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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by IamN2pot, Dec 23, 2003.

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    This is all good stuff from N2! As for cleaning bottles, I recommend rinsing with the hottest water possible to open up the pores of the bottle to get as much whatever out as possible. Then rinse well with rubbing alcohol. Then piss in the bottle. Let this sit a couple days. Dump it out and rinse with hot water again. Then repeat the piss and rinse process a few more times. As many as you feel it takes. Only piss and hot water from then on. Keep this bottle in a special place just for subbing. Do this to as many bottles as you want. I also recommend a glass bottle as the glass acts as an insulator and helps to hold the temp longer. Also, if you have to, you can apply a little last minute heat to it with a lighter in the collection room. Don't use a torch lighter though, as it may crack the glass. Yes it has happened to me, but I was experimenting at home just to see what would happen. Glass bottles are hard to find anymore. I actually use bottles from an energy drink called Bacchus-D. You can find it at any Korean grocer or asian market. Also on Amazon. Get a whole box. 10 bottles in a box....and it tastes good too. The bottles have metal caps, but I like to substitute with good quality plastic caps from soda or water bottles (not the cheap thin caps on most water bottles though). The plastic cap doesn't make any noise in the collection room while unscrewing it. Also, you can buy a cheap baby bottle warmer to heat your sample if this would be feasible for your situation, but be careful, because it can heat it way too hot before you know it. One thing with the glass bottles holding the heat, it will take longer to cool it back down. Running under hot water or dunking into a cup of hot water or coffee does a wonderful job too. Good luck! Oh, one more thing, don't freeze glass bottles.....they WILL crack.
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    Does anyone know what happens when they send your eCup urine to the SAMHSA lab? I used a friends clean pee (she is on probation and I have used it before). I've subbed many times but for some reason this time I was freaked out and I think the ladies could tell. I thought maybe I had it too hot but I read that if the temperature is off the protocol is for then to tell you right then and there and ask for another sample. I am about to get my DREAM job. As long as the pee is clean, I should be ok right? The lady must have seen me sweating bullets lol. It was a mixture of pee from the night before and that same day.
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    Pass confirmed with Quickfix. Preemployment ecup test, in Texas.
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    After reading all the posts here and practicing I took an eCup pre-employment test using Quickfix 6.1 on Saturday 3/11/17. It's now Wednesday 3/15/17 and so far I am still good to go. I haven't heard anything and I know no news is good news so we'll see. I'll update the thread when I know for sure one way or the other.
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    Pass confirmed with Quickfix 6.1, eCup.
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    Substitution is the way to go. I foolishly spent $$ on detox drinks & products to try to pass tests. I wound up with two negative-dilute & a shit ton of stress. Quick Fix 6.1 works. Save yourself the stress & money on bullshit drinks & pills; order the Quick Fix 6.1.
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    Well this is round 2 of using Quickfix 6.1. The first time I was racked with fear and worried about the whole process, will it work?, will I get caught? Please listen to me, I worried for NOTHING. Passed the test with flying colors.
    This second time being tested I went in confident. I had a big smile and made some small talk. My heart rate never went up. Here's what to do.
    1. Buy a bottle of Quickfix 6.1 from a reputable place. Verify the batch code to make sure it's a good batch
    2. The morning of your test right before you head out, shake the bottle and take off the cap and heat the liquid for about 10 seconds in a microwave. Replace the cap. Get the temp up to around 98-100. Follow the Quick Fix directions if you are not sure what to do.
    3. Attach the heating pad to the bottle and stuff the package between your scrotum and butt under 2 pairs of tighty whiteys. Make sure the heating pad side is away from your body
    4. Drive to your testing place and park about a block away.
    5. Check the temp again, it should be around 95 - 98 degrees.
    6. Put the package back in your hiding place.
    7. Walk in like you own the place, but not too cocky.
    8. Once in the bathroom close and lock the door. Wait about 30 - 45 seconds then take out the bottle, shake it, then take off the cap and pour it into the cup. Don't worry about peeing, you're there to pass a drug test not to pee. I didn't pee either time so don't worry about it just empty the bottle into the cup and replace the cap and place the empty bottle back in your hiding place. Remember, They aren't looking for pee in the toilet.
    9. After a minute to a minute and a half total time take the cup, open the door and hand it to the nurse.
    10. They will ask you to initial and date the label on the cup.
    11. That's all there is to it, no one is going to watch or listen. It's really this easy.
    12. Now go home and relax, you PASSED!
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    Diluted after 10 years of subbing with no issues. I used the same synthetic urine brand from the same company.

