Super crop?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Exo-Lithium, Jun 8, 2003.

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  1. Exo-Lithium

    Exo-Lithium Banned

    Whats that?
  2. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    Good question.

    Oh and thanks for the info,now i can diffuse what you saying:D

    WTF are you about?
  3. Exo-Lithium

    Exo-Lithium Banned

  4. Island Bob

    Island Bob New Member

    ....please elaborate:confused:
  5. weedzinger

    weedzinger Seasoned Activist

    Super cropping is a growing thing. Im not sure on the details, just that it involves squeezing or slightly breaking the stem so that it repairs itself, making it stronger, therefore hopefully a greater yeild. Correct me if Im wrong, p00n? ;)
  6. Island Bob

    Island Bob New Member

    i guess that makes sense. its kinda like if you break one of your bones, its supposed to grow stronger. thanks for the info
  7. teco

    teco New Member

    its growing a really super crop of weed:D :confused:
  8. Exo-Lithium

    Exo-Lithium Banned

    As logic suggests. :)
  9. PhreshwaterPhunk

    PhreshwaterPhunk Mister Natural

    It's when you have a photo, and then you upload it to your computer. And then you open up a photo editing program, and crop it a ton, so there's hardly any picture left. THAT'S a super crop.
  10. Bakednfried

    Bakednfried New Member

    It's a technique

    With one plant, you can yield from 5 to 7,5 kilos , usually depends on the strain, some more, some less...
  11. Exo-Lithium

    Exo-Lithium Banned

    Re: It's a technique

    Ahh, wtf. How?
  12. weedzinger

    weedzinger Seasoned Activist

    Tell me how you got more than 10 lbs on your yeild? Your a genius.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  13. Exo-Lithium

    Exo-Lithium Banned

    Maybe he means ounces =\
  14. ComfortablyNumb

    ComfortablyNumb New Member

    He must. Because there is no way to grow a 10lb plant indoors....and it would be REALLY hard to do it outdoors...Later
  15. Foxx

    Foxx New Member

    7.5 kilo plant omg i just wet myself
  16. Ross

    Ross Seasoned Activist

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