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    Ok so turns out piss test was not today but I made a duct tape harness ( double sided ) the whole thing is made of duct tape and is very flexible. I think I'm just gonna gooch it this time. Test is defnately tomorow they said.
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    Ok so test was today. I just gooched it and went right in opened up the bottle and dumped it in. Walked out and put the cup in the bag. I don't have to really worry about temp because my anger managment facility puts it in the fridge and then the samples are collected to go to the lab. I will let you know the results.
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    First can anyone tell me how to get rid of the bar to the right with the share?. I find it really annoying and have to scroll around it.

    About me. 56, little extra weight so slow metab. Been HIV+ for over 20 years(thank goodness) so take about 10 pills of the HiV"cocktails". Have a urine test coming up, probably in the next month. I smoke daily and most of the days on weekends so chronic. Never smoke before work. Been smoking for years. This is a new deal at work the testing for DOT. My employer would be hard pressed to replace me and have been at this job for 3 years. stopped smoking todaY(yikes) maybe why the intro with the sidebar issue. Anyway, Anyone know if the HIV meds interfere or affect the test results. may have to go to my Doctor on this one. Any help appreciated.
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    Since this forum helped me out so much I thought I would share my story.
    I'm not a heavy pot smoker. I'd say that I smoke once every month or so, generally only when offered. One such night my friend told me she could get me a job where she works and I, being a poor college student, jumped at the offer. It wasn't until after I smoked that she told me the job required a drug test.
    Understandably I was freaking out. I was going to take one a week after I smoked, and dilution did not work for me in the past (17 days after smoking, too!), so I decided to substitute.

    I used one of my male friend's pee. He smokes even less than I do, and he claimed that it had been 5 months since his last time. He also eats healthy and works out vigorously, so I was sure that he was clean.
    I stored his urine in this acrylic paint bottle:

    It holds 59 ml so I thought it would work for my purposes. The thermometer used is ReliOn. I got it from Wal-Mart for less than $10, I think. It beeps, and I don't think there's a way to turn it off, so don't get it if you want to have your thermometer with you in the bathroom at the clinic. Now for the embarrassing part. To practice I filled the bottle with cold tap water and, with the aid of KY, inserted the bottle into my vaginal cavity. After storing it there for about an hour I removed it and tested the temperature, which read 94.6 degrees. I also practiced taking the cap off and putting it on quietly, and practiced pouring it so that it sounded like I was actually urinating. I repeated this process several times.

    The morning of the test I went to my friend's apartment and had him pee into the bottle. It was his first pee of the morning, and I'm aware that it is the most concentrated urine, but I thought it would be fine.
    I had a test in a class afterwards, so I put the bottle in my vaginal cavity and went on my way. I went by my home after my test, so the bottle had been in me for a little over an hour. I removed it and tested the temperature which read 97.4 degrees. Satisfied, I put it back inside me and went to take the drug test.

    The drug test was done at a regular clinic, but the sheet I received read LabCorp, so I'm assuming they send the urine to them? I don't know.

    Anyways, after another 45 minutes I was called into the back from the waiting room into a small room with a sink and cabinets. The man collecting was very nice. He asked me to put my purse in a cabinet and wash my hands. That was it; there was not pat down. He handed me the bottle to fill and marked a line on where it needed to be. Connected to the small room was a small bathroom with a toilet only (the water wasn't dyed blue which I thought was weird). After instructing me to not flush the man allowed me to shut and lock the door and do my business. Shaking, I removed the bottle from my cooch and poured it into the cup. I was freaking out a little because it did not reach the line, but it turned out the be fine.

    I inserted the bottle back in, went through the motions of wiping, and pulled up my pants. I exited the restroom and asked if the amount was fine, and the man said 'yes'. On the sheet he marked that the temperature was between 90 and 100 degrees and that it was a split specimen collection (why do they do this?). I washed my hands, and was sent on my way. That was yesterday, and I didn't receive a phone call today saying I had failed, so I'm assuming that's a good sign? Still nervous because I am and always will be paranoid as fuck.

    That was my experience. Will report back if I fail for some reason, but I'm hoping everything is fine. As long as you get the temperature right, do it quietly and unobserved the testers won't suspect a thing. :thumbsup:
    Good luck!
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    Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for all the input. Everyone is different so best of luck to you.

    My situation is this, I know for a FACT Sure-Gel, the canning agent from your local grocer, works perfectly within one hour. I know it works because I've always kept a pack in my car just in case they said you're up for a test! Well it worked however the urine ran clear, considered diluted. They re tested me the net day on the fly and I failed. But the SG worked!

