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    This is me being to worried for no reason...I have a test on the 29th, maybe, but most likely...I haven't been smoking like a norml (sic) person but I have smoked. The last time I smoked was on the 4th-5th, making the actual last time at about 1am on the 6th, but I had just gotten off work and felt the need to finish off what I had left, which was a hearty chunk of resin. Needless to say I was very blitzed and felt wonderful then and felt as though it were worth it. Well now I'm here wondering how I'm going to do around the 29th, I haven't, and won't, smoke until after this date...It will by my last. I just need to know the actual truth about swab testing, I failed on 2 years ago but I smoked the day of the test and all the way up until it...I know, retarded...but I got a five day stay in that counties jail for it and more probation along with 120 hours of community service...The community service will be done on the 23...and I had a drug class that will be done on the same day...making this probation meeting my last...I've been taking 500mg Niacin about 4-5 times a week since then...I'm pretty sure I'll be okay, I would just like some reasurance...and like I said I don't know the facts about saliva testing...The do send this test into a lab it's not one of those "look at the pretty bar" tests...please respond...anyone with any sort of help would be greatly appriciated. Also I am of a rather slender build, maybe 140 pounds and about 6' tall...I don't work out but I do drink lots of water as well as green tea...among thick ales...lawlz.
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    saliva test info

    R3Sheaks, thank you for your interest in the Oralert 6 PCP drug test in saliva! Here are your answers to the window of detection times for the following drugs of abuse: THC in Cannabinoids (Marijuana) = 10-14 in saliva up to 30 in Urine, Meth 2-4 days, Cocaine 2-4 days, Opiates (Oxycodone/Hydrocodone/Morphine) = 2-3 days, PCP 2-3 days, AMP (pain pills) = 10-14 up to 30 days for Chronic users(1yr.). Thanks again and let me know if you have any further questions or I can be of assistance in any further areas. MrvlsMrv CEO/Rapid-Exams, Inc. Call us toll-free (877)-747-TEST 24/7

    This is from a drug test company trying to sell me a six panel saliva drug test on ebay, I also requested information on if it is as effective as a test sent to a lab.
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    Dection times. Read 'em THEN ask questions. It might help to use the search feature before you do actually type in the question tho.

    I looked at your reference. They are just a re-seller of drug instant drug testing products. MedTox Diagnostics Laboratory has said that marijuana in saliva testing is only detectable for 8 - 14 hours. I have no idea how they can claim 10-14 days???

    I think they say that so you will purchase the saliva test kit from them. If they claimed that THC is detectable for only 2 days, then why would you purchase a kit from them? By the time you received the test, you would be negative anyway.

    You have to do a bit more research into who is giving you information and what their motivation is. If you abstain from pot for 3-5 days, there is no way you should test positive on a saliva test.

    Also, one other thing. Please don't bury your posts in the results thread. I moved it and merged it with your existing thread so others can read your history along with your questions.

    Yes, instants are as effective as laboratory tests.
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    Thank you Sec...I am rather new to this whole forum thing...Any more advice would be appreciated...on posting or on the drug screen. I more or less just want to know if I'll be good for a test on the 29th, and from what your saying I should be fine right now...more facts would be helpful though...how do you know the detection time is only 3-5 days? This is a test by probation, sent into a lab...I would think they could know a little further than that...unless they just don't give a damn, the test costs 20$...I don't know, I'm just a worried person...So worried I just ate more niacin...The effects of niacin are that it opens up your small capillaries just the slightest bit allowing more than just one blood cell to get in them, resulting in more cleansing by the cells making the oils that are fat soluble be expunged more quickly...this is true right? I'm not just burning up for absolutely no reason...

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