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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by IamN2pot, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. NorthernWV

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    After more testing I am starting to really worry about the temperature. Strapped next to my leg it stays at about 97*...however, after I dump it in a cools to 92* within 1 minute and by 2 minutes its under 90* doesnt seem like anyone else is having this problem, why is it happening in my test runs? If I put the heating pad on it, it gets up to 104*. Way too hot. I'm stuck on how to regulate it properly. Please someone reply back relatively quickly.
  2. hammer5420

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    I am a 57-year-old male 6 foot one and 300 pounds. On December 20 I had my first urine test by my pain management Dr. I have smoked for the past 20 years about 2j a day. On January 3, 2012 I was notified that I did not pass my test of course. I stopped smoking that day on February 22 I had another test failed. Was scheduled for another test on 29 February, on February 19 I took the extra strength omni pill. Before taking the pill I drink about 60 ounces of water and after the pill 44 ounces of water. Did not have to urinate that much but had diarrhea for about five hours. On the 29th went in for my test got my results back on 1 of March and it was positive. Now I have one more test on Friday, March 9 if I don't pass this test my pain medicine will be stopped. I have four fused desk in my back and I'll have a disk degenerative disease. I need my pain medicine can you help me with this?
  3. chief rocka

    chief rocka New Member

    I drove myself crazy for a week, even calling and pushing my start date back worrying about the possibility of failing my urinalysis because of a couple slip-ups in February, but this is fool proof unless your test is actually "observed." Just in case it is, I will dilute on the morning of the test.

    I won't get into the graphic details, but I brought a digital thermometer today to practice. I started with water sitting on my desk and unassisted, the temperature dropped about 1.3-1.5 degrees every 2-3 minutes. When I got home, I found an old pill bottle and cleaned it out so it's free of pill residue. I urinated in the bottle at and and the temp was 96.1. After 10 minutes in my vaginal cavity it had risen to 97.7. I decided I would test it in my bra for 10 minutes, which dropped the temperature back to 96. After returning it to my vaginal cavity, for 20 minutes, it had risen to 98.6 degrees.

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  4. NorthernWV

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    its times like these I wish I had a vagina gonna strap it in the gooch area...I just hope it doesnt move around too much but with a pair of boxer briefs, 2 tighty whities and a final pair of briefs to cover them all, I think itll hold still..Goodluck!
  5. HectorGreenSauce

    HectorGreenSauce New Member

    Hi Yall. Let me tell you what I did today.

    Like many of you, I had a pre-employment drug screening I knew I wasn't going to pass by using my own urine.
    Fortunately, a (clean) friend of mine was free today and was able to provide a specimen in condom, minutes before the test. Having the urine produced at such proximity to the exam is a key advantage, as I didn't have to worry as much about storing and heating. I had been practicing keeping the urine at body temp with the aide of two "tidy whites" and hand-warmers the day prior, giving myself a 20 minute window. Luckily, the whole ordeal only took about ten.

    It really does help to come in clean shaven and suited up. The lady didn't even check the temp of the container I handed her.

    Make sure you are either able to pee, or have enough of the urine to release into the bowl, since, as stated numerous times in this thread, they do dye the toilet and check if the color's changed afterwards: It should turn form blue to green.

    As per maintaining and accessing the condom, I find 2" binder clips works work well. You can get them cheap at any Staples.
  6. Nubcakes

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    I just got away with substitution with a lot of practice. I used 2 pairs of brief boxers and had a bottle tucked between my nuts and thigh. I found it maintained a temperature of 96 for over a hour with legs crossed 95 walking around for over 30 minutes.

    One thing I discovered is hand sanitize bottles maintain temperature much better than travel size shampoo bottles. It's because the material is much more thin (maybe because people are meant to squeeze it out more often?). There is even a 2.5 oz bottle by Germ X which I used and it was more than enough. It's pictured here

    Anyways good luck! And it was much more easy than I thought it would be!
  7. YeahI'mThatOneDude

    YeahI'mThatOneDude New Member

    This post has been a long time coming. I have been at my new job now for about 5 months and it's all thanks to this forum and it's members. If it wasn't for a friend sending me a link to this article I would be like so many others out there who can't land a job for a simple lifestyle choice. My apologies for not downing a 12-Pack every night and then attempting to drive my automobile (plus hangovers suck!). I used the hand sanitizer bottle method and it worked like a charm. really the worst part was my anxiety about the whole ordeal, but after I got the method down to a science (and this included practicing unscrewing the bottle and pouring without dropping the cap!) I sucked it up and went through with it and I'm here to tell you that the worst part is all in your head. Once you realize that you are NOT a criminal and deserve a job like every other hard working person in the world it's all just getting it over with and worrying about more important things like your new job! good luck to every one of you that have tests and remember...your doing NOTHING wrong!
  8. TokeYouVeryMuch

    TokeYouVeryMuch New Member

    Hey guys, I have to take a test at a walk in clinic, any one know about their procedures at these clinics. I'm thinking about subbing.

    Also If I got a friends urine in a cleaned plastic water bottle then kept it in the fridge a couple days, transferring to the bottle the day of test, would that work.
  9. Spayed

    Spayed New Member

    Okay, so, the thread got lost and I'm sure that my original post with it. While I'm not 100% certain if it's really gone, I won't take the chance.

    I am on probation. I am on month six of six. I am home free after this month is done, and my PO has yet to piss test me. I am on probation for DUI, and nothing drug related. There were drug-related charges, but they were in turn dropped due to lack of proof on the side of the prosecution.

