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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by YabaDabaDO, May 9, 2002.

  1. YabaDabaDO

    YabaDabaDO Guest

    Just found this forum so I'm a new member. But not new to drug testing, here's my experience. My intake average is a joint a day or more, 7 days a week for the last 30 years and 2 to 3 days before I have to take a drug test I start drinking a couple of 32 oz bottles of Sunne's #7 (volcanic ash) sold at health and natural food stores. I have NEVER tested positive after using Sunne's #7. The only time I ever tested pos was when I could not find any, and all I could use was special tea, as instructed and it did NOT work. As a side note, I have taken over a dozen drug test.
  2. Emochild

    Emochild New Member

    Approximatly how many bottles do you drink in those 2-3 days? And can you buy that stuff at GNC by any chance?
  3. YabaDabaDO

    YabaDabaDO Guest

    1 should do it, but..

    I drink 2 bottles of it now over a 48-hr period prior to testing. I drink right out the bottle about 4-5 times a day and take a mild exlax a couple times a day so I don't get bound up, and vitamin B-2 or B-12. GNC used to carry it, but about 6 years a go when I needed it they had stopped selling it. That’s when I bought the herbal tea and it did not work. Lucky for me, I was already on the job for 3 days and my boss told me that it might have been a false positive (they needed my skills and did not want to lose me). Go to google search and search for "sonne's", cost is about $17 US for a 32 oz bottle. I have at times been given less then 24 hr notice of testing and it worked in that amount of time with just 1 bottle. As a side note, it taste like liquid chalk, you'll get used to it after awhile.
  4. kella

    kella Guest

    sonne's #7

    ;) Ive been a chronic smoker for a good three least an 1/8th a joke...until i got busted in october...quit smokin about 20-25 days b4 first u.a.....drank sonne's #7...a tablespoon in the morning and at night (concentrated)..also found at some healthfood stores and on the internet..teaspoon for every 50 pounds you weigh...passed...and i smoked so much damn herb..i didnt think there would be any chance....smoked 15 days ago...took sonne's for the last few days...praying for another sonne's miracle...i'll post my results in a few days if i dont go to jail...but sonne's got my vote....also cranberry pills probably did some justice also...
  5. iamaustin23

    iamaustin23 New Member

    welcome kella.

    to make this post worth while, ill say that i hope never to get caught by the pos.

    im real faded now

  6. kella

    kella Guest

    passed anotha one.....i think

    passed another test....used sonny's #7...try it ....dammit
  7. NINjA*444

    NINjA*444 New Member

    sonnes #7

    ive been diluting sonnes with water, is that wrong, I have about 2 weeks before my test. Is sonnes a mask or is it a permanent cleanser for oxidants?
  8. ~Flor~

    ~Flor~ New Member

    Original post is over 5 years old.

    Nothing you can drink or eat = permanent detox. Only time & not smoking = detox. Add exercise into the mix and the detox time may shrink.

    Take a home test, first void of the day to see if you even need to worry about it.
  9. bogo

    bogo New Member

    flor is correct only time and exercise will detox you
  10. bryann

    bryann New Member

    the only thing im worried about sonnes #7 is if they can see in the lab that i took something to clean me out. does anyone know if they can do that with sonnes
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  11. Mike Holl

    Mike Holl New Member

    You have no idea how awesome it is to read about a detox that doesnt cost 100$ and actually has worked multiple times...
    Im very nervous and blowing up this site a little lol but I start Probation on March 13th I guess that is the day i will be tested for the first time. I have from now till then (11 days) to figure out a plan to pass the first one so that they will maybe be a little easier on me.

    If i buy one of these and drink it around noon the day before I go in will it work? and is there anything else I should buy just to be sure?

  12. dolo17

    dolo17 New Member

    ive been drinkn sonne for the last week, but ive been mixn it wit water do you think it will work and can a ecup test actually detect sonne #7? test is today lemme know something please..i need this job
  13. dolo17

    dolo17 New Member

    my test is in 2 hours..
  14. stina12

    stina12 New Member

    hey dolo17,
    i read on other posts that people use sonne's #7 for a week (as directed twice a day about a tablespoon a day) before their test and they ALWAYS pass.

    Let me know how you do on your test. I just started on thursday (two days ago) using sonne's as directed and im not sure if i should be doing more before my test next friday. PLEASE let me know how you do. I have a feeling you will pass :]

    thanks! this thread is super helpful so far.
  15. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    I'll be interested to hear about how this works out for you guys. Never saw this thread until you reposted to it. Best of luck to all.

  16. Z Ham

    Z Ham New Member

    Do you take it up to the point you test? On the day of the test? Please instruct me on how, when, and how much to take? Thanks!!

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