    My questions is if I combine the creatine, aspirin and B-12 method while diluting my urine with sure gel will this work.

    1) 3 Days begin taking a lot of creatine
    2) 2 hours before my test I start by drinking the 2X8 of water with Sure-Gel With aspirin. Followed up by drinking another 8oz every 15 min with B-12 pill and liquid

    Think this could work?

    If the sure gel is already working, with the heavy does of supplements help levels and color?

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    Hi guys. I registered here to help my fellow female potheads with their sub problems, but after reading some of your thread I figured I may as well help you guys too! I will try to make this short AND informative. About 2 years ago I got into a little trouble and landed myself on probation. Which included monthly testing. Well, my husband, who is an inventor, decided he would rather help me out than see me fail test after test. (quiting was not option). I wanted to add here that he is not a "backyard" inventor. He holds 15 patents to date, including the 2 I'm discussing here. Back to my story...It took him 2 long years of trial and error, but I'll be damned if he didn't invent the most amazing urine sub devices you've ever seen. He now sells them as golden shower devices. Actually, at this very moment, only the female device, CUPID, is on the market. Sorry guys. BUT he expects to have the GS 1000, (golden shower 1000), for sale soon. Anyway, let me tell you how this works. It is designed around a 2 oz. bottle, but holds around 2.5 ozs including hose. It is designed to be inserted into your rectum. Yes, rectum. Please refrain from all of the homo remarks. I can tell you ahead of time that he has one fine ass wife and is NOT gay. Anyway, it has 2 hoses that lead out of the bottle and follow a path from there to your balls. From there they y off from each other. One goes to the peepee head, the other follows the side of the balls to that little sweaty area where they meet the leg. Now I'm not going to tell you every small detail, (mainly because I don't know them LOL). But I can tell you that the whole thing is incased in black latex and the part of the hoses that could be visable are covered in pubic hair, your choice of color. Easy one handed operation, EXACT body temp ALL THE TIME and is almost completely invisable. Now I don't know about all places, but here most of the testing sites are hip to the whole fake porno penis, urine bag and elastic belt subbing method. And have a policy of randomly having test subjects drop their pants. If that happens, it's kind of hard to explain any sub device designed on the old whizzinator platform. Where as, the GS 1000 could be worn naked and still deliver clean, body temp urine. So there it is guys. I've done my duty as a pothead for today. Told the girls about CUPID and where to buy her, (eBay item # 261126771922). And now have given you guys something to look forward too. Email my hubby at if you'd like more info as far as sale date or techy details. Thanks for listening. I feel like such a good citizen that I'm gonna go blaze a bowl as my reward! Peace
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    Just wanted to share my recent experience with subbing...

    I took a pre-employment test this week at labcorp. Bought a current, non-recalled batch Quick Fix straight from them. I got the version with uric acid. I have used it on three other occasions with absolutely no problems and have perfected the process pretty much. Anyway, temp was right at 98, gave it to them signed some papers and left. Today I got a call saying it was diluted, which I definitely was not expecting. I told the company I have been doing a body detox as part of trying to eat healthier(which is true). They are letting me do another test which is good but I kind of lost hope in quick fix so I will be using the same method with real urine. Just wanted to let people know what happened.
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    Hey there, I hope things workout for you, I wanted to share my own surprise experience. I subbed with dehydrated, temp fine, all smooth, but after days of no results the short story is it came back as a "fatal flaw" and wouldn't be tested. So I was spooked and didn't go back, so I'll never know if it was a clerical error or something w the to never know..anyone know about this "fatal flaw" N2?
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    Alright guys. New member here! I had a pee test that is being sent to Quest Diagnostics. I have been clean for about 25 days, but I knew I wasn't passing the home tests and didn't want to risk dilution. I went with Dr. Greens Agent X, which is the top selling product out of EVERYTHING they sell at my local headshop. While I was there for 15 minutes, 5 other people bought it.

    I went to the lab, followed procedure, the guy marked something on the form and split the sample into two test tubes, had me initial them, and bagged them for the lab. Think I passed? The crappy thing is the company said that "no news is good news" i.e. I probably won't hear anything if I passed.
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    sorry didnt mean to do that anyways, id really like to know how long urine can be frozen for.. plese help i have frozen and some in the fridge.. i dont know what to do but ill soon find out..the pee hjas been frozen 2 months so i dont know if it'll work or not .. the pee in the fridge has been there since around 10 last night and its the 7th of january 2013 its in a plastic bottle in a zip lock with ice .. thanx
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    Sup again, everyone. So, i used quickfix 4 years ago for my current job. Im getting a new job and i was wondering if quick fix still works.