    I started a thread to see of the possibility as the what went wrong.
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    What about dot physical and drug test, where can u hide it if u have physical first, do they make u undress and or take shoes off?
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    Where does everyone get their temp strips?? I'm testing next week and I'm still testing dirty, so sub it is!
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    Long story short I am using my friends urine for a SAP 5-50+MDMA/6AM that i plan to do soon at a local Quest Diagnostics approved sight called Any Lab Test Now. I bought one of those velcro leg straps from quick fix and plan to transfer the contents of my friends urine from a cup into the emptied out quick fix bottle with the temperature strip on it. My question is if i get the sample from my friend in the evening and take the test the next day, how should i store it? Does anyone know if they watch you pee? I am doubting it but can never be too sure right? Again this is just for pre-employment. Any advice or tips would be awesome.
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    You have a reply in one of the other threads you started. Posting multiple times in multiple forums is bad form.

    Good luck with your test.
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    Will a female urine specimen be okay for a male subbing? The test is your standard pre-employment SAP 5-50ng+MDMA/6AM(heroin byproduct). Any help would be great!
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    Words cannot explain how grateful I am for this thread! You have saved my I thought I should give back!
    Long story short. I got accepted to graduate school and they required a 10-panel UA. I quite marijuana thinking i was going to be clean in a month. I was clean for 38 days and was still testing positive for marijuana after using at home tests. Talk about trippin/panic mode! I had nothing to lose at this point because my test was in 2 days. I was smoking 1/8-1/4 oz of flower per week and vaping/dabbing 1.5 grams of concentrates for about 2 years. All top shelf. Anyways if you have a UA and want to go do it the right way. Give your self AT LEAST 2 MONTHS TO BE CLEAN. Big mistake on my part.

    Test: 10 Panal UA LabCorp, CA
    Method: Quickfix bottle w/real urine

    1) Made an appointment for my UA at 9am
    2) Used a QuickFix bottle w/real urine. Collected at 8am the day of the test.
    3)Drove to testing facility with QuickFix bottle and 1 heat pad attached to it.
    4) Arrived in parking lot at 8:50am...took temp of bottled urine with thermometer. Was at 101F
    5) Let it cool down to 100 F. Closed the lid and put it down my pants between gooch and ballsack with two pairs of extremely tight fitting cotton briefs. **** Toe warmers and hand warmers ALWAYS got to hot when practicing. I was practicing keeping the temp as close to 98F with body heat alone for 30 min.
    6) Walked into Labcorp. Signed in and the phlebotomist asked if i wanted some water. Said "sure" and drank the water while i waited for her to finish with one other patient.
    7) Patient finished. Asked if i was ready and i said yeah! She told me to empty my pockets and put everything into a lock box. I took the key with me.
    8) Washed my hands as she dyed the toilet water blue. She taped the water spout and told me to "Pee in the cup to this mark (2.5oz). She told me to hand her the cup when done and that the temperature strip (90-100F) would need to turn a color. If it does not turn a color, you will need to pee again for me. You have 3 minutes".
    9) Went into the bathroom and gave the bottle a little shake while in my pants. Looked at the temp strip on the was 97-96F and poured it into the cup. Made sure to pour the urine from a distance to give it some bubbles .
    10) UA Cup showed a chilly 94 degrees!!!!!!! Said fuck it and walked out and handed her the cup. She looked at the temp strip and said "perfect, sign here and initial here and here and your'e good to go". Told me results will be sent to your school in 3 days.

    Do not trip guys! This was super easy after everything was said and done. Make sure you practice for at least 2 days to see where your temps are at. Body heat and my gooch were good enough for me. The tolerance break was awesome, not going to lie...but a good bowl at the end of the day is awesome too. Smoke responsibly my friends.
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    Just wanted to report I recent PASS with QuickFix in Oregon through LabCorp. I followed the instructions EXACTLY and passed. However, I had another job offer and a had to another UA through a different lab a few days ago (Legacy). This time after I brought my 94 deg Quick Fix sample to the tech, they informed me that I might not have provided enough urine and may have to stay, drink water and provide another. The tach shook my sample to look for foam (there was a bit), then SMELLED it (that was not the protocol at LabCorp), then split the sample and said "I can make this work but just barely". Then they sealed the samples, put them in another sealed bag and said I was good to go. I'm a bit nervous about this one, but the tech did leave the "remarks" portion of paperwork empty and they did check that box saying it was the proper temp. Hopefully this one will work too, because I definitely want this job more. Fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted. IF you have a test at LabCorp, and you verify your batch of QuickFix and follow the directions it will work.

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