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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by IamN2pot, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Adbone

    Adbone New Member

    Hey N2 could use some feedback

    Hey All,
    First let me say this site has given me some great information nad has been very helpful. So I could use alittle feedback. I took a pee test monday using the Urinator and the synthetic urine that comes with it when purchasing form The temp was right about 97 degrees and it was accepted without question. Now I am freaking out abou the validity of the synthetic. I have seen a lot of posts asking about the synthetics but I have not seen anyone reply with a story about passing. Has anyone passed using the synthetic? Or heard about anyone passing? Does anyone know if the synthetic coming with the Urinator is Dr. John's?
    Last question- if there is anyhting at all out of the ordinary, would the lab call me for sure? How long would it be before they called me?
    Thanks for any help you can give-
  2. Dailysmoker24

    Dailysmoker24 New Member

    I got a fresh sample and took the test. I put the sample in the tube they gave me and urinated a bit to make it seem believeable but the urine in the toilet was only a little yellow and the sample I gave was bright yellow. Do you think I will be ok if she signed the papers and put the sample up before she looked at the toilet?
  3. Adbone

    Adbone New Member

    I would think you would be OK. It seems to me that the toilet water would dilute the color and the tech doesn't know how much you peed in the toilet so it would not be weird if it was a different color than the bottle.
    Was your sample real or synthetic urine?
  4. Dailysmoker24

    Dailysmoker24 New Member

    it was real
  5. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Seasoned Activist

    They won't try matching urine color between sample and toilet. The dont test for pregancy. Dr. Johns product are TOP of the line. THe collector accepted the sample. All that is left then is the validity checks and the actual drug screen. N2
  6. Dailysmoker24

    Dailysmoker24 New Member

    Thanks alot for the info.
  7. Adbone

    Adbone New Member

    I appreciate the reassurance, I have not even told anyone I got the job because I was afraid the synthetic would not pass for sure- I will definitely post my pass results for others
  8. heti0301

    heti0301 New Member

    Subbing-stupid question

    Hello everyone, I have been reading these posts for a while and decided that since I am a heavy smoker, subbing is my only good option. My test is tomorrow, I had a hard time finding a donor because all of my friends smoke. Last night I bought some from a sober coworker, I manage at a Pizza Restaurant and need to pass this test to get an internship. Anyway, I got the sample and immediately put it in a freezer. As I was trying to close down the store, I was in a hurry and accidentally threw my sample in the garbage with a cup of pepsi. I lost about half of the sample, but still have like 3 ounces, so I am ok there. The problem is that I don't know for sure if a little of the pop may have gotten into my sample. The cover wasn't off, but was open enough to spill about, so I am paranoid it may have been a bit mixed. Anyone think that if a small bit of pepsi did get in that it would ruin the sample???

    Thanks in advance
  9. @damatik

    @damatik New Member

    Minute Man?

    Hey, everybody. I have a test coming up in a little over a week, and I'm reviewing my options. The last time I had to test, I used a product called "Minute Man", which comes with a small bottle filled with (presumably) water, with a therm-strip on it, and a little vial of freeze-dried urine that is somehow heat-reactive with the water, so that when you add the powder to the water, it immediately heats up to proper temperature. It worked like a charm, but I am having trouble finding it ANYWHERE (it was loaned to me by a friend the first time, who I no longer am in contact with). If I have to, I'll get some other synthetic stuff and use a heat pad, as I know no non-smoking males, but I would rather not deal with the hassle of balancing the temperature out just right if I don't have to. If any of you know where I might be able to get ahold of Minute Man, I would really appreciate it. And for those of you who wanted a confirmation that synthetic urine works, it worked for me! Thanx for all your help, and good luck to all.
  10. jinx13

    jinx13 New Member


    has anyone ever used herbal cleans Q Carbo 32 drink to pass a piss test and did it work? cuz im about to take a piss test for a job interview with that stuff on monday and i've been smoking everyday for the past month or 2 up until last monday and i've been clean since then do u think it'll work?????
  11. w00dy

    w00dy New Member

    ok so I'm really considering subbing now ... but I have a few questions. So suppose I get in the bathroom at the lab with my clean sample hidden and am ready to pour it. But since the lab staff will most likely be listening, I need to make it sound as if I actually pee in the toilet and then also pee in the cup. Since I've peed into test tubes before, I know that the pressure of the stream against the small container creates a distinguished noise. Obviously, when I pour the clean urine out of the shampoo bottle, there will be no such pressure and it will be all silent.

    now, I thougth about peeing into the toilet and then holdling the urine in for about 3 seconds and resuming again to make it sound like I pissed in the container in those 3 seconds. But that will be just pressured-stream sounds. What do you suggest, N2?

  12. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Seasoned Activist

    No one will be listening. Just pour the clean sample at temp and open the door to hand it to the collector. It's really that simple. N2
  13. Spoonfed

    Spoonfed New Member

    I just became a member of the sub club about an hour ago. I used the URN-Luck Quick Fix synthetic urine. I woke up today, smoked a joint with my girlfriend, mixed up the formula with the little crystals it comes with, then slapped it in the microwave for 8 seconds. After that I taped a couple heat pads to it and put Return of The Jedi. Halfway through the movie I took the heat pads off, and crotched the bottle with my two pairs of boxer briefs on (I ain't no wearer of tighty whities). They worked just fine. I was able to get in and out of my truck naturally without it slipping. Went in to do my test, signed the forms, yadda yadda yadda. Then, when I was pissing, I aimed it at the bowl with my pinky finger, and I poured the stuff into the cup a little bit over the line. That's when I noticed that this piss was bright yellow, and my piss was absolutely clear. I didn't have anything to eat yet today, but I've drank a lot of water. The temperature was just fine, it was like 95 degrees, but she looked at the toilet pretty fishy, and then she kept looking at my piss in the containers swishing it around and looking really close. But, then she let me go, and I'll get my answer back later today.