    Second questiin is, i got my friends pee who doesnt ever do any drugs and takes good care of his body. I got it at 3pm one day, he peed in a small glass mason jar which wqs put in to a plastic bag and in a cooler with ice pack immediately. An hour later when i got home
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    Sup again, everyone. So, i used quickfix 4 years ago for my current job. Im getting a new job and i was wondering if quick fix still works.

    Second questiin is, i got my friends pee who doesnt ever do any drugs and takes good care of his body. I got it at 3pm one day, he peed in a small cleaned and sanitized glass mason jar which wqs put in to a plastic bag and in a cooler with ice pack immediately. An hour later when i got home i took it out of the cooler wrapped tin foil around jar put it back in the bag sucked the air out of the bag and placed it in my freezer at -6 degrees. Its been in there for a week and it might be in there for another couple weeks too. Is that ok?

    Did i do the collection and freezing correctly? Shoukd i use his pee or quickfix again?
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    The N2 Method Works!!! Even 5 Years Later!!!!

    I felt the need to reply on this due to how much help this thread has given me in my last 2 Pre-Employment Urine Tests... Search my Name and you'll see my previous posts from 5 years ago...

    6'0, 180lbs... Daily smoker... About 2 to 3 hits a night before bed...

    I work for a broker who's client is a MAJOR consumer package goods company and I used the N2 method 5 years ago before I got hired here. If you search my name you would find my posts back from 2007. The N2 method worked then so when a pre drug screen was thrust on me, I immediately came back to this thread to read through all of your posts to make sure it still worked.

    I was stressing something terrible because it's not like I was offered a role with a separate company, this was my client. So if I failed, everything I've worked for for the past 5 years would be in the toilet. My reputation, my integrity and my livelihood was at stake.

    When I got the offer it was Thursday, I had smoked a day before. 2 hits before bed... I knew I had a drug screen coming up on that Tuesday. So I re-read N2's method, went out and got my supplies. Bayer Aspirin, Creatine Pills, and Vitamin B. I started power loading creatine immediately on that Friday and kept it up through Tuesday.

    Tuesday morning I started my dilution 4 hours before my 1:00pm test. I followed the method but forgot the salt. I also drank too much liquids (gatorade) and watered down the gatorade when I was running out. When I left, I drove to the place DYING to pee. The address on the paper was incorrect and I was feeling crappy so I stopped to pee on the way to the other location. BIG MISTAKE!!!

    I went in to the LabCorp and filled out the paper squirming in my seat. She led me to the bathroom with the cup and left me alone. I peed like I haven't peed before. I made sure to go midstream in the cup and finished the rest in the bowl. I musta used too much Vitamin B cause my pee was lime green. When I gave it to her, she even said something about it. "Wow, it's really green..." I didn't respond because what was I going to say?

    I went home and was smart enough to not smoke even though I wanted to. I felt good about it but didn't want to chance it.

    The next day at 9:15 Wednesday I got an email... "You have been asked to take another drug screen"... I freaked out... What the hell!??!?! I called them and they instructed me to call my HR person. Sure enough, I hung up and she called me. Turns out "NEGATIVE DILUTE"... I played dumb and they told me I had 24 hours to take another one. I went back on to this thread and made sure I would be okay. Not alot of 2nd dilution success stories... Stressed was not even the word to describe my feeling.

    When I got back home, I immediately went and bought 2 Home Tests from CVS and tested myself with one when I got back into the house. The THC line was faint but I could see it. According to the home test, with barely any prep the day after, I was clean.

    I power loaded more Creatine and started with the Tums. I had a huge Bacon Cheeseburger for lunch and went to Mickey D's for dinner. Big Mac Large Meal with a cheeseburger on top of it. The next morning, I tested on my first void and I passed that one with a faint line. Afterwards, I went out and got a Bacon Egg and Cheese on a bagel with salt pepper and ketchup... With EXTRA bacon... Then I poured salt all over it before I ate it.

    I then, FOLLOWED N2's method to the letter. All the way down to the OZ... I used Gatorade instead of water... With every 4oz I switched from a ton of salt to a open pill of creatine. I took the 4 aspirin every 4 hours for 12 hours up to 4 hours before the test. I ate about 6 Tums every 5 hours for 12 hours. I ate 4 Tums after each intake of water.

