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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Lew Dog, Aug 31, 2006.

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    Alright, so from reading a hell of a lot on this situation of passing a urine test for a job, and from personal experience I've collaborrated all of my gained knowledge into these few steps that will be beneficial if done collectively. I have used these methods to pass my drug test for work. Ive been blazing for a couple years now under 10 times a month.

    +first and foremost..CONSUME PLENTY OF WATER..your body is over 90% water and drinking water helps to flush out your system when you urinate. The point of drinking alot is to urinate frequently, which everytime removes waste and toxins. A hydrated person will have urine that is lemonade or pale straw color or lighter. Anything darker than the color of lemonade means you need to start drinking more water. Also, saty away from diuretics such as coffee and tea. although these are anti-oxidants they can take the water out of your urine.

    +Drink CRANBERRY JUICE or take cranberry pills.. I use cranberry plus from gnc. Cranberry aids in kidney function and your kidneys are involved in moving wastes from your system.

    +EXERCISE & SWEAT.. sweating is another way your body releases toxins. using a sauna is a good idea a couple days before your test. although i wouldn't sweat profusely the night before or the day of your test because the toxins your body releases via sweat will be stored in fat cells rather quickly after exercising from what i have learned. I have learned that THC is fat soluable, thus the idea here is to lower your body fat (%). a healthy body fat percentage is generally between 9-15%.

    +Take a MULTIVITAMIN a couple days before and the day of your test.. the vitamins & minerals in the multi will help with your urine appearance.

    +CREATINE.. i take nox- cg3 by xyience.. any creatine powder will do. i talked with the lady at gnc and she told me that creatine will help to mask the appearance of marijuana in your urine. also creatine is an ingredient in most detox/cleanse drinks.

    +DETOX DRINK.. i use total eclipse from GNC ($45). use it the day of the test, 1 hour before and works for up to 6 hours. This acts as a masking agent.

    A few other tips for not failing your drug test..

    +urinate frequently many times before you give your final sample to the lab technician. you dont want to give them your first stream of the day. also, when it is time to do the sample, give them urine from mid stream.

    +do not smoke for 48 hours before your test.

    That concludes this post.. hope it works for you like it did for me. if u have any ?'s hit me up on AIM or email me. happy blazing :D
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    screw all this. Smoke a bowl and use someone else's urine. Make sure you PASS. Water dont work. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. ANd dont waste your money on these FAKE products.
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    A Friendly Rebuttal

    Thank you for joining and welcome to our community. I have been looking at this post and I was biting my tongue but I have to say some things. Some of the information you posted is right on, other parts are a little vague, other parts are unproven, and some are just wrong. I was biting my tongue because I don't want to seem like I am running you off. Any new information or advice is great but there are a lot of people that come here and don't read everything. There are only two sure fire ways to beat a drug test: not to use drugs for a long, long time, or never (word up 1toke) and a successful substitution with 100% clean urine or synthetic urine. If you would have posted this as a diary of what you do it would have been better instead of titling it "sure fire." Some people might follow your routine and still fail because what works for you doesn't always work for some. Trust me, there will be people who will think this works 100% and will do it, fail, then get angry with you.

    We have 2 stickies on this, passing by dilution; and both actually use measured amounts of liquids, not plenty, because the goal is to make sure you dilute the concentration of THC in the urine without being too dilute. Not drinking enough could cause the THC concentration to remain too high and drinking too much may produce a negative dilute sample. One goal is not to produce the most amount of water possible in one's urine sample. So people can fail by being too dilute but that can be better than failing by being positive. Some will consider a dilute a fail, others may allow a retest. Also, to avoid dilution, it is widely accepted that sports drinks with electrolytes is better than water. Your color description is a decent general measuring of your water or fluid intake. Just make sure you realize your urine could be clear like water and be dirty with THC or in can be dark and colored like burnt orange and be clean. However, drinking water all the time will not remove waste and toxins any faster. Please read the thread by Nerphroll on "Why drinking lots of water is useless" I am enclosing the link. Also, your definition of diuretics is wrong. A diuretic does remove water from the body and that water ends up in the urine. I could do a whole section on diuretics but I am not. Using some diuretics may be detectable or cause a negative dilute.
    Ok, the link is not working here but it is working in my signature.

    This is true to some extent but how much it will help you get rid of THC or how much faster it will help you get rid of THC is debatable. You are free to use all the cranberry juice you want but if you think that drinking 2 quarts of it a day is going to cut the time it takes you to get clean by a significant amount then you could be in trouble. Cranberry juice is a mild diuretic, and a urinary anti-septic. I hope people know the kidneys are involved in eliminating waste as well as others things. It would not surprise me if people didn't know this though.

    Good point about lowering the body fat. Hopefully, most people know THC is fat soluble, which leads to its long detection time. Good to mention again. It is generally recommended to exercise up until about 5 days before the test, then get lazy and eat high fat foods. How do toxin that are released by sweat get stored in fat cells? If they are released is that not pretty much the opposite of stored? Not so sure about all that.

    If one of the validity tests will include sight then taking vitamin B-2 will help make your piss very yellow. If you choose a multivitamin, go for it but make sure it has high levels of B-2. Your piss could be clear as day and still pass lab tests for validity. I think it never hurts so take the vitamins, just make sure if you need to add color, you are getting about 5 times your daily B-2!

    I don't like putting my trust in the "ladies at GNC" (or the guys for that matter). The creatine is important but not for the reasons the GNC genie states. Creatinine clearance is used in some drug tests to check to see if you are dilute (a level under 20 is considered dilute and then some consider under 9 or 15 or something like that as unacceptable). Taking creatine supplements for 24-72 hours before the test can help raise this clearance level, as well as eating red meats. It does not mask THC.. Most detox drinks work by dilution so they add it to raise the level but it is ineffective because you have to consume it at least 24 hours if not 48 hours.

    Chances are excellent that the drink is an expensive form of the dilution methods by N2 and S2. As you posted this, someone else shortly there after in another thread posted that detox drinks were funk. They may work but they are expensive and mostly unreliable. Does it have creatine and B-2 in it? Do a search on here and you will see some negative and positive results, but since you too were diluting, how do you know which worked? Some of the people that have positive results were also using the dilution method.

    Good advice about not giving them the first void, which is the dirtiest of the day as well as midstream. About abstaining for 48 hours, the longer the better! Well better for the drug test anyway.

    Not bad but your method could use some fine tuning. Thanks though and this was not meant to be mean spirited or smart ass in any way. Check out the 2 dilutions stickies by IamN2Pot and S2, as well as the 420 lounge. Check out the subsitution sticky too. Come back around.

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