    So, a little tip: If you're going to get piss tested and you're subbing, EAT SOMETHING, and don't drink much water. Or, try not to piss in the morning 'cause my toilet water ended up just light blue, not green, and I think down in the states they can get a bit more serious about it than here in Canada.

    Also, has anybody tried drinking the synthetic urine? Some friends told me I should try it, but I figure that even though it's synthetic, it's still urine and it doesn't belong in my mouth. I wouldn't try tasting synthetic anthrax even if someone told me it was completely safe.
  14. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Seasoned Activist

    "....mixed up the formula with the little crystals it comes with..."
    Must be the Canada version. Congrats on the smooth sub and welcome to the club.
  15. SpliffStar

    SpliffStar New Member

    Another thing i learned was about thermometer that beep. I couldnt find a thermometer that didnt beep so if you cant either, practice using it trying to muffle the beeping or shut it off before it beeps repeatedly.
  16. TheHerbalWay

    TheHerbalWay New Member

    Yayyyy!!! New job and pot free!!! (as far as they know)

    Before I was going to sub I bought a bottle of xxtraclean by Detoxify. I hadn't smoked for a week but i was really worrying. But after reading the Sub posts on the forum I knew that subbing was in my future. I knew that it was a better choice for me because I felt at ease as soon as i decided on using a friends piss (maybe it had to do with the big fat bowl I smoked!!!)

    Success!!! I am a member of the sub club. I was in the position where i had to get the clean sample from a friend then take the test 9 hours later. I used a 2oz shampoo bottle and put it in my crotch. I am a fat guy so the bottle weas well warmed though i did bring some hotpacks just in case. I doubled up on underwear to give a little added warmth. I checked the temp before the test and it was at about 98.5 degrees so I knew i would be okay.

    At the test the woman told me to empty my pockets, so I did, then i went into the little room and started peeing in the toilet. I held it for a moment so it would sound like i was peeing in a cup then started again. As soon as I was done i pulled the bottle out of my crotch then just dumped it in the cup put the bottle back in my crotch and handed the women my sample. It was so easy!!! I didn't have to worry at all about the color of my urine or whether or not the drink worked just pour and pass. On the testing sheet there was a place that asked if the sample was between 90 and 100 degrees. No problem. I start training this week. Such a great job for me!

    Just dont drop the bottle or the cap and don't set the urine down on the toilet since the toilet is so cold. Also don't worry about the color of your own piss compared to the sample the women didn't even look. You'll be fine. Have confidence!

    Thank you N2!!!!!!!
  17. TNTMagicHerb

    TNTMagicHerb New Member

    Passed SAP6-50 w/ NIT...

    Used N2's substitution method... 2 pairs of tighty whities, 2oz bottle of shampoo, and good old crotch heat. I will note that the bottle even after being rinsed 20+ times still smelled of shampoo(didnt make a difference). I will list my schedule I used the day of test.
    1) Brother came over around 3pm and pissed in a cup for me.
    2) Poured the urine into a 2oz bottle of shampoo (rinsed well).
    3) Put on the 2 pairs of tighty whities and a pair of boxers for good measure.
    4) Placed the sealed bottle of piss between my balls and anus @ 3:30pm
    5) Went to the Dr's office and arrived at 3:50pm to fill out forms early.
    6) Was instructed to wait in room and nurse would be back shortly (4:05pm)
    7) Nurse showed up to fill me in on process, washed hands/emptied pockets and entered bathroom at 4:20 pm
    8) Shut and locked door myself; Took the cap off quietly and poured urine into cup. (Was making noise when pouring so put my finger over the edge of bottle to muffle the noise of the pouring)
    9) Finished off by pissing in the toilet and a little on the edge for good luck.
    10) Temperature at time of exiting bathroom was 96ยบ
    11) Watched her spilt sample and signed my name about 5 times on the chain of custody form and I was out!

    They just called about 30 mins ago to inform me that my brothers piss passed the test. DUH! So I hope this will help anyone still nervous about using sub method.

    P.S. - Was shaking like a wet dog the whole time and still no questions asked.
  18. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Seasoned Activist

    Herbal and TNT, Congrats and welcome to our SubClub. 96 degrees...very good. Never fear a drug test again.
  19. imported_c_bo

    imported_c_bo New Member

    To Clean.....?

    Did the sub today for insurance policy. No problem as for subbing....unsupervised and didn't even check temp. I filled up the 2 tubes straight from my 98* bottle of syn U. That's all I had to return.

    question is : can urine be to clean? Can syn be detected?

    I'm a healthy man of 50 yrs
    6' 210lb
    Not alot of Dr visits


  20. jayjay777

    jayjay777 New Member


    so i got caught sellin' weed at skool... was put on probation for a long period of time, n i had to take random drug tests ( urine ). My first drug test was no problamo, i had money n i had been turned on to a product ( beverage ) that supposedly worked...i had smoked the day before the test n drunk the beverage approximatly 4 hours before my test. ACE. It was all good ( just incase anyone wants to know which product i passed with it is called "Q-carbo" Found in GNC for $50.00 but can be purchased off the internet for $15.00 [i got ripped off] ) anyways... i have another test in about 3 days n i dont have anymore money :redhot: so i was thinking about trying to substitute. Seems like no big deal besides the fact of keeping it at a certain temperature, thank god i read something from N2, coz i was going to microwave it. But, even if u have something to measure the temperature with... u can only get it so warm by placing it in between ur crotch area. U think i would be cool if i had my little brother piss in a condom n keep it in my crotch? Would it be warm enough?

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