    When I got to LabCorp I hadn't peed in about 30-40 minutes. When I got the cup, I could barely fill it. But it looked good... When I was filling out the "Exit Forms" the lady says "Weren't you here already?" I said "Yes, it came up Negative Dilute" and she says "You probably drank too much water...." No shit lady...

    When I got home, I had to have a salad... I was eating CRAP all week long and needed to clean out my stomach. Within 5 minutes of eating that salad my stomach gave out and the creatine really hit me hard. I was in and out of the bathroom for about 5 hours. Horrible cramps... Pepto couldn't even help me... Terrible feeling. Stressing and the creatine destroyed me... Could barely eat dinner or sleep due to the stress...

    Today about 30 hours after that 2nd test I got the call... I PASSED!!!! This job is a 23% pay hike with a company car which saves my wife and I at least 500 a month once we give up our lease. I keep my reputation and I'm now working for one Forbes' 100 Best Companies in the world to work for...

    Here's the deal folks... I couldn't sub cause I didn't know anyone with clean pee... I didn't have enough time to do a Quick Fix because I had a small window to get that 2nd test done. I followed N2's method to the letter... I even wrote things down as I did them to make sure...

    Well, that's it for me guys... I'm done... No more green stuff for me... I've been a smoker for almost 20 years, I've enjoyed so many great fun times with it.. I've used it for so many different things and I truly LOVE MJ but I have to let it go. I'm 38 years old and nearly lost my entire life over 2 hits a night. The stress I've been through this week is enough to wake me up. I'm moving to whiskey and bourbon from here on out. I will always support the movement and people who smoke.. I just can't anymore.

    Good luck folks.. Thanks so much for posting on this thread as it's always been my "Go To" site for help with stuff like this.

    Follow N2's Method!!! It WORKS!!!!

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    Hello all, Checking in to see if anybody has had a similar experience or can answer my question.

    I've Used N2's method several times without fail. I used my wife's urine every time. Worked great. This last time was a urine test and physical. I'm sure the urine was drug free but they used a dip stick to check pH, acidity, blood, etc....they found blood in the urine. They said that they would have it tested and I've yet to hear the results. Here is my question...

    Can they tell it was a female's urine by testing the blood in the urine?

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    I joined the sub club yesterday. Soooo easy, submitted my sample for the ecup, which I had 4 minutes and a locked door to complete, temp was perfect. Guys... Heat bottle to 100, put it between your balls and thigh don't bother with hand warmer, mine didn't do $h**
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    Hey there anyone, I posted a few months ago about my subbing experience and getting the result labeled as a "fatal flaw". I've subsequently read up on the term; there isn't much literature on it but it seems to refer to a flag as to not test the sample, ie. the handling of the specimen could be in question etc. It just so happens that I was purposely submitting a dehydrated urine sample to see if it truly passes. You can't believe everything you read on the Internet. I I very much believe I have a medical need for marijuana, from essential tremor to herniated discs, and do not want to be on pharmaceuticals the rest of my life. Herb offers me relief. But my occupation is regulated by the DOT and random testing is enforced. So I desire relief from knowing that dehydrated truly works (the act of subbing is like clockwork if you practice and I have until I can do it in my sleep) , but with my one real experience subbing I got a lukewarm result, the "fatal flaw". Bummer. looks like N2 is gone from these threads. Anyone have any input?
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    Ok so I want to share my subbing experience. I took a urine test today, researched online for awhile to see what the best way was. But all I could find online was a non lubed condom or travel size shampoo bottle. I went to the dollar store and purchased a cupple packs of punching ballons, you know the kind you blow up, and have the rubber band that you hold onto. Best thing ever to use.. seriously. First I got some of my cousins urine, doesn't do anything and is in good health. I got the chance to choose where I wanted to be tested at. It was between a local hospital or a urgent care center. Of course I chose the urgent care center, I figured it wouldn't be as strict. So I picked up the urine, filled the ballon up. Tied it off. Set it on my dash board and cranked the heat up. When I got to the clinic it was so hot, trust me HOT. I could barely keep it on by skin. Anyways I put it between two pairs of underwear, walked in and started filling put paper work. Sat for about 15 minutes after paperwork was done. Then walked into the testing. Best thing about the clinics are It's a bunch of young woman, and It's easy to tall your way into being calm. She had me empty out my pockets, but not my fifth pocket.. where I stashed alittle razor blade. Went into the bathroom, wasn't aloud to wash my hands or flush. But I could shut the door and lock it! Walked out with the pee in the cup. Temp was just right, signed the rest of the papers. And walked out! The best thing about the punching ballon is that you can put the rubberband around you pant button above the zipper, and it stays in place. Make sure to wear a belt, so you can't see it easily. The test was a non-dot 5 panel u.a test. They divided my sample onto two cups, sealed them up and I signed them. This is probably the easiest way to sub. I have been 32 days clean from Mary Jane but I wasn't confident in my own sample so I subbed rather then chance not getting this great job. I hope this can help some of you. Have a great day everyone
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    I am officially a member of the sub club and couldn't wait to share my story...since this forum helped me out so much. First thing... CALM DOWN. It will be okay. I wished I had listened to that. I have been an every day (several times a day) smoker for about six years. I fell in love with it in college and just haven't been able to let it go. Sorry...I'm not sorry :laugh:. Yes, that's right...a stoner with a 4-year degree from an accredited way! Anyway, an opportunity for a new job came up, and I just had to take advantage of it. I wasn't sure when I applied if there would be a drug test or not... well, there was. I knew that there was no way I could get clean in the 5 days I had. I smoke so much, I didn't trust dilution. After several hours of debate, I realized substitution really was the only way to go. I used a 3 oz. travel Dove body wash bottle. My cousin agreed to pee for me. I rinsed out the bottle a hundred times with hot water and practiced transferring water back and forth between the cup and the bottle quietly. One thing I noticed was that when the bottle was all the way full, it made it more difficult to pour without spilling. So leave a little room at the top for pouring purposes. The bottle still smelled like body wash when I used it, but I know I had rinsed it out well enough. The key to this really is practicing. I had a digital thermometer...and that definitely helps! I practiced sooo many times walking into my bathroom, and doing exactly what I was going to do on the day. It helped ease my nerves a lot. I also practiced with water, keeping it in my boobs and my see which held the temperature better. This is what I did on the day:

