synthetic urine? it shows up as synthetic?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by bucs1fan, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. bucs1fan

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    Question I have a friend of mine that is a manager of a restaurant and he told me he had one of his employees take a test and fail. They told him he used synthetic urine. So my question is does synthetic urine show up as masking, or adding, or show up as synthetic urine? If you use quick fix will the lab know you used synthetic urine? Is it better to use clean powdered urine(real) or synthetic urine? Anyone heard of someone failing a test because of synthetic urine? I have synthetic urine now for random test but this is making me question it!
  2. kush908

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    According to my research, short answer no they cannot tell if it's the correct temperature.
  3. bucs1fan

    bucs1fan New Member

    yeah I guess I will have to do some reserch myself too. thanks though, hopefully it's not true!
  4. bucs1fan

    bucs1fan New Member

    Thats what I told my friend, that it probably was just cheap stuff. I just didn't know if the labs now(lab corp, centre care) are now up to date with this stuff. Good to hear that, thanks!
  5. bucs1fan

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    Found this post:

    I was scheduled for a pre-employment test today, and for the past week have been educating myself on the matter and found no indication QuickFix 5.7 would not work.

    However, I was immediately caught. The test was through Quest Diagnostics and the process was exactly as everyone else has described. I had a QF 5.7 vial perfectly heated to 98 degrees hidden on my body, and after removing my jacket and emptying my pockets was given a cup and left alone in the bathroom.

    The water in the sink was turned off and the water in the toilet was blue to prevent tampering. I emptied the vial into the cup but it only filled halfway to the minimum fill line they drew on it. I tried arguing that I had urological problems and couldn't produce that much, but the collector took one look at my cup (the quickfix was slightly neon, although not that noticeably) and called the supervisor.

    Apparently as a male, my urine will bubble when shaken. The quickfix did not, or at least did not do so adequately. The supervisor then sniffed the sample (quickfix is relatively odorless), and informed me I could either wait and provide a real sample or leave, which I did.

    So please my fellow stoners, do not rely on quickfix. Unless your collector is being lazy they will very easily catch on, and I just lost a very, very nice position with Intel because of the swarm of luck everyone else seemed to have with less observant collectors. I want to get the word out to as many people as possible to prevent something like this from happening to anyone else.
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    where did you see that post?

    that's really disheartening. i have to take a test tomorrow and was planning on using quick fix. i noticed it had no smell at all and found that a tad odd.

    i've never been so consumed with my own urine.

    i'm becoming totally paranoid and i haven't smoked in almost four weeks. this blows.
  7. bucs1fan

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    Dude I don't think your going to have some 8.00 hr lab tech smelling your pee. I mean these people could care less if your dirty or not. Unless it's your boss physically giving the test and watching you. Out of the thousands of people that have used this and passed, your going to have some fail stories. This guy for one didn't fill up the cup enough then said something fishy about not being able to pee. He looked suspious and acted suspious and didn't fill up enough and refused to fill up anymore. I mean Cmon, you have nothing to worry about, it works just don't freak out and drop all the pee. Sorry man didn't mean to scare you before your test. Plus 4 weeks your probably clean, go get a home test at CVS and check.
  8. drweb

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    Q: synthetic urine? it shows up as synthetic?

    A: Nope. If it did, there'd be more than 1 or 2 posts over the course of severals years and a big sticky telling people not to use them any more. Do more reading and see for yourself.
  9. bucs1fan

    bucs1fan New Member

    good point
  10. NeverTestedB4

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  11. greenjerry

    greenjerry New Member

    good points. thanks for the replies. i'm taking a home test in the a.m. (took one this morning and the faintest of red lines), before heading to labcorp. have to pass the test.
  12. NeverTestedB4

    NeverTestedB4 New Member

    good luck!
  13. dazey

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    OH Crap!

    I am totally freaking out right now. I got a voice mail from the MRO at the hospital I am supposed to start working for on Monday. I used Quick Fix correctly, and I don't know why he is calling. Any ideas? I have only seen the one post by 2 different people that seemed fake, and it was attacked as false on here. :eek: Anyone else ever failed with it???? Help!!!
  14. ScottTN

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    you're right about the tech not caring if you're dirty or not. i've had to collect several drug screens and as long as the temp is okay you're good to go.

    that being said, the starting pay for lab techs in my area in my area is between $16-$20 an hour with an associates, and $22-30 with a bachelors. If I was only being paid $8 an hour for my job there are so many things I would refuse to do... urine drug screens being one of them.
  15. MaRyJaNe_25

    MaRyJaNe_25 New Member I took a 10 panel urine test yesterday and my test is being sent to labcorp. I used QF and the tempature was good, but can they detect if it was synthetic urine that I used? I'am so nervous and I would apreciate it if someone could let me know if they have tested through labcorp before using QF and the results....this is a really big job opportunity for me.
  16. NeverTestedB4

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    :hijack: MaryJane...Short answer: most times - no. Do a search and/or read through the subject lines of the "urine testing" forum, and read the last few pages of the "results" thread; this has been answered several times in the last week or two alone and will be quick/easy to find. Beware of posting in another person's thread (hijacking). It's considered impolite to do so, and you run a higher risk of your post not being seen/answered.

    :hijack: Dazey - start your own thread so that others will be more likely to view it. You lose the sense of urgency in your post when it's in a different person's/off-topic thread, and run the risk of it simply not being seen/answered.
  17. MaRyJaNe_25

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    Thanks for the info, but you did not have to say it that way. I'am new to this site like yesterday new...I had no idea that this was someone elses thread...I just found one simillar to my concerns. I have searched and read more on here than probably alot of others before asking a question. I thought that was what this site was for, to ask questions and be helpful to others. I'am very nervous about this test and this job would really make a new life for my family. I have stopped smoking but my metabolism is slow so it takes me longer to get the THC out of my system.
  18. herbconsumer

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    Dr web is wrong, they can detect synthetic urine. Got my results back today. That is 3 friends of mine plus me have failed using agent x synthetic urine
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  20. Hawg

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    My buddies have been using Quick Fix all summer and have had no problems. They take at least 2 so you can go past the line. It draws lease scrutiny if it is not the exact amount that they want I always drop one and a half in and have another one and ahalf for the occasional screw with ya attitude. My wife works in a lab and they do not smell nothing, just make sure the temp is ok and the right amount is there, or a little more.

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