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    LINK leads to a scientific analysis chart that shows when and how long Cannabinoids stay in the system, 48 hours at most without smoking when it comes to saliva, specimen was a casual smoker for 20 years and smoked 48 hours prior to the test and passed with 0* amount of THC in his saliva, lets hope that they make this a common practice like they prefer too ;) the Nurses used the Brand QUANTISAL to swab my mouth and i looked up the product the chart is what i found, considering QUANTISAL is the top of the line product it should be easier to pass with other brands, also note that the file points out that THC in the specimen decreases in Colder tempatures and in the dark, meaning if the handlers are careless it means the sample with the THC will decrease on the way to the testing, so for mouth swab tests, for as hard as it is for most of Feiners :p it takes 48 Hours for the THC to become undetectable, thank you ladies and gentlemen, have a nice toke and day.

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