    1) Went to my cousins house at 6:30 am (test was at 7:00am) She peed in a plastic solo cup (her first pee of the morning).
    2) Poured her pee from the cup to my 3 oz. bottle. (left a little room at the top)
    3) It was a 15 minute drive from her house to the testing facility. I heated the sample up using the heating/ac vents in my car. I kept moving the bottle around to make sure all of the pee was being heated.
    4) Arrived. My nerves were through the roof at this point. There was hardly anyone in the parking lot. I knew it would be this way because the facility opened at 7:00am and that was the time of my appointment. I knew I would be one of the only people there. This made me nervous because I knew there would be a lack of background noise... but I wanted to make sure I got the pee and went straight there. I didn't want to have to worry about it going bad, or not keeping the temp up. I sat in the parking lot and took the temperature before I went in. It was 105 and kept going up! I was freaking out. I heated it way too much. I started swirling it around to cool it off a little. Took it again, it was down to 100. I put it in my undies and walked in. (I wore two pairs of TIGHT underwear to make it extra insolated).
    5) You walk in...there is a clipboard for you to put your name on. I signed it and sat down. I crossed my legs because I read that really helps keep it warm. I decided to crotch it instead of boob it because I knew I could warm it up with the leg crossing if I had to.
    6) They call you up and make you fill out paperwork. You have to show them your ID so they can make sure you're the actual one taking the test.
    7) They call my name. I feel so sick to my stomach at this point. NOTE: I had just gotten over the stomach bug. I was chugging fluids and still wasn't urinating. I was extremely nervous I would have no pee to pee in the toilet...leading to a lack of background noise...but it was fine.
    8) At this point I'm wondering if I made a mistake going so early in the morning. It was silent.
    9) A man is administering my test. He asks me if I have pockets. I tell him yes. He asked if there was anything in them. I said no. No making me turn them inside patting me down. I was dressed very nice in skinny jeans, flats, and a nice blouse. THIS HELPED ME. I am an attractive female in her mid twenties. If you don't look like a pot head...they suspect way less... making it way easier for you.
    10) He then asked me to wash my hands. I said okay. Then he says...(my favorite part) "I know it seems crazy...but you would be shocked at the amount of things people do to try to beat the system". My response..." I can only imagine". Then he says, "but I can tell by lookin at ya that you're not that kind of girl". I'm a pretty girl so there's NOOO way I could be a druggie?!? His ignorance really made me chuckle to myself. Such a stereotype! People need to realize not everyone who smokes pot is "bad". Anyway! Little did he know, I had a bottle of clean piss in my crotch. lol It still makes me laugh. I think looking nice will definitely help you in this situation. Dress like you're about to go to work (which I was).
    11) He hands me the cup. He takes out a marker and says, I need you to fill it up to this line...and draws a line. It was a lot...but I was pretty sure my 3 oz. was enough. He then tells me to go into the bathroom, don't turn on the water, and don't flush. He did not follow me to the I knew he wasn't right there listening.
    12) I walk in. Shut the door. There was a lock...but it didn't lock. Ugh oh. Then, from here on's such a blur! I think I was so mind kind of makes it all fuzzy. It's really hard to explain. I pulled down my pants. I was so nervous, the bottle almost fell out of my undies. I needed to just relax! The toilet seat was up, so I put it down, loudly so he could hear. I sat down and started to pee. While I was peeing my real pee into the toilet full of blue water, I unscrewed the cap and began to pour the pee into the cup he gave me. Because of my stomach bug, I only peed for a couple of seconds...but there was a fan or something on in the bathroom. I was so worried about it being too quiet...but it wasn't. I could hardly hear the pee from the bottle hitting the cup, so I knew he couldn't either. I made sure to tilt the cup and pour down the side. This makes less noise than if you simply dumped the pee in the cup. NOTE: Thank God I went with 3 oz. because I just had enough to get it a little over the line. I saved a few drops just in case he asked me for more. 2 oz. would not have been enough for this test.
    13) I had read that they put temp strips on the cups, so I had a whole plan to make sure the temp was good before bringing it out to him. But I was so scared, I just poured it, set it on the back of the toilet, pulled up my pants, and opened the door. He was about ten feet away. The whole substitution only took me about 45-60 seconds.
    14) He grabs the cup. Then he says, "See this temperature strip here?" I don't know if he just slapped it on after I peed...or if it was there on the cup the whole time...but I have no idea. I was too nervous to notice. I said, "yaaaa." I'm thinking I'm fu*ked. He goes, "This is to make sure the urine actually came out of your body, which in your case, this definitely did." PHEW. Instant relief. I knew getting the temperature right was the hardest part. Then he said, "If it wasn't above 90 degrees, I would have to have a female watch you pee...and that isn't fun". I'm thinking ya thank god!
    15) He starts putting the sample into a baggie to send it to a lab and is filling out paperwork. He hands me a copy. I can see where he checked that the specimen is between 90 and 100 degrees. He told me I would know the results in 2-3 business days. And I was on my way.

