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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by txtx, May 20, 2010.

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    I'm 26...5'10 160 lbs and I have a test coming up soon. Was a heavy smoker for about 1-2 years and i quit about 20 days ago completely. Since i quit smoking, i also quit alcohol and cigarettes and the only thing i smoked in that time was K2. All ive been drinking is water ad i know thc isnt fat soluble but i thought the water would help rinse out some of the fat from my body (probably completely wrong) and I already bought creatine and will take plenty leading up the test and plan to follow the dilution method in N2's thread, but my question is....instead of just water, should i mix a pack of sure jell with a gallon of water and use that in place of regular water for best results?

    ive heard about sure jell working before but i didnt see it mentioned in the dilution thread so anyone have any thoughts on this and whether or not I will pass.

    also, is the whole point of the dilution thread simply this: you'll be essentially being straight water by the time of the test and the creatine in the lead up to it is to make sure the creatinine levels are good and the b complex to make sure the pee doesnt look like water???

    im pretty freaked out about taking this test since there are legal complications that could arise if i fail so any info, especially about the sure jell would be greatly appreciated.

    edit:: i was a retard and didnt bother to search the forum before i made the thread. After a quick search i found out that sure jell doesnt really help at all. So given the info i've provided above, do you think i could pass the test if i take it this coming tuesday or wed? i might be able to get it pushed back to later in the week but at this point i just want to get it over with.
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    test yourself. that's the only way to be sure.
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  3. Searching on google I'm getting mixed reviews, some say it works while others say it does not. Like sears said, get an OTC drug test and try it for yourself. Best of luck to you.
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    By utilizing the forums Search button with the terms "pectin products", you'll discover that pectin is a myth - the copius amounts of water thats consumed with the pectin is what causes people to test negative. These people passed by merely diluting the THC metabolite concentration that was present in their bladder. The pectin itself had nothing to do with it. These people wouldve passed anyway just on the water-loading alone and without the nasty pectin to go with it.
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    Have peace of mind and sub a is the only sure way. It's all about getting the temp right. Pretty easy with a day of practice. I used synthetic which worked well but next time i'll use a friends for more peace of mind. Dillution is VERY RISKY from everything I have read. Good luck!

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