that takes this drug, suboxone, and how it affected your bud smoking?
    it seems like sometimes the suboxone almost blocks the weed sometimes or something (especially if ur on higher doses 8mg+}and other times (especially night) when I'm smoking at least 2 or 3 bowls of herb b4 bed i will ghavet blazed and feel very nice and pass out like im on xanax or something..ha well anyways , just wondering if there's anyone else out there that takes Suboxone/Subutex and smoks bud. And what your experiences are while smoking marijuana while on suboxone/subtex (aka Buprenorphine)?:confused:
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  3. JahRed24x

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    I dunno where its supposed to be, but i was just asking a question trying to see if anyone else out there takes (or has taken) suboxone and how it effected your marijuana use, if any.
  4. Dark

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    I had a family member that was addicted to opiates and began a daily suboxone regimen when trying to quit. She told me that it would make her sleepy at night, regardless if she was smoking. She never was a big pot smoker, but when she was quitting opiates she wanted a buzz, and I tried turning her onto pot. She did it a few times, and she got very stoned just from a hit or two everytime, so I don't think the suboxone limited the marijuana high at all.
    I've never taken it, so I wouldn't know, it's just what I've seen.
  5. Dank Perception

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    Suboxin in high doses and a lot of drugs for that matter can be so powerful it overshadows the less intense high. It is after all labeled "Synthetic heroin" by many... and used to get heroin users off of the real thing. But if it takes you 3-4 bowls to get feeling blazed, maybe it's the bud and your tolerance that is the problem?
  6. Dedbr

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    Suboxone is a drug that was developed by the French several years ago to help ween heroin users off the drug by filling all the opiod recepters in the brain so you no longer can get as high off the opiates afterwards.

    There has been no case study work that I know of concerning suboxone and herb. If anything it should intensify the herb buzz.

    Like I always say, it's best to talk to your doctor, but this is a tricky question to ask. If you just come right out and ask the doctor he is going to suspect that you are a drug seeker and cut you off of everything. Not exactly the right way to go......;)

    Hope this helps....

    Some Where In Ded Land..................
  7. Dark

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    I dont think you understand what suboxone is. It is an opiate, yes, but is also neutralizes the high. You don't get a buzz off of them unless you use them with no opiate tolerance, and even then all you'll feel is mostly withdrawal symptoms. They're used to get you used to the psychological feeling of not being high first, and to help with withdrawal symptoms(even thought they have the same withdrawal symptoms, it's easier to quit a drug that doesn't get you high rather than one that does). Suboxone is just an opiate that makes you feel sober with no withdrawal symptoms...

    Here is a trip report I found on erowid, concernin suboxone and marijuana that should be helpful. Seems the same happened to him.

    I read a bit more and didn't find many other cases about marijuana being less potent on it, but it's clear that it obviously effects some people. I don't know what the relation is, but buprenorphine and marijuana seem to have one, at least in some persons' case.
  8. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    I was prescribed suboxone for a trial basis, and the first few times I took it, it seemed to intensify the buzz from the herb. After awhile though it didn't seem to do anything. I felt no withdrawal symtoms from the opiotes, but the bad part was I couldn't get stoned anymore. After about ten days of being off the crap I started getting high again and it was a relief, mainly because it blocked the receptors in my brain that say, "Hey, your high"' and since herb is such a great analgesic I also didn't get the full effect I needed from the herb for my pain. To be honest with you, I had begun to think I had really screwed myself up and the wierd thing about it was it was with a legal drug....:help:

    Before I would recommend herb for anyone I would definately want to know their medical case history and make sure testing is done just to check out how all the organs are functioning and just for the sake of a good check-up.

    I wouls especially want to know what other medications they are on because over the years I have went from saying herb has no effect on you to we need to realize that even though herb has no effect on you, it's mixture with some psycotropics and anti-depressents can and will have an effect. Sometimes adverse.....