    It really is as easy as everyone makes it out to be. I was so concerned mine was going to be more difficult, since it was at a private facility and not one of the chain places a lot of people go to here. But it was the exact same as everyone described. If it's for pre-employment, they don't watch you, they don't listen to you, and they don't suspect anything unless you give them a reason to! If I could go back and change one thing, it would be to just calm down. I was so worked up. I had this whole plan in my head and then once I shut the door, it all went out the window. I truly believe me practicing so many times is what helped me execute it flawlessly, despite my nerves. They haven't called me yet, but I know my cousin is clean. I got her a $30 gift card to thank her for her clean pee. lol It's nothing in comparison to the $7K a year raise I will get from this new job. This really is the only way to go people! It is so much safer than trying to dilute or trying all of those crazy tricks. It is like taking candy from a baby. Thank you so much to everyone in this stoner community for giving me the confidence to pull this off. I poured over this forum for days! I hope I am able to help someone like you've all helped me.
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    Substituted with my buddies clean urine and passed. This method is great, it's a shame I didn't read up on it sooner. Since we're almost at 80 pages worth of success stories I'll just leave it to the most important points.

    - I didn't need hand warmers in order to keep it at 97 degrees. Don't assume you will need them, practice and then go buy them if needed.
    - A 3oz bottle is plenty (in my case, a 2oz bottle would have been more than enough).
    - In response to the people who have hid it in their socks, the collector had me raise my pants to my shins (first time I've had that happen to me).

    In my experience Quest Diagnostics was the most relaxed, followed by the local health clinic I just subbed at and finally labcorp. Yet I'm sure much of that just depends on the people working there. Also - if you smoke concentrates remember that it will take longer to clear out of your system. I can pass in about 35 days when smoking flowers, however I just missed out on a position because 57 days wasn't enough for me to get clean after smoking oil. In that case I took my test at quest on a Friday afternoon and I got the call from a lab in NY the following Monday at 10 am PST.

    At the very least I got a kick out of telling the lab tech that I hadn't used any illegal drugs in the past 6 months when he asked me. It just proves that even in Washington we still have a long ways to go before we end prohibition.

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