    I served 48 hours in jail, where they asked for a urine sample. Since that day, I have yet to give another piss sample to my PO. This is my first time seeing him since the day I went on probation. He is asking to see me on the 12 of April, which is just a few days from this post.

    I am 26, 5'10, and about 235lbs. I exercise daily (I walk about 4 miles a day) and my diet is absolutely horrendous. It's already high-fat/low-fiber, and I eat pretty much no other meat than red meat.

    My concern is that my PO is going to decide to piss test me now, instead of just having me sign my paperwork and letting me go.

    Following N2's dilution method, does anybody have a rough guess as to what my chances of passing this test are going to be? If the tradition of the county/state that I'm on probation for (this is technically an out-of-state probation deal.... I live in MD, but got popped in PA) he will be using the standard "dip stick" method.

    Any reply - either through the thread itself or via PM - would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Spayed

    Spayed New Member

    Ugh, I feel like a damned fool. My original post was in the dilution thread, not in this one. -_-
  11. budsalltheway

    budsalltheway New Member

    Can you refuse to have a hernia check done by the clinic thats taking your drug test? its pre employment physical some lifting required for job. But cant i just tell them i want my family doctor to do it because its uncomfortable? please let me know thanx
  12. just_helping

    just_helping New Member

  13. just_helping

    just_helping New Member

    No, pee in a bottle won't work. There's no way to get it to the right temperature of 92-96. The pee cups have built in thermometers and the collector will know youre substituting which is an auto fail......I prefer to know I'm good going in for the test. I test myself. forget the $20-40 test from walmart, cvs, walgreens etc.....5 bucks will do. I used this website:
  14. LucilleBall

    LucilleBall New Member

    I am so so so grateful for this website. I have learned a lot from all of you guys' comments n such!!!!!!! Thanks to ALL!
  15. weeches

    weeches New Member

    PLEASE HELP!! Taking test tomorrow at Labcorp. I bought Quickfix kit but plan on using a friends bc I can't be confident they can't detect that eventhough I'm not in one of the states that apparently screen for it. So my only worry is temperature. Any tips on how to make sure it is hot enough but not too hot in quickfix bottle? I plan to use the heating pad but I'm very hot natured as well and sweat all the time so worried I'll get it too hot. Also if I pee in toilet in order to change the colored water, is there any chance that will be tested? I truly appreciate any help as I'm under counseling for Anxiety disorder which is reason I smoke in the first place. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for reply
  16. LovetheRope

    LovetheRope New Member

    Hello All,

    Posting this to document what I have done.

    Got an opportunity doing some contract work. Smoked this past w/end playing some gigs.
    I know before that I was going to do the Sub route, (because I had a neg dilute twice 2 years before).
    Bought some QF + directly from them a year ago (Batch P9D-11).
    Been practicing on acting/walking/sitting normally.
    The temp is staying very good (96-98) after a "Dry Run" of about an hour and a half.

    Test is a Quest Diagnostic 6633N SAP 10-50 GC/MS
    It is a walk in type of clinic (Done this there before, so I know their procedures)
    I live in North Carolina and the MRO is out of PA

    Fixing to go to the clinic and drop my sample.

    I will post results

    Drop sample, temp was perfect (97 degrees). No issues
    (The first 24 hrs was HELL, the next day I decided to calm my nerves with a bowl from a friend!) lol
    A little over 48 hrs later, I got an email from the corporation telling me that my badge was being sent out to me.

    Thank you to this forum and QF+!!!
    Good luck to all of you
  17. Kitten19933

    Kitten19933 New Member

    Sorry if this is a repeat question, but this thread is a bit long lol...

    Can they detect age? Like say I get clean urine from my kid... I know... not my finest moment...
  18. Jamminjames

    Jamminjames New Member

    Hi all,
    Excellent forum with some great advice. I interviewed and got a job that requires a urine test. Heavy smoker and just found out on Friday that a test was required. I have been on a no carb diet for the last couple of weeks and exercising quite a bit. I figure I will go with the dilution method but was wondering if my diet will hurt or better my chances of passing. I take the test next week so should be clean from anywhere from 5-7 days. I read on here to stop exercising and intake fatty foods. Since I do exercise and consume protein/fatty foods...what do you think? I will also start a Suana routine today through the rest of the daysleading up to the test.
  19. BiggieD

    BiggieD New Member

    thanks in advance!

    5'-6'' 280lb male, have not had any smoke since April 8th, so about 35 days tomorrow, I did a strip dip test today and flunk! omg need advice? it is a full physical next week, i have some powder, as well as some quickfix and warmers (and a urinator bag) (so im all set to sub, just stressful) so I can sub but really don’t want to use in case they are really close eyeing me??(but if I get enough feedback telling me to sub then I will) idk looking for suggestions, I’m assuming my weight is why I’m still not clean, I started a diuretic this am and have drank 64 to 70 oz. of water today, ideas thoughts please
    thanks yall!
  20. Heptane

    Heptane New Member

    I've heard that it is definitely hit-or-miss with a drug test and a physical at the same time. It all depends if they do the physical first, or if they make you strip down into a gown before the test, if the tech/doc/etc is going to be present immediately after you provide a sample, etc. If this is a simple pre-employment non-DOT/gov position you shouldn't be monitored while actually doing the deed however. If it were me I would opt for dilution (which I'm not really a fan of 99.99% of the time - sub is usually the way to go) on a test like this, as the doc probably won't think a bottle sticking out of your crotch is normal.

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