    Some Where In Ded Land.....:D
  9. exclusyphlilone

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    It actually was created by the British for the war wounds etc. a long long time ago,,,, but ur almost right~ then they figured out it helps with opiate withdrawals,,,,

    ANNND actually i think the suboxone intensifies my smoking expeirence,,, i was immune almost to weed and had to smoke so much to get a nice buzz,, then 2 yrs ago started suboxone and i get a very nice high from just smoking about 5 or 6 hits every time since!
  10. Mistesrian

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    My Personal Experiance.

    I know this post is rather old but I feel like I need to provide this info to everyone who also needs to know. As a note, I have never used pot before nore have I ever smoked cigarettes.

    I have chronic leg pain and used a Vicodin prescription for several years. I then started taking Norco when the Vicodin was not enough. Over time I became an addict and it ended when I finished off a bottle of 240 Norco pills (10/325) in two weeks. I will say this now before you read the rest of the story:

    "I know I am an adict and accept that fact. I do not want to use marijuana. I just cant function with this pain and the chance of overdosing and being killed from marijuana is much less if not impossible compared to Vicodin..."

    After realizing and accepting I had a problem, I began rehab and was given 16mg Suboxone. I used Suboxone for some time but had to switch to Subutex because the Naloxone in the Suboxone was causing problems for me. I have been on Subutex for a year and a half now but when I first began taking Suboxone in 16mg a day doses, there was a very large high, but it quickly went away the more I used Subutex and dissolving it under my tongue became just a daily event for me to keep me off opiates.

    Subutex/Suboxone is a great drug for just this but unfortunatly it never really helped with pain. I have been getting desparate as the pain has gotten worse over the year and a half so my only option was to get a license for medical marajuna. I really did not want to do this but I have no choice because I can't go back to Vicodin(despite how much I want to) because I'll probably kill myself with it and not to mention every time I see a doctor, they think I'm a drug seeker now.

    Anywho, my very first time I smoked the pot was a horrible, choking, and gagging experience so not much was felt. My second time was a little easier and I had some edibles to help out. I found out that night that I had very low tolerance to pot and needed to be way more patient because I took way to much and was high for two days! The funny thing was not once did I feel any euphoria during that whole event. It was just bad feelings all around and it was hell.

    I tried a few more times after a long break from that day and every time it was the same. I began to realize that I was missing the whole reason why pot is fun. Now taking Subutex does exactly what people have said, It places itself into the Opiate receptors in your brain so nothing else can be there. Based on lots of reading, even though Pot is not a opiate, one part of what it does is react on the opiate receptors and it is what makes it "feel good". I have been taking such a high does of Subutex for so long, that there was no way the pot was going to break through that barricade.

    I decided to start tapering off the Subutex as an experiment and to see how I felt without it. The one thin I have always read about buprenorphine is even though it does not give euphoria, it is one of the most horrible opiate withdraw. I finally finished the taper and my last does was 2mg but unfortunately 2mg must still be to much to cut cold turkey because I was having lots of trouble with withdraws. It was a miserable day after I finished so I decided to try some pot to see if it would relive my shaking and nervousness. For the first half an hour, it was very nice and I would almost say euphoric but it did not last very long. I did end up having to go back on Subutex so I can try and taper more because even with smoking a little, the detoxing was still there and hard to deal with. I am now trying to taper off of 2mg.

    If you stuck around during my whole story then good for you. My goal was to inform people of my own experience as a long term user of Subutex and a new user to marijuana. I have almost no doubt that because of my experience, you CAN NOT be a normal user of Subutex/Suboxone and still use pot to get high. It would be a war between the two substances and because of how Subutex/Suboxone works, it will most likely win every time.

    If you are suing Subutex/Suboxone only to make pot feel more intense, then it will most likely work that way. If you use it longer than that then you might run into that same problem as a long term user.

    I hope this helped someone make a decision and I will try to provide more info when I get am (i hope) off Subutex. Thank you.
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    Thank you guys this is great information I have a dear friend who just started taking suboxone and was wondering if she should/could mix the two. Sounds like you can but to be honest defeats the purpose of concurring a substance need.
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    Well does your thinger (your butthole flappy skin ring) tingle when you smoke (or anytime like mine always does)?
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    Put some super glue all around the outer circle of the hole and light it on fire for about 7 seconds... it's maddening.

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