Substitute for joint wraps?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Tranquility, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Tranquility

    Tranquility New Member

    I'm currently at a lack of smoking supplies (no bowl, wraps) and was wondering is there any good subtitutes for joint wraps that can be found around the house? Or I suppose just anything really for smoking.
  2. Joemakerman

    Joemakerman New Member

    Non ink page of a bible, not ink part of a receipt. Uhhh that's all I can think of. I think someone said once that a tea bag works like obviously opened up and all, but never tried it.


    EDIT: Oh yeah an apple bowl too. Lightbulb vape (youtube it).
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  3. dope lettuce

    dope lettuce New Member

    pop can it. make a water fall.(youtube it)
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  4. Phylter

    Phylter New Member

    I use an apple bowl when I want to smoke a bowl, seeing as I don't keep a pipe around now. As for rolling up without papers, don't ever use receipt paper, they're coated with all sorts of shit to make them do what they do. Specifically, take a key or something, and write on one with it. They're heat-sensitive, they'll darken just from the heat of friction, what do you think smoking them will do?

    But yeah. I haven't found anything wrong with non-inked bible pages, if it's that really thin stuff. Apple bowls, red-pepper bongs...Seen them.
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  5. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    either bible paper, or make a homemade bong/pipe.
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  6. Tokeo

    Tokeo New Member

    Just as almost everyone else here said - Bible paper. May seem immoral to you, and don't do it if you don't want to, but it works pretty damn well if you don't have the age/money/motivation etc to just get some wraps. I wrapped 3 or 4 joints with bible paper before deciding that a 2 dollar investment into wraps was a good one. :p
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  7. ESVAburnout

    ESVAburnout New Member

    Non-ink part of a recet, tin foil bowl, bible paper, printer paper, homemade bong, a single socket, use your brain there is always a way to smoke weed.
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  8. Splendens

    Splendens New Member

    Yea don't use receipt paper or printer paper. Some dictionaries have thinner paper and even onion paper (bible paper is onion paper) I'm sure tracing paper wouldn't be bad even. Otherwise, roll out a cig and stuff your weed into it and take out the filter!
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  9. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    yeah and replace the cotton filter with a roach. I like cigarette joints, nothing like concealing a joint in public.
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  10. jettyblaze

    jettyblaze Sr. Member

    Sorry to bump this thread, but what can you use to keep these makeshift papers sealed?
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  11. Charley

    Charley New Member

    spit and fire.

    rolling papers have been around a long time and they were not always gummed as they are now.

    I am sure you have seen this done you moisten the whole cigarette and then run flame over it back and forth until it is all the way dry. (this can turn the paper brown dont worry about that it is fine.) once it is dry it will hold its shape.

    you can also make sugar glue. (this is what most paper gum is made from.) Add one part sugar to three parts water. Heat until the sugar completely dissolves. Allow the liquid glue to cool. If the glue does not adhere, reheat the sugar water mixture and add more sugar.

    you can find suitable paper in bibles. or maybe even in your kitchen if your a foodie in the form of rice paper.

    there are also trees that can be used to make rolling paper. thin barked trees will often have a paper like under bark that can be used. although I do not suggest this unless you know for sure what kind of tree you are using as some varieties of trees can make you sick. white willow trees will work as long as you are not allergic to aspirin. lightly beat the bark on one side of the tree until the wood under it begins to turn to pulp. then scrape the bark gently with a knife. once all the outer bark is gone you are left with a think strip of wood colored under bark this can be used as rolling papers. again this method is not advised unless you know your trees. this method was first used by Native Americans.
    I could not find a video with common north American trees to illustrate but this method is similar to the process used in this video from Peru.

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  12. Garvey

    Garvey New Member

    Saliva and careful hands.
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  13. HennessyXO

    HennessyXO New Member

    I can roll a bad ass joint from a tea baggy. Just don't smoke the tea.
  14. marihenna

    marihenna New Member

    Tampon wrapper. Lol.
  15. High

    High as a kite

    Use an apple pipe if you have nothing.. poke a whole through the middle of the apple then take out the stem and poke a whole down into the previous whole you made.

    Or make a homemade bong, waterfall, whatever ! Otherwise use bible paper without ink on it. ( be carefull not to use the edges of the pages either, they usually have a coating of gold paint on them )
  16. marihenna

    marihenna New Member

    Your sig is amazing.
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  17. bridgetn88

    bridgetn88 New Member

    dont forget the more genric way - flat peice of metal and your lighter + weed = flat bowl lol
    so small bits fo weed at a time.
  18. Sniperblackout

    Sniperblackout New Member

    I love the people that bring up moral issues with smoking bible paper. I'm not religious or anything, but I think I might still have troubles doing it. Depends on how bad I wanted to get high.
  19. joesheba

    joesheba New Member

    try a doller bill lolz it really wrks
  20. High

    High as a kite

    Only try that if your willing to inhale a fuck load of ink.. And if its an american dollar bill - some coke.
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